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  1. hello again all, Thanks for advice, and corrected oil spec, and will register with Toyota tech.. As regards my profile my grandson set that up, so will have to wait till I see him again .
  2. Hello all, I have a 2010 Auris 1'6 petrol valvematic and want to change engine oil and filter. How do I reset the maintenance light after doing so. The oil spec is 5-30 semi synthetic any advice on on what manufacture's oil to use would be appreciated. Can't find a workshop manual anywhere. Many thanks. morris116
  3. PS. Had a look at pic's Brilliant!! thanks again Tavy.Morris116
  4. Hello, and many thanks for assistance. morris116
  5. Hello All, I have a 1.6 petrol 2010 AURIS TR. How do I remove the drivers door card without damaging it.Do I need a special tool to remove the plastic button clips without breaking them or damaging the card. I need to check the window motor (making strange noises) Many thanks morris 116
  6. Hello All; I own a 2007 Auris 1.6 TR manual and am looking to switch over to a Auto due to clapped out knees . On reading several reviews I find that the g.box is not an auto, but the clutch is. Also there have been owners of this model with major problems with said g.box. As this will probably be my last car I want a problem free motor. Would appreciate any member s advice on this semi auto g.box. Ps the vehical I'm interested in is a 2010 tr Auris 1.6 petrol Many thanks Morris116
  7. hello Tomdeguerr, I think your comments sum up the situation. Tried it on the road and brakes ok. Was a mechanic for many years but do except technology moves on and worried I might have missed something. And thanks to all who offered advice. morris116
  8. hello , Changing the fluid long overdue. am aware its diagonal, bled rears first, then front. am I wrong there perhaps ? no warning lights are showing.no manual available or anything on u tube for guidance. Pedal solid when servo exhausted , seems to travel too far when engine running correct dot 4 fluid used. many thanks morris116
  9. hello all, Iv'e just bled the brakes on my Auris, noticed that doing front bleeding the fluid flowed well whilst pushing pedal down however with the rear's, the pedal had quite a resistance, and yes the nipples were well open. Wonder if I've missed something, would appreciate any advice. Many thanks morris 116
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