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  1. It would appear that there are two variations on the 1.0 engine over a quite narrow production run during 2002. Some were like mine with a single piece cat very much on the horizontal section of the pipe so quite a bit ‘downstream’ from the exhaust manifold, so very accessible for an ‘erbert with a trolley-jack. Others are two piece items, the first positioned pretty much straight out of the manifold. The latter would appear to be substantially more problematic to remove. In actual fact, at the time, I was not really aware that the cat-theft outbreak had much impact on older vehicles. The
  2. Sorry to disappoint, guys, but I had the catalyst 'removed' from my 2002 from a quiet street in north London last June. I was pretty dumbfounded that a vehicle of this age would come under the scrutiny of the miscreants - I believe I used some other noun at the time. It is a bit of a shock when you fire-up a 1.0 litre and are met with the sound of an RB-211 on full thrust. And it is a complete pain in the xxxx. It was not so much the expense of getting a replacement but more the time consumed in doing so. Also I did not receive a great deal of help from the Toyota main dealer despite thei
  3. It looks like a less-funky version of the Toyota C-HR. So many cars aeem to be evolving this way now. At 135bhp there will be no ULEZ premium to pay if driving in central London.
  4. Have a browse of these: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/fuel-filter-10361/toyota/yaris/yaris-scp9-nsp9-ksp9-ncp9-zsp9/19255-1-4-d-4d?page=3
  5. Thanks for the extra link. To my eyes they do not look much different from other droplinks that I have seen, though the Febis are not shown assembled.
  6. Thanks for the link. As they are for the D4D model are the drop-links any more substantial than those for the standard Yaris? – you mention upthread about the extra weight of the diesel engine. They look like a good bet in anycase. (I think Febi is the same as Blueprint, which usually is held in high regard). Have you needed to change the bushes where ARB connects (via the horseshoe bracket) to the subframe?
  7. Thanks for the very useful update. I was interested to read this thread as I had this issue raised through two MOT advisories a couple of months ago: Anti-roll bar linkage pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement Nearside Front [5.3.4(a)(i)] " " " " " " " " " " " " " " Offside " [5.3.4(a)(i)] I shall look to replace these within the next two or three months but there are a few questions I would like resolved if possible. The previous posts deal specifi
  8. Can you not get a 45Ah battery with 063 dimensions? You be better to get as high a Ah rating as you can, really, given the lack of use that cars are enduring currently.
  9. Yaristotle

    Idle speed

    In anycase it is well worthwhile replacing the air-filter, though. There is a whole choice here: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/air-filter-10360/toyota/yaris/yaris-scp1-nlp1-ncp1/17569-1-0-16v
  10. This response fron Honest John might be worth a read. Good luck. 🙂
  11. Clearly a devious ploy by Mazda knowing that an MX5 would gain some much-needed je ne sais quoi when booted with a set of Yaris steelies. 😠
  12. My understanding would actually be that you have the wrong wheels fitted currently.I thought that all Yari of this vintage had 14" rims as a minimum, so not aware that 13" rims were ever fitted. Await to be corrected on this point, though, if I am misinformed.
  13. You are probably best using some light grit sandpaper and maybe a little methylated spirit on a cloth to properly clear the residue. My replacement seal came with a plastic backing which required to be removed thus leaving a tacky surface on the seal. Nonetheless I smeared a thin coat of silicone grease on both sides of the seal just in case the lamp requires subsequent removal (bulb replacement etc).
  14. As above, it was this that had failed when I endured the same symptoms as you describe. You can see the original seal in the pic below. Here is what I purchased: https://picclick.co.uk/Genuine-Toyota-Yaris-Rear-Combination-Lamp-Body-Gasket-323236106859.html It is actually rather more substantial than the original and prevented any further damp.
  15. What about this? It is the Toyota ethylene glycol stuff and is recommended to last several years.
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