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  1. Can you not get a 45Ah battery with 063 dimensions? You be better to get as high a Ah rating as you can, really, given the lack of use that cars are enduring currently.
  2. Yaristotle

    Idle speed

    In anycase it is well worthwhile replacing the air-filter, though. There is a whole choice here: https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/air-filter-10360/toyota/yaris/yaris-scp1-nlp1-ncp1/17569-1-0-16v
  3. This response fron Honest John might be worth a read. Good luck. 🙂
  4. Clearly a devious ploy by Mazda knowing that an MX5 would gain some much-needed je ne sais quoi when booted with a set of Yaris steelies. 😠
  5. My understanding would actually be that you have the wrong wheels fitted currently.I thought that all Yari of this vintage had 14" rims as a minimum, so not aware that 13" rims were ever fitted. Await to be corrected on this point, though, if I am misinformed.
  6. You are probably best using some light grit sandpaper and maybe a little methylated spirit on a cloth to properly clear the residue. My replacement seal came with a plastic backing which required to be removed thus leaving a tacky surface on the seal. Nonetheless I smeared a thin coat of silicone grease on both sides of the seal just in case the lamp requires subsequent removal (bulb replacement etc).
  7. As above, it was this that had failed when I endured the same symptoms as you describe. You can see the original seal in the pic below. Here is what I purchased: https://picclick.co.uk/Genuine-Toyota-Yaris-Rear-Combination-Lamp-Body-Gasket-323236106859.html It is actually rather more substantial than the original and prevented any further damp.
  8. What about this? It is the Toyota ethylene glycol stuff and is recommended to last several years.
  9. So I have learnt something today, then. Good point. I sit corrected.
  10. The Mk1 has electric power steering so there will be no such reservoir.
  11. The point I made here is that it is the owner that is putting the recall on the back-burner as is evidenced by some other posts to this thread. Is it actually the airbag that requires replacement or simply the sensor? I take the point about Takata’s failure to supply but in my own case I received a letter directly from Toyota re my 14 year-old Yaris making clear that I should call my local dealer – it seems that age is not Toyota’s determining factor in replacement priority. It did take a few months for the dealer to obtain the said part and the task was carried out. Result: successfu
  12. Putting a manufacturer’s recall on the backburner may not be possible for too much longer if the House of Commons Transport Select Committee has its way. It would appear that the HoCTSC have made a proposal to the government that vehicles with outstanding recalls should not be issued with a MOT certificate. blog.greenflag.com/2017/cars-fail-mot-recall-work/
  13. I have owned my 2002 1.0 GLS since 2007(47k). My dad has a 54 1.3 TSpirit (30k). The only non-service part to have failed on either is the front washer pump on the TSpirit. The exhausts still seem fine and neither vehicle seems to attract advisories in the MOT. Went into local Toyota dealer recently for the obligatory replacement airbag switch and they seemed to give their, albeit unsolicited, approval to the cars generally with a wedge of green ticks. Would that have been a Delphi battery, by any chance? Replaced the original last November after almost fifteen years. It didn'
  14. Yes, Tom, good point, it is the EBA we are referring to here. What I should add is that the car belongs to my dad who is relaying the symptoms down the phone. In addition I should have mentioned that this seems to only have happened when he was carrying two passengers in the rear with the front passenger seat unoccupied (don’t ask ). So this phenomena seems to arise when weight is distributed rather irregularly, perhaps unwisely so.
  15. Yaris 2004 1.3 petrol (manual) 30,000miles Has anyone experienced a problem with this model where the abs can cut in even when only modest braking pressures are applied? The result of this anomaly is substantially firmer braking than required. The trouble is that it is neither a regular, nor frequent, experience but occurring at irregular times. Is this issue likely to be a consequence of a defective abs sensor? Both front tyres are new and the rears are in good condition. If anybody is able to suggest any areas of investigation it would be much appreciate
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