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  1. I had a problem shifting down to 3rd on my last car (Mr2 Turbo), but never up.......its a strange one which id love to fix, even though it doesnt happen that often at the min.
  2. Mine only happens shifting up into third and its intermittiant like yours, a little hard getting into reverse sometimes (Just pop it into 4th then straight into reverse). Im going to change the Gear oil and possibly get the Syncro ring checked. Its not that major of a problem right now, but i will get it sorted out. I suppose getting it sorted before it does any more dammage would be a good idea, just need to get a few pennies together. Let me know how you get on with it anyway, and ill do the same.
  3. Does it have problems getting into reverse? ....... have a look at this link which might help...... http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=49395
  4. Could it possibly be the clutch either? Im having the same problem and possibly leaning towards the clutch....
  5. After alot of reading etc i changed the Spark Plugs and the car is feeling much healthier and has the power back!! Wrong ones were put in at the last service...... The engine light is still comming on but ive ordered a OBD2 reader which should tell me the flaw and be able to reset it. Still going to fit the Lambda Sensor, cant hurt.
  6. Thanks for that, im having a look around and have been given a link to Beams forum. Learning tonnes of stuff over the last week,ive just ordered an ODB2 Diagnostic Tool (reading through other threads i think this might help). So i will have it back at home next weekend and start working on it. Id really love to have it running right, love the car, much more comfortable than my last one (mr2 turbo)......and i know its going to be so sweet once its sorted. Anyway thanks for the link.
  7. Hi Guys, Firstly some great reading on this forum, its a fantastic find. Anyway, im just after buying a '98 Celica SS3 with Beams VVTI engine. I am having a few problems with it.... It is lacking in power quite a bit, it seems its acceleration goes downwards after 3k RPM, it evnetually go faster but there is definitely something wrong. After driving it for 20-30mins the Engine light comes on. It has a sports exhaust aswell and it sound extremely loud even at 2k RPM (like its pushing out more petrol / air or something). It starts no problems, it sometimes starts on idle at 2k RPM and then settl
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