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  1. Hi Conor! I've located the relay after some time looking and listen for it. The haynes book doesn't say anything about where the relay is located. Just what wires goes where to the relay. It's located behind the stereo, up to the right. I did this to get it out. Removed my car stereo. In my case, this was very easy. Unplugged all wires. I know someone need special tools to get this out. Removed the whole cover that house emergency button, rear window heater etc. Unplug all wires. Unscrewed the two + screws for the glove room. Located outside on the bottom of the room. (I have no idea what's the english word for this room) The relay is blue in upper right corner. (mine was...) It's screwed to the fascia with one + screw. Sorry for my english typing by the way!
  2. Hi folks! Do anyone know where the locking relay on a Carina E 92' is? Need to replace the factory one with a new "speedy" central locking relay, so I can open the car without a key. I've looked in the Haynes book, and found the locking relay but it doesn't say where it is (doh!) Any help would be appreciated :-) Br Arne