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  1. i know this is a long shot but i thought id post it in the vain hope both cars are recovered , nothern ireland based link to local site http://www.reallymeansounds.com/forum/car-chat/122512-stolen-escort-cosworth-2.html stolen from northern ireland to day red big turbo 7000 miles mint recently valued by mark barbour,keep an eye out as the owner is away on holiday i'm sure there will be a reward of some sort if the car turns up. here is some pics of the car http://www.escortrscosworth.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11778 any news phone me on 07920888897 stephen . many thanks
  2. i cant say im shocked , always found TOC a weird place tbh , gave it a chance to grow on me but never found wecome if that makes sense , didnt really get the whole membership thing and a few members seemed up their own ***** , ae102 to name one , very condescending in his posts towards people and in whole ( tho i only posted in corolla t sport section) i found very little real info and help on the whole site , also noted how forum titles changed to draw google searches from another well known site . its as if toyota ownership is a whole is under represented as a whole across the www. as i have found plentiful information on previous marques i have owned . tbh , i find the english thick :D and this feeling is wide spread across NI good evening stephen
  3. combined into the normal forum as it appears same with yaris t sport pure crap , finding it hard to find stuff (N) few things ive noticed going missing here recently including links to members cars in threads
  4. LMAO , have you read the instructions to set those up , id be bored before i set AFR tbh , not very user friendly , and has anyone lowered the lift point on a cts and got any true gains , surely there would be a drop off in torque due to lack of airmass
  5. compressors lift point is reduced to 5200 , yes they would yes you could but TBH you'd be much better off trading in against a compressor version tbh , its just not the engine thats modified , it has a tweaked chassis , better suspension and wider wheels to help cope with the extra power , companies such as silverstone performance and prolex uk can do the conversion but at a price , compressors are trading at around 10k - 12 k now for a very low milage one , i know which id prefer between a tweaked cts and a proper cts-c stephen
  6. nice piece of kit those , friend has one on a yaris TS , i demand pics :)
  7. yea i got jap instructions with the rear TRD brace , rediculous :( (typo) what did you buy ;)
  8. http://www.kandn.com/instructions/69-8751_inst.pdf any use fella
  9. are you sure the vacuum pipes are connected correctly
  10. compressor map would be useless as it expects to see manifold pressure being above 1000mbar , its not only top end in 6th thats affected , its top speed in every gear if you drop the rev limit , vvtli engines make power right on the limiter as it is , so whats the point of moving up a gear at 7200 if its still going to be making power at 8200 , your losing power doing that and making a slower car and the reason the compressors lift point was lowered is the charger moves enough air at low revs to create torque at 5200 on the high cam , if you made a TS lift at 5200 , id say thered be a big gap in your rev range where nothing happened , im sure toyota researched the time to engage the 2nd set of lobes
  11. not everyone with a toyota is on here , he prob has better things to do with his time " walks off sobbing"
  12. i didnt remove them :o who did mods ? they were all group hosted at the same time on imageshack
  13. By anychance was it grey with twin style compressor pipes! but without the rear compressor lip facelift shape nah fella , northern ireland car , silver steel with single round hks pipe
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