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  1. Happy Birthday emsii!

  2. I made my "c-one look" eyelids from glass fibre. Quite easy to do and probably 20 times cheaper than the originals. ;)
  3. Yeah that looks nice. :D We have had only -27C at here, but there was -37C at Kuusamo. :D
  4. Didn't like that bumper either if i'm honest.. :D Wanted a TTE bumper but that was quite expensive, sadly. If you measure the ride high, the front was lower but from the arches line the back was a bit lower yes. :)
  5. Yes i know that it isn't for everyones taste. :)
  6. Well hello ponzer. :D How's your rolla? Have you dynod it already? Have you done anything new?
  7. Hi, So i got my rolla shooted for a Finnish car mag GTi. And i said that i would post few pics that were taken after the mag has been published +all the specs. (There's also couple of pics that i have taken by myself). Here it goes. Hope you like it. :) Engine: - 1.8 VVTL-i ( 192hp, 180nm ) - K&N Typhoon kit +100mm cold air feed pipe - Camcon CC-101 - Cusco strut brace - 8000K HIDs - TRD oilcap - Parts painted with gloss black - Red wire & hose protection - TTE shortshifter - Twin exhaust - 2x 4" Simons outlets and 2x Simons back boxes Exterior: - Autotech front bumper - Autotech sideskirts - Carzone rear spoiler - Aca Design rear bumper lip - Facelift taillights - Sidestripes removed - Tinted back window - White TSW Pace 19x7 wheels (offset 35) - Dunlop SP Sport 215/35 tyres - D2 coilovers - Black Diamond grooved & drilled discs - Black Diamond pads at front - Jom antenna - Smoothed back end - Rolled rear arches - 5mm spacers at the back - Red and black paintjob - Custom eyelids - FK performance carbon look mirrors with blinkers - White brake calibers Interior: - Sparco gear knob - Momo pedals and footrest - Momo handbrake with leather cover - Momo harness pads - Carbon taped center console +some other parts - Some chrome stripes - Green lights changed to red - Red neon- and ledpipes at footspace - T-Sport carpets - Pro-S digital rpm meter with shift light Audio: - Alpine iDA-X100 headunit - 8Gb iPod Nano widescreen - DLS MS6A 2-way - DLS 226 coax - Rainbow Hammer 12" subwoofer - Signat 1F condensator - Soundproofed doors and trunk - SPL S-4006 amplifier - DLS battery terminals - Red leds at the boot And like i told you guys before i don't have this car anymore. It wasn't driveable at winter so it had to go.. (I miss the lift. ) Cheers, emsii
  8. oh s***. Didn't read the post proberly. :D Sorry.
  9. You mean this one? http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3090616 It was mine.
  10. It had to go because of many reasons... Like i said it was pretty sad to leave my dear rolla, but i like my new car also. :)
  11. Rolla had to go.. a bit sad but i had to move on.. :( Bought a little bit modded blue -06 Astra OPC (VXR in UK?) Hope i gave something good for this forum. :) Cheers, emsii
  12. I made them from glass fibre. Tried to make them like those c-one's.
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