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  1. I made my "c-one look" eyelids from glass fibre. Quite easy to do and probably 20 times cheaper than the originals. ;)
  2. Yeah that looks nice. :D We have had only -27C at here, but there was -37C at Kuusamo. :D
  3. Didn't like that bumper either if i'm honest.. :D Wanted a TTE bumper but that was quite expensive, sadly. If you measure the ride high, the front was lower but from the arches line the back was a bit lower yes. :)
  4. Yes i know that it isn't for everyones taste. :)
  5. Well hello ponzer. :D How's your rolla? Have you dynod it already? Have you done anything new?
  6. Hi, So i got my rolla shooted for a Finnish car mag GTi. And i said that i would post few pics that were taken after the mag has been published +all the specs. (There's also couple of pics that i have taken by myself). Here it goes. Hope you like it. :) Engine: - 1.8 VVTL-i ( 192hp, 180nm ) - K&N Typhoon kit +100mm cold air feed pipe - Camcon CC-101 - Cusco strut brace - 8000K HIDs - TRD oilcap - Parts painted with gloss black - Red wire & hose protection - TTE shortshifter - Twin exhaust - 2x 4" Simons outlets and 2x Simons back boxes Exterior: - Autotech front bumper - Autotech sideskirts - Carzone rear spoiler - Aca Design rear bumper lip - Facelift taillights - Sidestripes removed - Tinted back window - White TSW Pace 19x7 wheels (offset 35) - Dunlop SP Sport 215/35 tyres - D2 coilovers - Black Diamond grooved & drilled discs - Black Diamond pads at front - Jom antenna - Smoothed back end - Rolled rear arches - 5mm spacers at the back - Red and black paintjob - Custom eyelids - FK performance carbon look mirrors with blinkers - White brake calibers Interior: - Sparco gear knob - Momo pedals and footrest - Momo handbrake with leather cover - Momo harness pads - Carbon taped center console +some other parts - Some chrome stripes - Green lights changed to red - Red neon- and ledpipes at footspace - T-Sport carpets - Pro-S digital rpm meter with shift light Audio: - Alpine iDA-X100 headunit - 8Gb iPod Nano widescreen - DLS MS6A 2-way - DLS 226 coax - Rainbow Hammer 12" subwoofer - Signat 1F condensator - Soundproofed doors and trunk - SPL S-4006 amplifier - DLS battery terminals - Red leds at the boot And like i told you guys before i don't have this car anymore. It wasn't driveable at winter so it had to go.. (I miss the lift. ) Cheers, emsii
  7. oh s***. Didn't read the post proberly. :D Sorry.
  8. You mean this one? http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3090616 It was mine.
  9. It had to go because of many reasons... Like i said it was pretty sad to leave my dear rolla, but i like my new car also. :)
  10. Rolla had to go.. a bit sad but i had to move on.. :( Bought a little bit modded blue -06 Astra OPC (VXR in UK?) Hope i gave something good for this forum. :) Cheers, emsii
  11. I made them from glass fibre. Tried to make them like those c-one's.
  12. Got the whole car "ready" finally. Here's few pics how it looks atm. I'll post better pics that was taken for finnish car mag. (As soon as i get some of them). :)
  13. Here's mine. We split it after the rear axel. 2x2" Simons mufflers and 2x100mm Simons outlets. (Sorry supra25, didn't find any ovals)... :D
  14. Can you go to mot without those sidebags? We can't in Finland or at least it wont pass. Or have they done e12 rolla without side airbags?
  15. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...mp;#entry922563
  16. I like all other parts at my car, but the front bumper is maybe a bit too extreme.. But it was quite cheap and it looked ok. :) C-one had nice looking front bumper and so did the bomex but those where really expensive. TTE front bumper is also nice.
  17. Nice. You did something new, good job. :) Not like so many others... "Look at my k&n and new back box."
  18. All aftermarket taillights for our rollas are pretty ugly. Facelift ligths are the best. :) Tinted facelifts would be even better.
  19. If i remember right the cupra had pretty good turbo (can't remeber what it was), that's the reason for big power with little mods. Audi s3, TT and golf gti 30 had the same turbo.
  20. You should get a facelift because it's much better looking.
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