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  1. MPS is defo better than the compressor. Had a Mazda 2 as a courtesy car about 6 months ago, it was actually a really nice drive.
  2. I was wondering what happened to the old girl After that I got an Astra vxr Currently running a Mazda 3 MPS with 375bhp
  3. Never had a problem with mine, had it for a year and did over 15k in it. It doesn't matter what make/model you buy, someone will always get the "Friday afternoon" car!!
  4. P.s. Has anyone got a postcode for this place?
  5. I'm still coming, looking very unlikely that I'll have my remap done by then though.
  6. Sat 4 April 10 am but you will still be ok at 11 Well I'll be there, but I doubt I'll have the remap done. I was in my way home from work yesterday when a big chunk of tyre jumped through the central res, shattering my bumper and knackering my radiator!! £900 to fix!! That was the money I had saved for the remap and LSD. GUTTED!!!!!
  7. And all being well, I should be running ariound 280bhp by then
  8. That will be interesting if you come. My mate has had his 2.0 Turbo Astra Chipped to (apparently) 250 BHP which is more than your VXR. Are you going ot come??? I've got the nurburgring edition, supposed to be 250-255 bhp from the factory due to a different exhaust. I know you guys will just LOVE the sound it makes, loads of pops, burbled and bangs!! Damn right I'll be there, I'll prepare my excuses for the wife!!
  9. Can I come, not got the tsport anymore but I'll bring my astra vxr?
  10. Can I come, not got the tsport anymore but I'll bring my astra vxr?
  11. Indeed, sorry for hijacking the thread!! I still have a couple of vvtli badges and a double din surround if anyone wants them, pm mer
  12. That's because they weigh over 1350 kg but for £350 that can become 280-290 bhp and 400nm of torque all set to a power curve of your choice (aggresive or progressive) the latter being the one I'm going for as it spins the wheels quite easily as standard
  13. Tbh, this is why I sold the compressor. it's just too much hassle to tune. £2k to see any real gains WTF? Can get an extra 40 bhp and 80nm of torque for £350 which can be turned on or off via a button on the dash.
  14. right peeps, I'll accept 150 for the lot. Front and back seats, door trim and arm rest. All in good condition. I love in Wigan and would prefer a drop off/pick up arrangement. Ring andy on 07902838493. P.s. Give it a couple of hours as I've just woke up with THE worst hangover I've ever had!!
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