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  1. make sure the lift works! i own a 51 plate with 65K on the clock. recently been having problems with engine, TCS, VSC lights coming on. when i took the rocker cover off to change my lift bolts there was alot of carbon build up.
  2. *sigh* things are always changing, sometimes change is good sometimes bad. this seems to be a bad one! looks like ill be going elsewhere then. to all the guys on the old Tsport forum - it was good talking to you and take it easy :)
  3. i'd be interested in an auris tsport. hope they update the 2zzge to a 2.0 litre or something for some extra grunt and maybe raise the limiter to 9k for the hell of it :) i kinda like the auris 180 - going by the facts and figures it combines nice performance with good mpg and cheaper tax/insurance. however ive never drove one so what the hell do i know! :D
  4. i wouldnt say the pre face lift is ugly - in fact far from it.
  5. if it was me id fit what you got to improve the looks of the car. the typhoon's performance gains are small at best.
  6. i got a tad under 400 miles on the last tank. lots of motorway miles to get that though. normally get 250-300.
  7. love to buy it but lack of funds :( you seem really set on this astra - while its not something id buy i hope it goes well for you ;)
  8. lol -t- sport i too have spent many years playing that game! it has to be one of the greatest! also looking forward to D3 :)
  9. Ae10 - what cold air intakes are you suggesting?
  10. id say the accord type r would be faster :( someone i work with has one and they are really quick. also have massive top end.
  11. looks good. although i prefer the original :)
  12. glad your enjoying it :) lift =
  13. hi mate, has it always been "to the side" since fitted? if so then id take it back and have them refit it as they should of got it right first time round. your best bet for bending the bracket would be to heat it up first. also try to pinch the rubber mountings together to see if it moves the exhaust. they could be worn causing the exhaust to sagg. it would be better if you had a picture mate. anyway hope you get it sorted
  14. just noticed the blitz sus induction kit is back on ebay. £175 + £10 pp or best offer. been considering one of these for a while
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