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  1. Hey, does anyone know where i can get a Power FC conversion harness for my 2001 JDM Corolla Runx 2zzge 6 speed manual?
  2. Hey guys anyone ever used any of the aftermarket shocks made for the US model 05-06 corolla zze130 on the t sport. Tokico have the D spec/HTS adjustable shock available for the 05-06 us corolla and i wanted to know if it would fit the zze122/123 Runx/T sport.
  3. So my clutch is dying so after some research i decide to go with the Fidanza light flywheel and clutch kit...great. I purchased the parts from Matt at monkeywrench racing online and the parts were sent quickly. So Saturday rolls around and we start work early in the morning to get through everything in one day. Laptop in hand we follow the instructions in the corolla repair manual to a T, every bolt goes back up with lok tite and a torque wrench. Finally after many hours we check and recheck everything and start the car. We take the car for a drive and its running great. Fidanza tells me there is no break in period but i dont buy that so i drive it easy for the first 2 days. I find i get a burning smell for the 2 days and the car makes quite a bit of noise when you are in neutral and u dont depress the clutch. Im told this is normal so i continue to go about my business feeling happy about my purchase especially as i have run ACT before for years in my last corolla and i have saved 140 us on the clutch kit going with a Fidanza kit. 4 days of the clutch being in and i start to run the car hard, i still have the noise and the smell. The 5th day on my way to work im punching it in second gear right up to 8300 rpm and "bam" i hear a loud noise sounding like if u have a plastic bag out the window, so i slow down and pull the bonnet. The first thing i notice is alot more vibration in the engine. The next thing i notice is that there is a little oil on the cross member. Im like WTF. So naturally i drive off and see if i can get the sound again and it comes again. Now moving off i get a metal on metal type of sound when the clutch engaging. Naturally i take the car right to the garage to see what my boy Danny has to say. As soon as he looks under the bonnet he says "**** look at this, something let go in here boy" Upon inspection we realise there is 2 holes in the bell housing. He says " u eh driving this car untill we get inside here" 2 Days later we get into it. We realise the pressure has totally failed, one of the flex joints in the PPlate let go and had a great time running about in my housing. Lets just say im devastated. We take pics of the damage and i send it to Matt who is horrified and he send it off to Fidanza who to date have not got back to either of us. As the car is my daily driver i need it on the road ASAP so i decided to go bact to ACT who have not failed me before. Along with the 400 us dollar ACT kit i ordered new flywheel bolts by ARP and new pressure plate bolts just in case. Even though its not Matts fault he gives me a discount on the new parts which i find is very nice of him. So here i am today about to put in the new ACT and i will let you know how it works. Bad luck on my part maybe, but it has made me doubt Fidanza clutches and so i decided my fellow Toyota brothers and sisters should know about it so you can make your own decisions. Check this post on Toyota owners club Australia for pics.
  4. Hey guys anyone know where i can get a download of the zze123 work shop manual? :D
  5. Ok so i was due to service my car, its on 68000 km now and its 6 years old. I purchased it second hand 6 months ago. Since last time i changed my oil i found the 5-30 oil was going down a bit so i decided to try 10-30. Anyway so i drop my car in to change my oil, i used Redline 10-30, i also changed my coolant from the green ***** to redline water wetter, which u just add to water. I also changed my transmission fluid, to redline MT-90. So i get my car back and it feels reel dead, lift feels almost non existent except when its cold at night. Any ideas WTF is goin on. I have ordered the lift bolts so i should get those soon. I dno if the slightly heavier oil causes more friction and so makes the car feel dead and maybe impacted on the allready dying bolts causing them to die. Im just fishing for answers here. I also have a pully making noise but i havnt figured out which one so i dno if that could be it. Helpppppppp! :) All i know is when i dropped off the car it was running like a !Removed!, now its not.
  6. I raced a 2004 wrx the other night from a standstill, and we were head to head till the 190km rev limmit, but im sure if he realy launched the wrx he would have me on the launch. But we should feel kinda proud the corolla can keep up a lil bit farless hold on to a 2.0L Turbocharged car. So i think big props to toyota for making a NA 1800 that makes 190 bhp. Besssss.
  7. Sup guys. Is it normal for my car to rev limit at 8000. I have seen some videos with the runx reving to 8500 and *****. Lift definately comes in at 6200 and it seems to limit about 8000, maybe 8200 but definately not 8500. Is this a normal scene? We get 95 octane gas here which by all accouns is probably 93 and i know the car supposed to run on 100 as its a jap spec, do you think this would have anything to so wid that. The car doesnt run bad thow, i timed a 0-60 in 6.8 so im reel excited to put in bess gas and see how it runs. Anyway thanks guys...blesss
  8. Hey guys you can check too see what your tyre pressure is and maybe it may help with the wear, i know down here they always put 28psi in tyres no matter what size. This is stupid because it depends on the tyre so your tyres may be underinflated causing wear on the outside. If its too hard the middle wears. Its worth a check. I usually run 36 psi front and 35 psi rear.
  9. as far as i know u use the same endlinks, but you can look at the install manual and that will confirm it.
  10. Whats the toyota part number for the lift bolts and how many do you need to buy?
  11. Hi guys i hail from Trinidad in the caribbean and i might be able to help explain why lowering the stock car may be causing problems. The problem with adding lowering springs and not changing from standard shocks is that standard shocks are designed to work within a specific range from fully extended to fully compressed. Shocks in general are designed to control spring movement, without shocks you would just bounce down the road. With this in mind when you ad lowering springs which are usually 30% stiffer than stock your stock shocks do not have enough compression and rebound to control the springs which causes the car to bounce arround. The other problem is you have now decreased your suspension travel by the amount u lowered the car. If your stock shocks have 5 inches of travel before they bottom out and you lower the car 2 in, you have just lost 2 in of travel out the shock. This combined with the stiffness problem causes your shocks to bottom out frequently and cause stock shocks to die. I had an ae111 and i went through the exact problems you guys are going through, but i bought books on suspension and did alot of research and the truth is if you wanna lower your car save your money and buy a matched set of springs and shocks or a good coilover. Tokico now sell a awsome shock out of the states called the Tokico D-Spec/HTS. It is a shortened shock so u can lower your car and maintain full travel as well as it is 40 way adjustable compression and rebound with the turn of a knob. This means u can run basically any spring. I personally ran Tein HR coilovers in my ae111 with 400lb/in springs front and 350lb/in rear which was quite a harsh ride but the car handled like a go cart and i had awsome control even on rougher road. If you are a weekend racer and dont mind a stiffer ride and be able to adjust yah ride height id say go with TEIN coilovers, if you would like to lower your car and have a good handling car and not compromise ride quality too much i would say a lowering spring and a shortened shock is for you. Hope this helped guys, i went through alot of different set ups before i got it right, i dont want that to happen to anyone else its a waste of money and time. Oh and im running a Toyota Corolla RUNX Z now its the same as your Corolla T-Sport, but a bit lighter and no traction control, it has the 2zzge in it. Right now its stock but i have some plans for her ***** :)
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