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  1. Most likely blow the engine tbh, not sure if anyone has run Nos on a 2ZZ. Not sure if the compression ratio of 11.5:1 would be the issue or not. Its like why a supercharger is more suited to these engines and not a Turbo unless you put in lower compression pistons.
  2. I'm running Brembo Pads and discs on my Compressor, they seem alright. Yes was also surprised this post has come back up again after 10 years!
  3. Wiring loom is little different due to relay etc for supercharger clutch, unless you go with a fixed pulley. Intake manifold, Oil cooler as engine will run hot, Bigger injectors, Bracing and suspension if you want of course, ECU for a Comp as MAP is different, probably also need 98+ Octane fuel. Might be cheaper to get a Comp in the end.
  4. Very surprised, the Comp parts sharing and help is almost non-existent on that page just like its actual forum. Glad its fixed and another Comp is still on the road!
  5. LOL, i have just had a closer look at the pic of the new clutch you posted 😄 interesting to see. Lucky you came across it and that it works just as well as the original!
  6. No problem, I am glad I could help and you also helped me to help someone else! I would rather see Compressors still on the road than scrap because parts such as pulleys etc are very difficult to come by. I didn't even know someone else sells similar electromagnetic clutch assembly with the same diameter pulley, defiantly good to know for the future. I have a friend on FB who's clutch and pulley bearing are shot, hes been trying to get another pulley with no luck for a long time. I will defiantly point him towards this. Thanks for the pictures also. How did you manage to incorporate the wiring into the existing male connector?
  7. On my Comp belt is 6PK 2040. All pulleys standard. Can’t really tell from the pictures, does that kit contains everything including a pulley? Standard Comp pulley is 100mm iirc.
  8. Do Volvo sell a clutch similar to the Ogura one? What do they use it for, is it just the clutch part or the whole pulley? Keep us updated and some pictures would be great!
  9. I have a Connects2 adaptor on my Compressor, steering buttons work perfectly fine plugged into a Pioneer double Din with DVD, DAB+ and Apple CarPlay. DAB antenna is stuck to the windscreen though, never had any issues with it.
  10. 10 Amps is too high for the supercharger clutch, I measured 3.5ish amps or so when I fitted a ground side switch and measured both sides of the S/C clutch input. It tends to drop when it warms up also. I suspect the clutch is the issue.
  11. Very rare to hear a Denso injector failing. They are different to the N/A T Sport which are yellow 330cc. Compressors are Green 440cc iirc. I take you had a misfire? Sam of SJ Autosport should have some used ones, you can search him on Facebook.
  12. 1200 RPM is about right when cold, and 800RPM when up to temp. Sometimes mine acts weird and idles at 1800 RPM but this happened more when it was really cold outside. Also think its related to the idle control being dirty and sticking which ain't easy to clean but a common problem on the 2ZZ-GE.
  13. Always awesome seeing High Mileage 2ZZ-GE's still pulling strong! My comp is currently on 68K.
  14. We are all know to this saga of the E12 and broken seat pins. 2 fixes: 1) Get another base and replace it. 2) Remove the seat and attempt to fix the broken pin by making your own. 3) Replace the whole seat. Number 2 is what I did. Not easy, their may be a guide to someone who has done this before, or doing research online maybe. The pins lift the locks either side of the rail hence why you can probably just about move one side and not the other. Depends on how handy you are with tools and being able to do a little metal work such as drilling and making other pin out of a bolt, or a hardened split pin is what I used.
  15. Probably a stupid question, the new updated valve will not work unless the ECU is updated 100%? Will the car not run at all?