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  1. Thanks - I'll start dismantling the dash/glove box DON'T TAKE YOUR GLOVE BOX APART...............Your ECU is situated behind the plastic panel on the side of the passenger footwell Cheers Paul Thanks - thats great Alun
  2. Thanks - I'll start dismantling the dash/glove box
  3. Anyone help with the location of the ECU - is there a seperate auto box TCU if so wheres that?? Thanks
  4. Hi Al I had the same problem earlier this year, I spent the best part of £2000 having the gearbox re-conned, every solenoid replaced, clutches renewed, hire cars,etc etc, only to get it back 3 weeks later still with the same problem(the only thing i got from the re-build was an expensive 12 month warranty) I then swapped the ECU from my other surf and b*gger me,it solved the whole thing. After spending another couple of weeks searching for an ECU with all the matching part No.s. I dragged my way thru eblag to find one,,,,, It worked out cheaper for me to buy a whole vehicle just for the ECU and then break the rest. I eventually made a profit on the breaker. So my friend, I believe your problem lies in the ECU Cheers Paul Hi Dont know if you got my last email - can you tel me whether you got a new ecu or a auto tcu and wher abouts in the car do i find it. Thanks
  5. ]Help!! Ive just spent £400 on having a gearbox solenoid changed and valve body pressure done etc to try and cure my problem - It wont go into Overdrive but other gears work fine, as does kick down-someone has suggested TCU but is it more likely to be a rellay - if so where the hell is it!! - Thanks and and replies appreciated