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  1. Hmmm.. I think I will give you the cash next meet, (even if its 2 weeks away) hope fully others will want one by then also. Do you get any TRD stickers with the TRD CAI? I might even give you the cash before then. I want that CAI dam it!!! It sounds so cooool. Your a great help peeky34.
  2. Paul, Hitting that 2nd cam phase right when hes looking beside, yuh! That sweet sharp rush of revs up top really gets em' mad.. I've had a few ppl be really abusive towards my car, for example the other day, I passed a 318i in hi-cam on the FWY and he got up-set and chased me all the way near my home and started calling out "Your car's ****. I have Class - looking tuff" (I waited for him thats how he caught) out the window. I laughed and said "Race ME"... Catch ya. Like that I was gone..
  3. So $470.00 Thats cool, I'll let you know soon. Would like to order together though. How long you say installation would be again? Hopefully Peeky you can guide me on the installation. As I have never touched a CAI before. Cheers, Daniel
  4. Hi all, I will PM my contact Details for ya Peeky34. I will get the TRD CAI, paying up front is no prob. - I will have a chat to my insurance company by tommorrow. The foam filter is good peaky34, there's slight difference up top, not sure if its an increase in power??It feels a bit more meater past 6k. Saturday sounds good, I'd love to come up and see the run - I'll let you know by the end of the week. Much Appreciated!!
  5. Also peeky34, LSD's for the corolla? I am interested about getting one of these after I change my Tyres and Intake. I herd of a company called "Phantom Grip" that make a very affordable LSD for the 2000 Celica. The TRD LSD is around $US 800.00. How do you think they would compare?
  6. I raced a Holden VL TURBO last night. And beat him. (Mind you it's hard too find a VL turbo thats not worked) I was at the lights wif 1 mate in the car, and a VL pulled up beside me. My mate was checking his car out, and got eye contact with the VL driver. At this stage I still didn't know if it was a turbo or not? So I didn't take off fast. As the lights turned green he got the launch about 1 car length in front, then I just held it flat out, we were neck and neck till I started to over take in third. I could hear his blow off valve each change, untill I passed him. I slowed down and waited for him up ahead, but he seemed very embarrassed and made no eye contact there after. I noticed that the corolla can keep up wif a lot of turbo cars.
  7. Yeah those sportivo were looking pretty nice on the FWY yesterday!! Ilivfor6 I am also very serious about the TRD CAI, dam that sounds awesome, and appears to be more responsive. I could probably purchase in the next month. - have to talk to the insurance company first! Peeky34 thanks for the foam filter!
  8. I'm leaving now to meet up wif anyone who is going to the cruise... Shell Servo before the Geelong Road. - or so i think, I relyed on the old forum. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!
  9. The forum is down so I created this one for lost people who were looking for the other corolla club forum. Who is coming today? Toyday being Sunday.
  10. Watch Best motoring VOL.6 and learn how NA cars can beat turbo cars at the same capacity engines on a race track. NA cars are all about balance and corner speed. Power isn't everything. ------------------------------------ Daniel
  11. Spiz, Sorry to hear about your cars problems. I find the sportivos gear box is smooth and is effortless (even though its frantic on the occasion). One of the best I have drivin. I also have drivin the echo, and find the sportivo is smoother and quicker. Good luck! ----------------------------------- Daniel
  12. Thats great news mate. Are you keeping the stock rims Daniel? hey man, I think I have mentioned it somewhere else before, I like my cars looking stock or just off. Hopefully my car will stay stock looking (as I like following, 'FUNCTION BEFORE FASHION'). When It comes to looks, wheels 'make' or 'complete' the car. So if I come across some 17inch (no bigger) rims for a bargin I will go for it, so long as they are NOT CHROME wheels. I ain't gonna spend 2-3K on wheels that slow me down. So it's 17inch light-wieght dark-colored alloy im after. *FUNCTION BEFORE FASHION* ------------------------- Daniel
  13. Thanks for the info on the YTS guys, But 6200 and 6700 is a fair gap between eachother. What spec \ year YTS are they? ie. UK I like the YTS, but I'd like it to have a few more horsies. ----------------------------------- Daniel
  14. Great story chris, haha... Lengthy roads with throttle mashed wide open, high revs and high speed. Don't think I could do this on my local highway, as it has fixed security camera's monitoring any silly behaviour. All though it would be fun. (No offense taken) :) ------------------------------- Daniel
  15. Great vids, The yaris seems like it could do that all day, great little car. I took one for a drive the other day, but it was 1.3L. They still go pretty hard for a economy based car. My friends going to by the aussie spec yaris T-sport, whats the redine \ cut out at? thanks anyone.. cheers ---------------------------------- daniel
  16. Tell me your kill stories!! What did you beat and how??
  17. spoke to toyota today, they say my car is due here on the 20th next month (sep)... yay.. about friggin time.
  18. Im sure you can tell the difference in launching and cornering if you put 18's on it. It would lag noticable but with more grip. My mate put 18's on his lancer (wich is silly) and all he got out of it was harsh ride and hole in the wallet for tyres and insurance. Im leaving my sportivo stock. Simple. I took a S170 Focus 2.0L manual for a test drive yesterday, it sucked. That car has really poor ride quality, great for track but not for normal everday roads. I blame the 17inch alloys and wide footprint. The sportivo ****s all over the focus in ride quality for street drivin. And I bet around the track. I will open up a new topic about my impression of the new 'hot focus' in OZ.. ---------------------------------------------
  19. If you want to email me the PIC and I will send it back in under 700kb with no loss in quality ------------------------------------------ Daniel
  20. You say VTEC is VVTi ?? Incorrect. VTEC motors that are DOHC can only produce there hi-output by increasing the duration of valve lift on intake and exhuast cams. So it is impossible for a VVTi motor to produce more HP per Litre, as it is less complex than VVTL-i or i-VTEC. Toyotas VVTL-i system is much like the Honda VTEC DOHC engines and some i-VTEC engines. It's important to note the DOHC is how you reconise a performance based VTEC. Because it allows for low-mid speed tourqe and hi-cam setting for hi-speed. The ITR 1.8L is a VTEC motor, and makes over 100BHP per Litre. It can't do this with only a VVTi system. Same applies to 2zzge. Your not correct saying that VVTi is VTEC and VVTL-i is i-VTEC. They all work differently, as i-VTEC motors have Lift, but this doesn't ALWAYS apply to both exhaust and intake sides. Bobby, I understand your explaination. --------------------------------------------------- Daniel
  21. Just some more advice about VTEC and VVTLi Just becuase VTEC is stamped on the engine cover doesn't mean it packs a furious kick. Honda have been making VTEC motors for some time now, so there are lots of civics and integras sharing different engines. So it's important to note: ** VTEC IS NOT VVTL-i ** Only 'DOHC' (double over head cams) VTEC engines are built for performance, the single ovehead cam engines are puerly designed for economy, there for meaning your car is gutless and slow, but good for the wallet. If you wish to buy the inexpensive SOHC platform, dont bother doing performance mods to the engine, as you can make twice as much power from a DOHC motor for almost the same money. The B18C is a fantastic powerplant, hand-built and forged internals give this engine massive tolerance for power over stock. This VTEC mill is known as the 'bullet-proof engine'. 1800cc DOHC with variable valve timing and lift on the exhuast and intake cam. This engine can be found in the famous Integra type R, a chassis that is a good as the engine. 8300rpm redline, 141kw and 196mn of torque with just 1160kg on the scales. A fantastic package for the NA enthusist or insurance concious who want to go fast. The 2ZZGE is more advanced and is a mass-production motor, which is impressive, it also has variable valve timing with valve lift on the exhaust and intake cams. All alloy block, lighter internals, MMC coated for high compression 11.5.1, 141kw also with 16nm less torque at 180mn. 8350 RPM fuel cut stock, this engine sounds glorious after 4500rpm as induction noise is crisp yet agressive. Note: It's not the VVT that gives you the rush of horses, it's the L that makes all the difference. L for lift, valve lift. Newer VTEC motors are more simple, like the new ITR. It has Lift on the intake side only, neglecting valve lift on the exhaust cam. As todays toyota Celica's, Hot corolla's and MR-s' have both cams getting full treatment. Letting the motor breath \ flow more effiently at higher RPM. Power delivery is similar, VTEC kicks in at 5800RPM and VVTL-i kicks in at 6000RPM. In heavier chassis both these motors need to be worked hard to keep your needle in the power band. But luckily they bothe mate with short throw gear boxes, with double cone syncros form 1-2nd gear changes. The ITR (B18C) has a 5-speed and the CTS (2zzge) has a 6 slotter. Power comes on like a light switch turing on.. as soon as that needle passes its hi-rpm setting it snaps and hammers to the redline instanly, why? If you have an average turbo car for example, it slowly winds up and delivers power by 'building' up flow. These new type NA machines however rev like a normal engine untill.. ooops! intake and exhaust valves have opened up by 50% all of a sudden, lets party. Thanks for Reading.. ------------------------------------------ daniel
  22. Have you seen Best Motoring VOL.7 They have a Toyota Vitz (yaris) VVT 1.5L with a Blitz supercharger. 180hp & 200nm + 950kg = Faasssstt!! They have a full spec on the car, including suspension, tyre, wieght etc... It's a must see for yaris fans, the car is a real suprise.
  23. It's a personal choice. Think about what you want your car to look like? If you like to stand out pick Red, want to blend in get white, want to be fashion consious pick black. These would be the most popular, but the blue is good also. There are certain paint colors that have a metalic finish, I know the color INK (black) is metalic paint. I choose Black ink, even though its the hardest to keep clean, it looks the best when it is. I'd also consider white, but only with some aftermarket touches to the wheels and rubber. I'd get 17inch black 5 spoke dished rims, this would look meaner against a white body, but still hold its stock look. I like my cars to look stock, or just off. So no muffler mods, keep it all induction \ engine noise... You really can't go wrong..
  24. Congratulations!! 2 months wait a? I have been waiting since mid june, and then they tell me august then october (huge Fock-around). But It's good to hear another has landed. I cant wait for the VVTL-i Orchestra..
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