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  1. yeah mine just started to dot hat like after i got an new clutch, and the clutch in they wasn't :censor: just the preloader was to high because i got a new master cylinder about 2month before, so i got a spare 50% cltuch which is good. but yeah i just give it more gas and workt he clutch more with my left foot (it get more of a work out now). And i when i starts to do it, i hate it because i'm in front of people (aka, school) so me just slam clutch in a start again and usally i'm right... with more gas. Nezza B)
  2. i'll have to look into that then, because i was going to go down the whole pod road, ummmmmmmm. Nezza B)
  3. what would a 1988 celica SX (gt-s) do the 1/4mile in stock is about low 16's i got 75.8kw (101.65hp) @ front wheels. Nezza B)
  4. 3S-GE_Man


    from what i have read int he past i wouldn't go over 75hp, on a stock engien even with the extra fuel being able to enter the engine. Nezza B)
  5. that what me want to do, it a 3S-GE fromt he SS-III from japan int he 6th gne celica's, they make 200hp stock @ 7800rpm, muhahhaha, everyone got my idea. and would the crazy :censor: be the guy that rolled it witht he caravan on it SCO-77K. It :censor: went hey... Nezza B)
  6. i think u find that not in the celica, because it has 97, not 88. and the word bridgeport, which is a type of porting in rotary engines... Nezza B)
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