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  1. The ND engine in an IQ is unique and not shared across the other models and also varies in IQ to two versions ( Built upto Sept 2010 and beyond these are not interchangeable either ) the block was significantly altered to allow the repackaging required to fit in the IQ engine bay ( specifically the positioning of the Alternator, AC compressor & Idle pulley and also the re-positioned transmission ) where as the Yaris, Corolla, Auris etc share the same engine. The Chassis/Vin above used the later post Sept 2010 part number 19000-33340 this part number was replaced by 19000-33341 from Dec 2010 build if you get a engine from a post Dec 2010 build you will also need part number 16620-33031 ( Aux belt tensioner assy ) to make it fit the earlier build type. See picture attached showing how the Aux belts route differently comparing IQ with other models Whats wrong with your engine to require replacement?
  2. Its not so simple to tell now as software versions have diverged depending on hardware manufacturer and model ID, can you post a picture of the "software update" screen?
  3. Again Aygo does not Use Touch 2, it does not have online services and does not link to any website. Map updates on Aygo x-nav are via a purchasable SD card available from your dealer or via the map update link in my previous post
  4. Aygo does not use Touch2 Take a look here you will need the number from your current SD card ( found in X-nav unit top left of glovebox, open sliding door and pop out the SD card )
  5. If you have a manual 1.33 with stop/start I Suspect you have a faulty/failing "Eco run convertor" its a power pack which maintains power supply when the car shuts off for stop/start and when faulty leaves circuits powered after the car is switched off, also sometimes the dash lights may flash after switching off. To fix you need a new "Eco run converter" part numbers: G92C0-52050 Eco run converter £98.16 + vat 90159-50385 x3 Bolt £0.95 ea +vat F1334-74020 x1 Bracket £12.02 +vat F1335-74020 x1 Bracket £6.42 +vat Fitting is simple enough the "converter" is bolted to the gearbox
  6. 89661-2B840 has been replaced by 89661-2B841 so either would fit
  7. On your phone select "settngs" > "bluetooth" > Click on the little blue i next to the cars pairing and ensure the "show notifications & "sync contacts" tabs are "on"
  8. If you are purchasing brand new then Corolla has just transittioned over to Model year 20 which include updated spec on Excel of: Black leather sports seats with red accents replacing Part leather / alcantara Power operated tailgate Apple carplay / android auto
  9. The centre Temp/fuel Gauge is available as a spare part but looking at the parts catalogue varies by market and transmission type so you would need a spare part from another Rav from the same market and transmission as yours
  10. Aygo X pure was a special edition based on the spec of an x-cite with the following differences: White and silver are the colour co-ordinates for the new Aygo x-pure. On the outside the White Flash paintwork is teamed with rear privacy glass, white-painted alloys and silver-finished bodywork elements. Inside, the standard grey seat fabric is accompanied by white and light grey bolsters. The centre console and gear shift surround follow the trend with a silver-white finish. In terms of equipment specifications, body styles and powertrains, the x-pure provides the same features and choices as the x-cite, apart from the bi-tone package. X-pression is more difficult as it was a core model and available from 2014 -2018 an specs changed through outs its lifespan. Checkout the Toyota blog Here as Toyota published bulletin/info with each launch or change.
  11. Was the part the latest modified new part (G92C0-52050 ) or was it used?
  12. Check Toyota's compatibility Here pick Toyota touch 2 with Go (2019) then phone, model, software and you will get a list. Email compatibility depends on phone and I know Iphone's are not fully compatible
  13. Nothing to do with Apple, Mirrolink predated Carplay & Android auto, Toyota added compatibility with Mirrorlink version 1.0 in Mk2 Aygo and phones such as Samsung GS3, Iphone 5 ( with special lead) and a few Nokia's were all compatible however several things occurred; Google & Apple decided to launch their own platforms so walked away from Mirrorlink and then Mirrorlink capitulated to the aftermarket Audio suppliers who wanted features which allowed video playback and interaction with Apps whilst the cars were in motion something that Toyota did not agree with and Mirrorlink in Aygo stalled there. Toyota offered did after offer one update but after reworking it to prevent distraction but after that they stopped and newer phones just won't connect with the old software. Search Mirrorlink on the Aygo forum some people managed work around's but hey were usually all beyond the scope of an average user and buggy at best.