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  1. There is a TSB from Toyota for this ref: BE-0072T-1016, you can find it HERE however access is chargeable ( you can pay by hour, day etc and download and save content ) no you can't swap in a later unit and there is no need, the bulletin includes instruction to install a heater pad, harnesses to connect the heater and reflash the TSS unit software which adds heater control and TSS improvements.
  2. Just to clarify what exactly what are you after and what Model year Corolla do you have? A MY2019 Corolla Icon did not include factory navigation but can add the navigation module, see attached. Also expected in May 2020 ( Subject to Corona issues ) is an update to add Apple carplay & Android auto for £120 ( reduced to £50 if combined with a service ) A MY2020 Corolla Icon did not include factory navigation but already has Apple car play & Android auto. There is no accessory navigation option. Which do you have and what are you after?
  3. Part number of a RHF window regulator is 69801-52070 ( note regulator does not include a motor ) and it shares with the following:
  4. The recall is nothing to do with water leaks, the glue holding the rear door glasses to their front hinges can fail which at best results in loose glass at worst the glass can detach from both hinges & fall off or even swing out and hit someone/something. Please! get the recall done.
  5. As the EGR and its port on the intake where so blocked the ports from the intake into the cylinder head plus the pipe work running back from the EGR through the cylinder nhead and back into the EGR cooler will most certainly be just as bad. In pic attached you have cleaned the areas circled blue, the manifold and the passages ( circled Green ) into the head will be all clogged as well as the EGR route ( red arrows ) back to the EGR cooler circled Yellow
  6. Close there is a TSB which includes a newly designed SCV and updated software for the engine ECU
  7. As above the later CY17 / CY19 Systems installed in new Rav differ from the earlier Touch 2 system in older Rav where both software and maps where bundled in update twice a year this was easier for updating but also meant "fixes" had to wait for Spring/Autumn map updates before they where released the new systems split software and maps so fixes can be released much quicker If you press "setup" then on the right menu scroll down to "software update" there are 3 headings DCU/Audio this is the touch screen audio unit MEU/Naviigation this is the Media extension unit / Nav ECU navdb_version this is the map version. DCU / Audio On Rav4 there are two Audio/Screen manufacturers if you read the model ID if the 4th from last digit is: C unit is manufactured by Deson Ten latest DCU firmware is 1215 and includes the following fix Bad voice quality on Hands Free talk. The far end party cannot hear well and asks again and again to repeat. Symptoms: A-word cutting, B-Muffled audio, C-low volume. This is due to a double Noise cancelling phenomenon by combined noise cancelling in Microphone and in DCU. SW version 1215 and higher (future) versions of this SW include the C/M to this phenomenon. D unit is manufactured by Panasonic latest DCU firmware is 1011 and includes the following fixes: Connectivity issues: Not possible to register a new Bluetooth device Failed Bluetooth connection due to communication delay When listening to Spotify with an iPhone 8 connected via USB, the playback time does not change from 3 minutes 45 seconds iPod Audio does not play automatically after the end of Hands-free call Phone call history not updated Playback song information not changing on display. For T1 DCU only: Internet tethering via Wi-Fi to the unit is enabled when MEU is connected. Miracast connection not possible Audio issues: Audio sources are not able to play out sounds after incoming phone call No sound from rear speakers General issues: Map screen is black, crashes and restarts System reboots intermittently Cannot operate air conditioner.(Correction of CAN microcomputer software) Translation issues: Change of wording: "Clip" in fuel consumption screen in German language. Change of wording: "full front" in Hungarian and Ukrainian languages. Gracenote Database update MEU / navigation ECU latest firmware is 1530 and includes the following fixes: MEU Software release version 1530: Unlogical traffic information (showing 4.5 million km on right side bar) Map in map screen changes to 2D North from another orientation after IG cycle, not keeping customer preferred view. (This does not solve having only 2D North in home screen). Missing fix speed cams in Austria. Map appears wrongly displayed due to map rendering algorithm. RDS paying TMC not available. Emergency incident pop-ups appearing when incident does not happen on current road. 12-V battery flat due to MEU not getting into sleep mode after short IG ON-OFF cycle. MEU Software release version 1520: Wrong navigation guidance speech in Hungarian: translation of word "street" said twice by the navigation unit. Wrong side of navigation traffic information for left-hand traffic countries. Not enough When using voice recognition to input an address, it does not recognise voice input. Due to error related to sampling frequency mismatch. When using map, it appears loading endlessly. Navigation cursor turning more or less than vehicle due to gyroscope wrong calibration. MEU Software release version 1512 After ignition on the map view is not displayed and the driver will see a black screen. The functions of the DCU remain fully functional. Map Navdb_version Latest maps should read as 2019v2 , there will be an update on this as soon as the Spring map update is issued Firmware fixes can be applied at your dealer as a warranty repair based on a fix for one of the recognised issues ( a good dealer should do this if asked even without an issue ) or via access here is chargeable though. Map updates can again be done at dealer and should be without charge or via MyToyota account.
  8. Do you have a tow bar installed? As a Towbar socket contains a switch to turn off the cars rear fog light when a trailer is attached and the switch can get stuck when the trailer is removed keeping the cars fog light switched off
  9. P2048 Short to GND in Reductant Injector Circuit (Bank 1) P0045 Turbocharger / Supercharger Boost Control Solenoid Circuit / Open P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input P0488 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Position Control Range / Performance The first 3 all appear to be circuit/electrical issues and the 4th can be caused by circuit issues, perhaps pays for a few hours access HERE and copy/save/print the diagnostic processes and look for a commonality such as a plug or ecu for all four of the fault codes
  10. If you already have Navigation installed then you have Touch & Go see Here to determine what version you have and how to update
  11. Come across a few issues causing problems so far: Faulty cable IOS needing update SIRI been turned off Otherwise check page 57 on manual attached and re-run the setup OM12N39E.pdf
  12. Someone is playing with badges, GR was only launched in January 2020 and has HUD, AA/CP and SIPA. Retro fit of AA/CP for 2019 Models starts in May
  13. All GR sports will have AA/CP as they were launched after Toyota announced the introduction of MY20 Corolla in December last year, GR deliveries only started in January 20. All UK spec Corollas ( except Icon ) have SIPA ( self parking ) see Here and ICS see Here from 2019 Launch. It annoys me no end when a customer ends up meeting a useless sales person that clearly knows nothing about the product they are selling both of the above are clearly specifications important to you and yet they failed to correctly inform or demonstrate them to you and as for Halfords fitting AA/CP complete and utter waffle from the salesperson