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  1. There isn't a traditional separate relay, the indicators are computer controlled via the combination meter which has the relay integrated.
  2. Specs of the final runout on current generation Yaris announced today: Active and Icon Tech Grades deleted. Y20 Now available with mono-tone paint finish Panoramic roof option deleted DCM (Data Communication Module) standardised, providing access to MyT connected car features:  Driving data: Tracks your journeys, driving style and business trips  Find my car: Locates your Yaris and guides you back to it  Accident assistant: Contacts your emergency contact in case of an accident occurring  Service and maintenance reminders: Helps you manage the care of your Connected Car  Share destination to car: Lets you plan a route on another device and send it to your Yaris, whilst car to door guides you to your final destination once you are parked. Conventional grade line up (1.0 manual 1.5 manual/CVT ) Icon, Y20 & Y20 Bitone Hybrid grade line up Icon, Y20, Y20 Bitone, GR Sport, Excel
  3. Cosmetically different, however the Y20 will have 16"alloys the Icon Tech 15" which gives the Icon Tech a much better turning circle, the Icon Tech will also have either front or rear parking sensors and Navigation as standard on the Y20 these where options.
  4. The arm is unique to the RHS on a RHD car and not shared with any other model, there are two choices depending on chassis number
  5. Ok the extra part number is : 64744-02070-C1
  6. If your entire centre display flashed up red then its is the TSS pre collision warning as it has seen a potential for collision, however so long as you react by steering or braking it will cancel, if you don't take action it will intervene to mitigate to possibility of a collision.
  7. OK: Retaining bolt ( for space saver ) 51931-02320 Floor foam 64778-02050 RH "Tool" foam 64995-02120 Space saver wheel 42611-0F091 Tyre 125/70D17 Jack 09111-F4010 Jack handle 09113-F4010 Wrench 09150-F4010
  8. I know exactly what your dealer has done, there is an accessory kit for Hatchback Corolla that includes all the parts to convert a TRK car to include a spare wheel but it is not for 2.0 models it is for 1.2t & 1.8 models which do not have a 12v battery in the boot and therefore do not have the double deck which a 2.0 does, the non 2.0 models need loads of trims change the boot over to a double deck.
  9. Your car has AHB (Auto high beam) which is switched on as you currently cannot manually operate the high beam, as mentioned above there is an AHB on/off switch to the right of the steering wheel switch AHB off if you want manual control or leave it on make sure your headlight are on Auto and the stalk pushed forwards to let the AHB take control
  10. Have a look here to see if your phone has been tested for compatibility
  11. Ok on a 64 plate car the Free map offer has expired so any update to the navigation ECU and its Maps involve a license key and a cost if the update fixes a fault and the car is still within warranty then Toyota will cover the cost, if the the update does not fix a fault or the car is out of warranty by age/miles then you will have to pay. Updates for the headunit are a separate thing the software is available to dealers or via the website. Have you got a copy of the bulletin (BE-0003T-0116) that goes with the headunit 00000000 error fix? as there are software versions for use via USB and versions for use via CD-ROM, what version have you got? also there are two software updates a patch for the 00000000 version error and then a Software update ( version depends on headunit type ) When updating you can only have one software version on the USB/CD at a time. As you have navigation you can either only update via CDROM or remove the headunit swap USB plug from the Navigation ECU to the headunit then disconnect the nav harness's from the headunit Disconnect/reconnect the headunit power supply ( forces the headunit to reboot ) update via USB (one at a time) then reverse the above. As for the Nav update only try this once the 0000000 error has been fixed, the update is easily obtainable but to allow the update you need a key which along with your headunit ID on mytoyota you input the then generates a update key,( make sure your engine is running, insert the update USB into your car wait for the prompts, input the update key then wait for about an hour as the USB updates the nav.
  12. There is a Technical service bulletin that could apply to this issue, bulletin ref: BE-0003T-0112 , Subject: An open terminal in the wire harness connector is resulting in DTC P0335 and/or P0368. Description of Phenomenon: Some customers may complain that there is an open terminal in the wire harness connector that connects the engine wire harness with the camshaft position sensor which results in DTC P0335 and / or DTC P0368. Note: The described phenomenon only appears on the ZR-engine family. To check remove the top plastic engine cover and look for a label on the harness passing over the intake manifold if the label has a date between 28/01/2011 & 03/03/2011 then the harness is affected and requires replacing with a new harness. The bulletin assumes an issue under warranty and states to replace the engine wiring harness which is not a difficult job however the affected harness is very expensive @ £972 + vat.
  13. Devon Aygo

    Code P1271

    P1271 (Open or short in pressure discharge valve circuit): This DTC will be set if there is no valve opening confirmation (IJf) signal sent from the EDU to the ECM, despite the ECM has commanded the EDU to open the pressure discharge valve. This DTC refers to an open or short circuit malfunction of the pressure discharge valve circuit, not a malfunction in which a valve is stuck open or closed. The EDU monitors the current supplied to the pressure discharge valve to verify that the current flows into the valve. If the current exceeds the specified level, the EDU interprets this as the IJf signal being low. If this DTC is stored, the ECM enters the fail-safe mode and limits engine power. The fail-safe mode continues until the ignition switch is turned off.
  14. Devon Aygo


    Nothing, there are currently no apps available, Toyota say there will be, but will not be drawn on what they may be or when they may arrive