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  1. Unfortunately not, all order banks for UK Rav4 are now full for the rest of the year. If you place an order now for a model that has not already been speculatively ordered then build slots are now being allocated to Q1 2020. Toyota have also pointed out that at current demand the NCO ( non covered order, the speculative orders ) will be all allocated before the end of July. Supply is so tight dealers have been told not to sell their Demo's as they cannot have replacements ( allocated by Toyota ) until December.
  2. Afraid not, the plastic lens in heat bonded on and not available as separate parts, you can only purchase lamp assembly
  3. MY18 Auris Design gained: Front & Rear Parking Sensors • EC Rear View Mirror • Auto Fold Mirrors • Auto wipers • Auto headlights • Black Side Sills Over the MY17
  4. Toyota part number 48531-49115 x 2 they are not sided
  5. Both the battery light & fuel filter lights on together are a symptom of a low voltage issue where either your battery or alternator are faulty
  6. Your battery light is on as well ?
  7. There is a "tap" in the bottom of the fuel filter to drain off the water see your owners manual for instructions.
  8. Also Called the Gaia in some markets but beyond these 3 renames of the same car the shock absorbers do not share with any other Toyota
  9. All there now:
  10. Devon Aygo


    Bearing in mind the Takata recall started back in 2014 and at this point a "fix" was not yet developed Initial replacements on older models were new parts but of the original type in order to "buy time" these are now coming back into dealers to have a final fix, as cars were called back in order of age ( oldest first ) the inflators in new Yaris were already of the newer final fix when Toyota started calling them back.
  11. Preferred grade is: 0w30 C2 However: 5w30 C2 is acceptable The C2 part is the most important bit as it means the oil is a low SAPS ( sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur ) which is required to protect the DPNR fitted to your T180
  12. All depends on what model you want Saloon, not available at all Hatch (edited)is a model in its own right as an "Excel with Panoramic roof" with either 1.8 or 2.0 but not with Spare wheel. Also available in Design spec with 1.2t, 1.8 with Panoramic roof option and with/without Spare or 2.0 with Pan roof but no Spare Tourer its a £960 option on the 2.0 Excel only & only with a Spare wheel.
  13. Factory change point was November 2011, it is possible that your carpet was changed as the older carpet was superseded by the later 2 pole type. Other than the pole count the mats are the same so get your supplier to send the later type with two holes. The correct mats stay well clear of the throttle pedal so do appear a bit short but it is intentional.
  14. They have noted it, Standard Prius got a no cost option to select black or white a while back and now with the midlife facelifts of both Prius and Plugin the interior colour is now Black as standard and five seats in the plugin
  15. Part numbers: 84250-47560-C1 - Black steering wheel switch set £381.70 58841-47081-C0 - Black Shift lever surround ( price not listed ) 58821-47041-C0 - Black Centre console ( with wireless charger ) £178.29 58921-47021-C0 - Black center console rear trim £65.25 58803-47011-C0 - Black centre console cup holders £86.53 861C0-47010-C0 - Black wireless charger £557.55 All part numbers are RHD specific