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  1. No significant reliability issues, using Toyota for servicing includes a Hybrid Health check and you can keep your Hybrid battery warrantied up to the cars 15th birthday. A Catloc would be a very good purchase, Toyota also offer an additional tilt alarm which will trigger if the car is jacked up. And finally a check & clean of the Hybrid battery cooling fan, pre 2014 cars did not have filters so can suffer from a build up of fluff n lint on the cooling fan which can overheat the Hybrid battery a HHC will cover the battery should it fail and you can buy a filter to fit over the cooling fan intake to drastically reduce the fluff getting sucked in, just keep the filter clean. Order G92DH-12020 from you local Toyota parts department.
  2. In May/June, Nov/Dec Toyota do an offer to coincide with new map release of 3 years maps and connected services for the same price as the rest of year 1 year update.
  3. You may find something if searching for Scion IQ
  4. #1 87050C is for recirc function #2 87050D is for air direction #3 87050E is for temp function
  5. The part you see is called a "foam dam" it only serves two purposes, it is required during the windscreen installation. The foam is fitted all the way around the glass then the bonding sealant is piped around the glass outside the foam, the foam helps ensure the glass is evenly set against the car body ( e.g. not too close ) and prevents the bonding squeezing inwards and being visible from the inside. Once the screen bonding has set the dam is superfluous just use a plastic trim tool or even plastic ruler/knife etc to push/tuck it back behind the trim panel
  6. Which head unit do you have ( excl JBL ) : Touch 2, has silver buttons on side of screen and two knobs Smart Connect, no silver buttons & one knob
  7. If the car has factory navigation you do not loose it by upgrading to include Apple car play/Android auto
  8. Bare in mind your new Corolla will have a 3yr 60k warranty any cover beyond this is dependent on you using Toyota for service but can extend cover to 10 years 100k
  9. Your car has been fitted with accessory parking sensors these do not integrate into the displays in any way nor are they the intelligent type like factory integrated sensors, the difference in operation is the rears are triggered in by the reverse light signal no reverse light no sensor operation. i would have to check the trigger for front sensors.
  10. Nothing to do with heat at all it is part of a sound proofing pack added where Toyota see fit, for example the 2.0 engine which is noisier than the 1.8 the 2.0 also gets a double glazed windscreen for sound proofing the 1.8 gets a standard glass
  11. Unfortunately your dealer is wrong, we do not get Bi-tone on TS in the UK only HB can have Bi-tone, unless they intend to add a wrap once it is delivered.
  12. Just clarifying you say "Switch to P" do you mean Shift to P e.g. moving gear shit to P position or are you pressing the parking brake or hold button?
  13. In sort no, the setup is unique to 4wd Urban cruiser and there is no alternative, the issue is effectively global and is affecting all markets where UC D4d 4wd where sold, Toyota are heavily involved in sorting the issue however the clutch manufacturers factory in Japan was severely damaged by an earthquake with lines & tooling damaged beyond repair and the company has decided not to rebuild / repair the factory which has caused a huge issue specifically for the NLP115 as they where the only supplier, Toyota have engaged an alternative manufacturer that has agreed to start manufacturing however they have to source new tooling, build a production line, run a sample run then submit it to Toyota for quality checks etc the latest eta is initial quality samples are expected late Q3 2022 and then subject to quality acceptance production to commence mid/late Q4 with shipping Late Q4 early Q1 2023.
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