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  1. The latest SCV part number for RAV4 is 04226-26030 which is unique to Rav4 the 04226-0L / 0R numers you list are older part numbers or for Auris/Avensis/Verso not for Rav Installation of this valve should also include an Engine ECU software update which along with the modified valve doubles the cold start fuel pressure to prevent cold start issues.
  2. If i remember correctly it was possible to set the screen into NTSC video mode which would just give a black screen to correct the screen needed to be set to PAL. I honestly can't remember how to get it switched but it was a case of scrolling through menu options until you find the video format options and switching them to PAL
  3. After inputting the first part the screen will grey/fade the letters and numbers with the exception of the "space" button you need to select this then then letter/numbers will light up so you can add the second part e.g PL75JY Will not work, it needs a space PL7 5JY Will work
  4. Bit of an attitude!, haven't you? Apologies I missed your post however please try and refrain from commenting if you cannot be polite
  5. Devon Aygo

    front wipers

    Toyota offer Optifit uniblades for Auris: 85212-YZZTJ RH £12.61 inc Vat 85222-YZZTA LH £6.62 Inc Vat These are the correct OE Style Uniblade and available from your dealer or Toyota's ebay store
  6. Toyota have updated their parts catalogue which now has paint codes for most ( not all ) alloy wheels, an example:
  7. Some fleet companies do have local purchasing options from dealers most don't and purchase direct from Toyota
  8. There are Recalls for Gen4 Prius just not the campaign ( Power management ECU software ) this thread is about
  9. For UK C-HR BSM & RCTA are standard spec for Excel, Dynamic & Orange Edition
  10. In settings turn off "auto screen change" then the display will stay on Audio
  11. Unless Czech Replic get a different spec system from the rest of the EU there are currently no plans for AA/CP upgrade on EU Camry only Rav4 & Corolla
  12. The fact you weren't informed is wholly on your dealer they would have known from the moment they ordered the car whether it was coming with AA/CP or not and there is no excuse from your dealer for not informing you correctly
  13. Its quite possible your fleet company exceeded their supply cap, all dealers / fleet companies have supply limits on them on a quarterly basis to ensure no one large dealer or Fleet company can monopolise the supply however whilst Toyota can penalise dealers for over promising they cannot stop the fleet companies selling way more than they are allocated and letting purchasers wait it out.
  14. No subscription required, although you can register your Multimedia ( for updates ) via MyT desktop or APP, easier on APP . Camera database is included with Map updates, Latest being 2020V1