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  1. Devon Aygo

    are there no manuals left?

    Conventional manuals and autos will be back, due to a higher then predicted Hybrid demand & low conventional demand Toyota UK stopped orders for conventional engines in the final quarter of this year leaving only stocked cars to purchase allowing them to prioritise production of the higher selling Hybrids and catch up on a backlog of orders. As it stands: MY2018 Hybrids have nearly sold out MY2019 Specifications were issued last month, Production is underway orders which cannot be fulfilled with current stock will be switched to equivalent MY2019 and deliveries commence soon all MY2018 Manuals have sold MY2019 Specifications were issued last week, Production will commence soon order books will open soon and deliveries will commence next year. 2019 Changes I can remember are : Conventional engine Excel is dropped due to low uptake, Excel will continue as a Hybrid only option. New Yaris GR model as Hybrid only Y20 model to replace Design, with both conventional and Hybrid engine choices, has new Grey bitone roof, ( Special edition Flame gold limited to 100 units first come first serve ) Icon tech models switch front for rear parking sensors ( based on customer feedback ) Otherwise nothing else changes.
  2. Devon Aygo

    What is missing in the picture?

    The hole is for a front blind spot/junction camera
  3. Devon Aygo

    ATF Change Help Please........

    Car takes 5.5 litres for a dry fill so even on a drain and refill where you won't fully empty the tranmission you will need more than 2 litres
  4. Devon Aygo

    Need help d4d 06 idler pulley

    If it's just the bolt see:
  5. Devon Aygo

    ATF Change Help Please........

    Mobil site here states the oil meets Toyotas T-IV spec so should be fine, just watch the per litre price as some sites are massively expensive compared to Toyota's per litre price.
  6. Devon Aygo

    Need help d4d 06 idler pulley

    Which engine? as the 2006 2.0D4d is a crossover year from the early 1CD 2.0 Timing belt engine to the later 2.0 D4d 1AD Timing chain engine and can you post a picture of the part?
  7. Devon Aygo

    ATF Change Help Please........

    Part number 08886-82025 5lt T-IV ATF can be purchased from any Toyota dealer ( may not be instock as it is an older standard ) please make sure you use the T-IV spec as anything else will likely damage the transmission Yes there is a filter ( strainer ) however it is internal, situated on the oil pickup in the transmission sump, part number 35330-52010, if changing this you will also need: Sump gasket -35168-52010 Drain plug washer - 35178-50010
  8. Devon Aygo

    Diesel Injectors 2.0 D4D

    The part number 23670-27020 doesn't seem to appear on Toyota's parts catalogue, can you post your chassis number then I can check the part number.
  9. Devon Aygo

    Changes ahead

    The trio is coming to an end:
  10. Devon Aygo

    Engine motor Oil

    It can cause no harm at all, infact for simplicity my dealership switched to using 5w30pfe in one of our bulk tanks as it meets all requirements of Toyotas diesel engines & exceeds the requirements of cars that could use 5w30 fe
  11. Devon Aygo

    Rav4 Hot start problem

    You have two symptoms here: 10 seconds cold cranking, this is way too long & Non start when hot, Possible causes taken from Toyota's diagnostic flow chart for hot/cold starting issues: 1. Starter signal circuit / Starter / Battery ( see below ) 2. Injectors ( see below ) 3. Fuel filter ( not usually issue so long as it changed every 40k/4yr unless there is fuel sludging ) 4. Compression ( never seen a worn out one ) 5. Engine ECU ( unlikely ) 6. Supply pump / SCV ( pump is unlikely, SCV's possible but usually give hesitation when running and fault codes ) 7. Fuel pressure sensor/ Coolant temp sensor ( unlikely ) 8. Intake Shutter ( unlikely ) 9. Glow Plugs (discount for hot start issues, usually give fault codes ) From the above I have seen: Starter motor issues are not unheard of on the 2.0 1CD engines basically over time debris builds up inside the starter casing this eventually starts to build up around the starter spindle slowing the spindle speed enough to cause slower than normal cranking speeds which is worse when hot as the spindle expands and sticks even more as the engine gets hotter. Sometimes removing and cleaning/lubricating the starter works however if it has been going on for a while the spindle is usually too damaged and a new starter is required. I have also seen hot starting issues being caused by leaking injectors, this is not usually an issue when cold as the cold start requires a rich fuel mix however when trying to restart the mixture is too rich and the car will not restart until cools down again. Normal diagnostics don't normally spot injector leaks when the engine is off the only reliable way to check is gto remove the injectors and give them to a diesel injection specialist who can pressure up the inactive injectors and see if they hold pressure or if they drip fuel, if they drip then its a new injector.
  12. Devon Aygo

    4age 16v carb engine diagram

    Do you know what model the "carburettor 4age" came from as all the models I am looking at list the 4age as EFI
  13. Devon Aygo

    Engine motor Oil

    The Toyota 5w30 FE oil is not suitable for a Diesel with DPF fitted as it does not have the required "C2" specification, your 2012 D4d has a DPF and requires the low saturated ash C2 specification which is part of the Toyota PFE 5w30 Grade
  14. Afraid not Toyota repair guide states "use suitable stud extraction tool". Lots of videos on Youtube
  15. The stud is available separately, part number 92132-80865 £1.71 + vat at your local Toyota dealer