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  1. Glow plugs on AD engines are fairly rare and are a minitored circuit so a faulty glow plug usually sets a warning light, far more common on AD engines and are nearly always highlighted by cold weather is the SCV this will stick when cold stopping fuel supply and resulting in extended cranking of the engine before it will start. There is even a TSB from Toyota concerning it: EG-0132T-1110-EN Subject: 1AD- FTV and 2AD-FTV Engine - Hard to start in cold condition Models: AURIS, COROLLA, COROLLA VERSO, RAV4, AVENSIS Model codes: ADE150, AUR10, ALA30, ADT250, ADT251 DESCRIP
  2. Your software version ( ZA ) would suggest you are driving a South African Corolla is this correct? What have Toyota South Africa said about apple car play in your car as searching your software version has post on other forums HERE asking about how to get a software update and suggesting Toyota South Africa saying it is not possible.
  3. Map version 6.160H is for earlier Touch 2 system not the latest system in Corolla you need version 2020 V2 as per picture
  4. As the HHC includes a warranty on the Hybrid battery, Toyota have built in protections to ensure: Any stored DTC codes are corrected before applying a policy 12v battery has not been disconnected within 500 miles ( would clear DTC's ) Fault codes have not been deleted within 500 miles This is all to prevent unscrupulous persons trying to deceive Toyota into warranting a faulty hybrid battery
  5. No current Toyota/Lexus supports Wireless Android auto nor Carplay, nor will they, on release of the software allowing early Corolla/Rav4 to get AA/CP they issued a Q & A to dealers in this they stated current MM17 / MM19 head units cannot support wireless AA/CP nor will they be able to receive software updates to do so as the hardware is not capable. A new multimedia setup is in development ( MM21 ) which will support wireless AA/CP and this will be rolled out in to new/facelifted models in time.
  6. In the UK they are all permanent 4wd with lo/hi range transfer boxes, none of them offer 2wd
  7. Hilux are Rwd but Land cruiser in UK are 4wd
  8. Depends on what market you are in and ho far you want to back, however in the UK: 90,95 Series Colorado 96-2003 ( Prado elsewhere ) are all 4wd with manually selectable low range 120,125 Series 2003-2009 ( Prado elsewhere ) Just Landcruiser in UK are all 4wd with manually selectable low range 150 series 2009>today ( Prado elsewhere ) just Landcruiser in UK are all 4wd with Electronically selectable low range 80 Series 1990-1998 Land cruiser in UK are all 4wd with manually selectable low range 100 Series 1998 Land cruiser amazon in UK are all
  9. Then by the picture it should be 88706A this comes from the evaporator join at the bulkhead down the passenger side of the engine bay to the condenser. Part number for your chassis: 88716-05550 Pipe 90099-12141 x3 O ring
  10. It take it is PNC 88706A in pic attached? PM your chassis number and can confirm the correct part number
  11. The answer is no, if your wife has the key and is outside the car than the start button would not operate. There are key proximity sensors in both front doors, tailgate and centre console which triangulate the keys position and it must be within the cabin for the start switch to work
  12. As above the part you show is in the front of the arch and is not a Mudguard, Mudguards as you include in your post are as above fitted to the rear of the arch. The piece you show is a factory part & actually an air guide which is intended to divert the airflow ahead of the wheel and are supposed to reduce noise.
  13. The UFO noise is the sound generator in action
  14. Yes you will need to visit your dealer for an update the fix was introduced into production from 10th Dec 2020 yours was built 2nd Nov 2020
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