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  1. Yaris Cross Pricing will be available in Q1 2024 with production commencing in April 24 and deliveries from May 24
  2. UK Specs where finalised to dealers today On sale and order books open December, Website updated & Production starts January, Dealer demos February & Customer deliveries from March. 4 Trims levels as per current line up of Icon, Design, GR Sport & Excel plus for a limited launch period Premier Edition. Icon gains: Halogen front fog lights Rear power windows OTA software updates 9" Touch 3 multimedia with Android auto & Apple car play Auto wipers Leather gear shift knob Steering wheel Design gains: Optional Safety pack OTA software updates 9" Touch 3 multimedia with Android auto & Apple car play 7" Customisable digital combi meter New design 16" machine faced alloy wheel GR Sport gains: 130 BHP Engine 12.3 Customisable digital combi meter 10.5 HD Toyota Touch 3 with wireless Apple car play & Android auto GR Sport Suede seat fabric Optional Bi Tone paint Optional Safety pack Excel gains: Black partial Leather seat, dark interior replacing light Grey interior Wireless Phone charger 12.3 Customisable digital combi meter 10.5 HD Toyota Touch 3 with wireless Apple car play & Android auto Safety pack Optional Panoramic roof Premier edition: 130bhp Engine Heads up display Digital smart key Safety pack JBL Audio 12.3 Customisable digital combi meter 10.5 HD Toyota Touch 3 with wireless Apple car play & Android auto Standard in Bi tone Neptune blue ( exclusive to Premier ED ) Optional Pearl white bi tone or Silver Metallic bi tone Safety pack adds: Blind spot monitor Safe exit warning Front & Rear parking sensors Icon, Design & Excel available with 115BHP engine only GR Sport & Premier with 130BHP engine only Icon from £22630 Design from £23535 Excel from £26700 GR Sport from £28805 Premier Edition from £28925
  3. Ok have you registered with MyT, Linked your head unit to MyT via the QR code, as online services are a subscription ( free for a period, 4 years IIRC ) and need you to subscribe by accepting the T&C's
  4. Currently it is approximately 2 months with the exception of 1.8 Touring Sport at 4 months & 2.0 Touring sport at 6 months
  5. Just a thought have you had a recall completed on your e-call SOS system? After start up on and a few blinking LED on the SOS switch does it settle to a fixed green light & does your Navigation screen show a 4G symbol with a signal strength?
  6. Yours is some way behind, the latest being 1.23.125 Revision Content New Software release as per Running Change 6.1 (November 2023). This Over-The-Air Software Update will be released progressively as of November 20th 2023 to target countries. It is expected that OTA6.1 will be available for all units in operation by the end of November 2023. Unlike previous OTAs, this procedure consist of two steps process (Step 1 + Step 2) with an ACC-cycle in between. This new procedure is a consequence of the license expiration issue (Multimedia unable to update due to license validation failure) . The Step 1 will download a new certification license (Package size 0MB) and after a vehicle restart, the Step 2 will download and install the full software update package (Package size 41,5MB) with the final countermeasure for this issue. Future software updates after OTA6.1 will come back to the 1-Step standard process (OTA + USB back-up). Summary: STEP 1 (New License download) - Update available 1.23.135 1-2, 0MB ACC-cycle STEP 2 (Head-Unit Software update) - Update available 1.23.135 2-2, 41,5MB Description of the phenomenon The phenomena that could be experienced by the customer and that have been solved in subsequent Software releases (Later version includes previous versions' improvements) are listed below. Software release 1.23.135 is the latest version (Software build version is EUCPL_RF23395A) List of phenomena addressed by 1.23.135: TAS600 Software release version 1.23.135: General items: System cannot update to newer versions due to impossibility to validate the License certificate. TAS600 Software release version 1.23.130: General items: No automatic reconnection after ACC cycle or HU restart "No service" does not show when no service is available Android CarPlay not reconnecting or partially reconnecting Same phone connected for Android Auto and Bluetooth Media showing "Loading content..." indefinitely when Spotify is not connected/no music selected Phone does not connect for Android Auto if Android CarPlay was previously connected TransportFlash, Warning/Service and AreaWeatherFlash announcements displayed as NewsFlash Italian translation wrong in Radio settings for DAB Android Auto Waze Guidance shows only distances of next manoeuvre at startup Improper station list behavior when station in multiple ensembles No error message is shown when WLAA is unable to be established WhatsApp call crashes native media app Connected Services and Cloud Navigation items: Turn ON/OFF Push Content Use Cases in Settings Consent collection in T&C screen for Push content In-car Offer Promoted Recommendations Promoted Search Branded PINs Voice guidance support Arrival banner allowed Proximity with having Fuel station as a POI Switching off all Road Event doesn't make Speed Cams/Zone vanish Road events visibility setting is not always synced between Cloud Navigation and Htmlapp Voice guidance for roundabouts in Slovak is incorrect Connectivity module (DCM600 - New software 1.0.0B12) items Deactivation of the BC1.2 sensing (USB battery charging) - For no cloud navigation after fast IG-cycle Disable automatic check for OTA update & only check when "ForceFOTA" flag is received. Note Connectivity module (DCM600) items will be separately updated after the software version 1.23.030 or newer is successfully completed. This update mechanism can take between 3 and 21 days, but this process is carried out in the background without any action required by the user. To confirm DCM600 software version (New 1.0.0B12 / Previous: 1.0.0B10), follow the route: >>Settings/System/Software Information/DCM Software Version TAS600 Software release version 1.23.010: General items: Software bug fix for HMI displayed only in English after performing OTA5 Audio-press control to prevent unit crash TAS600 Software release version 1.22.133: General items: Last source not persisting when Android Auto is connected "Forget Wi-Fi" does not work First selected album list is displayed in other albums Wi-Fi remains in scanning state after entering wrong password and pressing scan Meter displays blank Navigation Tab screen after ACC ON System going to home screen and CarPlay not opening Bluetooth cover art stuck on the HMI Notification for max number of favourites contacts reached is not displayed Wi-Fi connection issue after entering wrong password Outline for "Forget Wi-Fi" button is truncated Picture viewer/ Video player remain in Loading state when FM is playing CarPlay debris on the Head Unit after CarPlay disconnection Pressing "SEEK-UP" while system is performing "SEEK-DOWN" does not stop at current frequency No messages were found on your connected device is displayed on messages screen Profile page does not open on selecting Profile on profile banner notification Connected Services and Cloud Navigation items: Fixed German translation for Food Arrival banner launch service for TFA No result found message was displayed again instead of moving the map to the center Speed zones not scaling well Fixed re-center button sizing Fixed passing touch event to keyboard when language panel is active Hide layout name on space key to align with system keyboard Fixed French voice issue on application side when male and female voices were used Fixed instructions overlap with road shield in guidance card Icons for Home and Work favourites are not displayed correctly TAS600 Software release version 1.22.072: General items: Introduction of Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Latvian, Lithuanian & Estonian language System unmuted without sound after "Connect your account" pop-up No audio on rear speakers after ACC cycle OTA update freezing when updating to 1.22.011 DAB station logo disappears momentarily while saving as favourite USB folder name with special characters is displayed blank while browsing the song list Song titles are over-lapsed when shuffling through artist albums list Connectivity items: Display of detailed navigation instruction on meter and heads-up-display (if supported by vehicle) Indicate payment enabled POI's on search result cards Improved handling of bilingual street names Display highway shields on guidance banner Road event alerts for level railway crossing Ordinal numbers' gender not consistent in Spanish Improvement of positioning accuracy Long speed-zones vanishing before the end of the speed zone Speed limit not correctly updated CN audio prompts breaking Route flickering in black during active route guidance Favourites not stored after ignition cycle Navigation crashes Overlap between arrival time and the destination km Cluster does not show street name for arrow guide Downloaded trip isn't added to the Recent destinations Missing speed cameras & speed zones Connected Services and Cloud Navigation items: Wi-Fi remains in connecting state infinitely Contact pictures are switching when swapping calls via steering wheel controls Contact pictures are not displayed in messages list Bluetooth in Off state after factory reset
  7. Yaris Cross Pricing will be available in Q1 2024 with production commencing in April 24 and deliveries from May 24. UK specific press release https://media.toyota.co.uk/more-technology-power-and-style-for-the-2024-toyota-yaris-cross/
  8. Initial information has been released by Toyota Europe for MY24 Yaris Cross. UK specific details should follow soon: https://newsroom.toyota.eu/new-yaris-cross/
  9. Whilst this whole situation is really unfortunate Toyota are not to blame here and have had to put significant effort and financial commitment into getting this fixed. The back order is due to a missing component required to assemble the Actuator Initially Toyota investigated if an alternative e.g later Actuator could be made to work, quite quickly this was found to be impossible as the later units could not be made backward compatible so sourcing a new part is the only option Toyota do not make the Actuator assembly it is made/assembled by a first tier supplier they assemble the unit from components supplied by a second tier supplier and they in turn assemble their components from parts supplied at a third tier supplier it is here where the issue lies as a result of the Covid lock down a third tier supplier went under and as a result a factory which made a component was seized, stripped for assets and sold off anything of no value was scrapped this included the tooling needed for the missing Actuator component. Since the issue was first discovered Toyota have been working with the First and Second tier suppliers supported the search for a new third tier supplier, agreed to fund the manufacture of new tooling and committed to a minimum initial order of 500 units despite the demand for this part over the last ten years being less than 30 units without this the suppliers were unwilling to manufacture the parts. So the third tier supplier has been established, a pre production run has been made, the component has been quality controlled by the third, second & first tier suppliers, Toyota's own QC department and an independent third part QC company, the component passed, a production run made and shipped to the second tier supplier who has assembled their component and this has been shipped to the first tier who are now producing the final Actuator assembly, initial deliveries are expected at the EU distribution centre approximately week 50 2023 and from here about 2-3 days to UK dealers. All of this took time.
  10. Either a late MM17 or MM19 System the difference being MM17 has no Android auto / Apple car play MM19 does, both use the same map set
  11. Latest version for Touch & Go is 2.24.1 noted as Q4 2022 data this would appear to be the last update. T&G_T2&G_MapUpdateNotes_Spring_2023_V1 2.pdf
  12. Not 6 months, the limit for warranty claims where no manufacturing defect or defective part can be found e.g faults such as rattles that require, refitting, packing, lubricating, adjusting etc is 18 Months/20000 miles
  13. There where, Toyota introduced the 2.4 D4VVTI in January 2004 to cover the loss of Camry from the model range it was only available in upper trim levels and withdrawn in July 2005 with introduction of the 2.2 D4d
  14. A 22 Plate should have the earlier MM21 Toyota Smart Connect system, to link this to your MyT account you scan a QR code displayed on the head unit via the MyToyota App see HERE
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