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  1. Devon Aygo

    Mobile charging

    Unfortunately an IPhone SE does not support wireless charging, Only IPhone 8 and upwards support wireless charging
  2. Devon Aygo

    How difficult can it be

    Part number 13501-29025 £308.38 +vat from Toyota
  3. Devon Aygo

    2009 rear brake caliper carrier bolts

    Part number 90105-12314 £2.00 form your local dealer
  4. Devon Aygo

    Part Number and Name Please

    Toyota call it an "Arm sub assy, rear suspension RH" part numbers are: 48711-42904 with ABS 48711-42905 without ABS they aren't cheap £697 + vat you will also need a rear wheel bearing as the hub is pressed in through the wishbone and looking at the condition in the pictures I suspect you will need a whole lot more nuts, bolts, brake pipes etc
  5. Devon Aygo

    Urban Cruiser?

    Its on the bulk head underneath the heater box
  6. Devon Aygo

    Strange alarm sound on 2018 Aygo

    I suspect your Aygo has X-nav installed the warning tone is because you are nearing a Fixed camera, you can adjust the volume down in the settings
  7. Still available new:
  8. Both Prius & Prius + would suit this perfectly
  9. Devon Aygo

    new head bolts

    EML light on but no codes usually indicated the OBD fuse has blown or the code reading device is not fully capable of pulling all the codes
  10. Devon Aygo

    Yaris 2005 T Sport Wiring Diagram

    Access to technical can be found at it costs a couple of quid for a few hours access but all the content can be saved as downloadable .pdf's
  11. Devon Aygo

    Hybrid system seems offline

    Great if you have a 2014> Auris but the question you replied too comes from someone with a 2012 Auris which is totally different to a 2016 model and has no filter on the hybrid battery air intake, as mentioned previously in the post there is a add on filter available from Toyota
  12. Devon Aygo

    Yaris window

    Parts are available from Toyota, its not the sort of part a scrappie would normally be interested in stripping
  13. Devon Aygo

    Red door bumpers and boot trim

    Red side door sills - PZ415-90492-DF £216.07 fitted incl vat Red front and rear bumper stickers - PZ438-90032-RD £159.71 fitted incl vat Gloss black alloy wheel - PZ457-0H003-ZB £645.36 fitted incl vat Black wheel centre caps - PZ406-98670-ZB £39.74 incl vat Red roof sticker set - PW18A-0H101-DC £315.53 fitted incl vat You can try googling the part numbers but your local Toyota dealer will definitely be able to help ( mind if you try online sources there are multiple colour options, make sure the last two digits match the numbers above)
  14. Devon Aygo

    Labour costs to change cam belt

    Toyota offer this on their fixed price repair list @ £285 incl vat at your local Toyota dealer
  15. Devon Aygo

    2012 toyota avensis parking brake actuator

    Where there any fault codes stored ?