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  1. Yes you can, as per manual attached page 66, select E - 3 spots page 68, select F - Route page 95, select A page 90, select A B or C OM12P64E.pdf
  2. There are two parking sensor setups, factory & accessory: Factory sensors are flush un the bumpers and display on the media display, settings for these can be adjusted via the media screen by pressing setup > vehicle here the volume & range can be altered Accessory are not flush and only give an audible warning these cannot be adjusted except by relocating the sounder closer to the driver.
  3. Toyota have teamed with Centrica for their EV wall plug offers https://www.localheroes.com/evchargers/uk/toyota
  4. Its a Clutch accumulator, part number 31490-28110
  5. Devon Aygo

    Wiper woes

    Toyota wiper part number 85212-YZZAY £12.18 from your local Toyota parts department
  6. Its a banjo bolt ( 1 of four ) connected to an injector leak off port and it passes excess fuel from an injector into the leak off pipe as you can see in the picture there is a banjo gasket which may of failed, try just tightening the bolt slightly
  7. The dash harness on Dynamic & Excel models are pre wired for the 5 dash LED and the LED ( 2x each footwell 1x centre cubby part LED # 81080-33280 ) and the LED are just plug n play, the harness also runs up to the dash harness to door connection where only the Launch Edition is wired for Door handle LED inside the door.
  8. How far away from the dealer did MyT report the car? I ask because my dealer had been accused of this and when we looked we noticed our dealer car park is unmapped so depending on where onsite a car was parked MyT actually located the car off site on the nearest mapped street
  9. Not always it is possible to have keyless ignition but not keyless entry depending on model & Spec
  10. In May 2021 there was a MY21.5 announced and for builds from May 21 and sales from June 21 Icon tech, Design & GR sport models gained Keyless entry along with a £230 price increase, depending on stock it is possible that deliveries fron June 21 still included earlier MY 21 cars.
  11. A 2004 Yaris would be a later Mk1, Mk2 Was 2005 on which do you have? Does your chassis # start VN or JT?
  12. DTC P0400 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow DESCRIPTION The EGR system recirculates exhaust gases, in order to suit every driving condition. The recirculated gas mingles with the intake air, therefore the EGR system can slow combustion speed and keep the combustion temperature down. This helps reduce NOx emission. In order to increase EGR circulation efficiency, the ECM adjusts the lift amount of the EGR valve and intake shutter valve angle (throttle valve). MONITOR DESCRIPTION If the EGR valve is forcibly operated but the intake air amount does not vary, the ECM determines that the EGR valve is malfunctioning. The ECM then illuminates the MIL. When the target and actual positions of the EGR valve are different, the ECM interprets this as a malfunction of the EGR valve and illuminates the MIL. It may just be coincidence that the EGR issues have started since the new Turbo also consider the EGR circuit is much more than just one valve, the intake manifold & ports into the engine also need cleaning as well as follow the EGR circuit back ensuring no blockage/restriction, beware the EGR cooler is a massive 7-10 hour job in a workshop let alone on the kerb side.
  13. I don't have a fix for the short display time of the route options however you can get back to them once on the map screen by selecting the 3 dots on the LH side then follow guide as per page 92 of attached: OM42D43E.pdf
  14. It is definitely connected, where the feed into the line up to the speaker is I have no idea , the midrange speaker is required as the tweeter on its own is not sufficient to broadcast an audible voice. Note as per the pictures cars without DCM ( SOS ) only get tweeters in the upper dash corners, cars with DCM ( SOS ) get a tweeter in one corner and tweeter with midrange in the opposite ( switched for LHD/RHD ) and cars with JBL get midranges in the upper dash with tweeters in the A-pillars along with a centre speaker ( 86160L ) which handles the SOS
  15. The DCM which handles the SOS function connects to the dual speaker and uses both the tweeter and midrange to supply the voice for the SOS
  16. WGG20 is up and running WGG58 Is coming but has not been launched yet, we are awaiting instructions & software so this one can't be done just yet.
  17. Could be RSA overspeed warning, the RSA is showing a 50mph limit fully red as the car is doing nearer 60mph
  18. Its honestly massively complicated but in short the EU ( which we still agree to comply with ) have average emission targets which all the manufacturers have to comply with, in 2021 a manufacturers entire range should have a average co2 output of 95g/km the fines are 95 euro per gram per car sold over the average and could total hundreds of millions in fines so manufacturers are pairing their ranges and adding electric models, Toyota is ahead of all the mainstream brands and one of the few likely to avoid fines, see HERE Creating a high end model with everything on it would be contrary to the above hence why they pick a lower range model which with a % variance allowed give a lower average co2 for the whole model Cost is also a huge factor homologating additional models costs millions, now for a relatively small market such as the UK if Toyota can cover the majority of sales with just one RHD model homologated they will as the potential extra sales of an additional higher spec model are highly unlikely to recover the additional cost of homologating an extra model type whereas the EU has a comparatively huge market which can justify the additional costs, sales potential on the continent means they can have 5 models homologated to our 1 1 x 1.0 Conventional Manual 1 x 1.5 Conventional Manual 1x 1.5 Conventional CVT 2x 1.5 Hybrid allowing a greater model range Now the additional conventional an hybrid models available on the continent negatively affect the fleetwide average CO2 but the additional sales volume offsets the cost implication whereas if we had all the extra models in the UK we would have the same negative CO2 affect in addition to the EU models but without the offsetting sales volume.
  19. Check your original EGR valve once cleaned by shining a torch through from one side of valve to the other if you can see light the valve is faulty as it should seal when closed. Aftermarket EGR suppliers seem to list all the AD engines as sharing the same valve, this is true for everything except Rav4 & IS220d which have unique valves and fitting the wrong one will just give fault codes. Also consider the EGR circuit is much more than just one valve, the intake manifold & ports into the engine also need cleaning as well as follow the EGR circuit back ensuring no blockage/restriction, beware the EGR cooler is a massive 7-10 hour job in a workshop let alone on the kerb side. Also even when new and in tip top condition the car only really started to pull from around 1800 rpm yet cruises in top lower than this so for any progress in 6th the car needs a shift down.
  20. Devon Aygo


    Carefull! M20A-FXS 2.0 has both direct injection ( albeit it has both direct and indirect injection ) and a GPF M15A-FXE Has a GPF
  21. Part number PW1278-02010 £53.71 Also available in stainless steel PW178-02007 £114.02 From Toyota or google it for eBay listings
  22. 1. No the New Connected navigation is a Toyota equivalent to Google maps etc and is cloud based 2&3 If you spec the option pack and get the "downgraded" head unit with WIFI it includes factory navigation module just like Corolla , C-HR (which Yaris does not get) the WIFI is to connect the navigation module for map downloads it does not include wireless AA/ACP again like current setup.
  23. I've mentioned it before, we are an awkward market demanding/legislating the same high safety, fuel and green credentials as the rest of Europe but all packaged into a RHD car adding developments costs into what is by overall EU sales a small market. All models require homologation which with the new WLTP regulations adds massive cost which in turn means Toyota have to guarantee sufficient sales to recover such huge outlays something the GB market struggles with. At present there is only one homologated Yaris and one Yaris GR the homologation allows a % variation either side of the tested model so Toyota GB will homologate one mid spec model such as a Design then they can spec other trims that fit within the allowed variation and leaving a small margin for accessories* added by you at purchase, it becomes a massive juggling act working out what can be added to each car to suit the market buying, the allowed weight variation & cost, factor in the way options are allow from the factory where some options can be added individually but others only in packs it is a massive headache and it will not always be possible to please everyone. The GR Yaris as an example cannot be ordered with both circuit pack & convenience pack as in combination they would put the car outside of the allowed homologation, to do so would require homologation of another model type at huge expense which on a model that is already a loss leader is just not financially viable and to be fair to Toyota they didn't get it all that wrong order books are full ( & closed ) through to 2023 the lack of both circuit & convenience pack combined has not hampered he sales at all. Conventional Yaris is a similar story it has been the biggest seller in market across the EU as a whole the factory is flat out with no unsold capacity and there a very little unsold Yaris in stock in the UK (* WLTP regulations require any permanent accessory that either weighs more than 1kg or affects aerodynamics fitted by Toyota or its dealers are noted and included into the certificate of conformity issued by Toyota at point of sale, this is done after the car has been built and any POE ( port of entry ) accessories are installed and once certified if we as a dealer add more accessories that meet the WLTP requirements we would have to reapply for certification ensuring we stay within the allowed weight limits otherwise the certification will be rejected and registration cancelled or denied, As owners you are now also required to consider any alterations or modifications and notify them as well now, otherwise the taxman may decide you are underpaying tax on a car declared cleaner & more fuel efficient then it now is, the likelihood as owners of being caught is slim but as a brand or dealer the taxman only has to look at a sales invoice ( which they do ) to ensure we are complying with regulations ) An example of the new WLTP regs having an effect would be a Hilux 2.8 Double cab manual, as mentioned earlier there is only one GB homologation for this model which covers all the trims from Base active up to top of the line Invincible-X there is nearly a 100 kg difference in weight between the two trims but the upper weight allowance to meet WLTP regs is the same for both models therefore an active model can add approx. 130 kg of WLTP counting accessories whereas an Invincible-X can only add approx. 30kg consider a tow bar with electrics is 28kg legally you couldn't add 3kg rubber mats with homologating an all new model variant at massive expense.
  24. be cautious as the double tweeter setup is actually part car audio & part SOS ecall system
  25. Excel, Dynamic & Premier edition come with an all new MM21 9" Toyota smart connect headunit with wireless Android Auto/Apple Car Play & Connected Toyota navigation, Icon & design carry over the same MM19 8" headunit installed in current Toyota models which only supports wired AA/ACP. Design models can option a Tech pack which upgrades to the new MM21 setup Excel can option a City pack which adds 360 degree panoramic camera, advanced park assist, wifi & voice recognition this does however downgrade the MM21 headunit to the earlier MM19 setup Dynamic & Premier can option a City & advanced safety pack which adds the 360 degree camera, advanced park assist, wifi & voice recognition, Front & rear parking sensors with intelligent clearance sonar & auto braking, rear cross traffic alert & blind spot monitor this does however downgrade the MM21 headunit to the earlier MM19 setup
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