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  1. Unfortunately the potentiometer behind the knob has failed, unless you are an electrical wizard and can source and replace the switch you will need a new/replacement control panel
  2. Would need your chassis number to confirm part numbers however Toyota offer Denso reconditioned injectors from £204 each + vat.
  3. Delete your profile from the head unit then re-scan the QR code via your MyT account to re-link, the email should match the one used in your MyT Account.
  4. Disconnecting a 12v battery or Deleting DTC are checked by the HHC and if noted the HHC will abandon and require the mileage to increase by at least 500 miles this is to ensure some unscrupulous person hasn't cleared a fault then attempted to get HHC cover and then make a warranty claim for what was a pre-existing fault the car needs to cover 500 iles without issue to get the HHC warranty cover.
  5. The head units do not have any form of navigation they are navigation ready and can have a module fitted to add navigation, 2014 is a change year so you either have the earlier Touch 1 setup or later Touch 2. Can you post a picture of your original head unit and of what you have purchased.
  6. PM your chassis number an I can check if the car falls within coverage
  7. P0201 = Injector Circuit / Open - (Cylinder 1)
  8. Page 148 of the attached explains how to use send to car function. OM12R01E_v1.pdf
  9. There is no "Prime" trim level in the UK, UK models are: Pure, no parking sensors Edge, can be added as part of "City pack" for £295 Exclusive & Limited Edition come as standard Sensors are a factory fit item only and there is no accessory option from Toyota.
  10. Can you PM your chassis number and what country are you in?
  11. There is no Specific TSB for error 110 however after a USB update the issue was fixed on my car, the bulletin used depends on what specification headunit is installed All UK cars are higher spec T2 version and the latest update bulletin is BE-00767T-TME Continental cars could have either T1 low spec for which the bulletin is BE-00791T-TME or T2 versions as above. The update process is supposed to be OTA and being so the USB process is complicated and longwinded requiring 3 separate USB each loaded with parts of the update and each must be inserted in the correct order the clincher is it can take up to an hour per USB for the car to recognise each USB than run the update this is due to the car communicating back to Toyota OTA about each process then awaiting a server reply acknowledging before the next process will start, dealer also have to prove the OTA is not working otherwise Toyota will not pay for the repair. annoyingly if the OTA works the update take 20-30 minutes to download and install. Feel free to refer your dealer to the TSB numbers above.
  12. What model e.g Icon , Design etc and what headunit Touch 2, two control knobs and silver buttons Touch 2 & GO, as above but with added nav module giving you nav without a Phone connected via Apple car play or Android auto Smart Connect larger screen and no control knobs. The send to car function only works with the second option it is not available on Touch 2 without nav module nor the new Smart connect
  13. PM your chassis number and I can confirm
  14. Updates to original information received: Initial information showed MY23 to be spec'd "in addition to Excel", this has now been corrected to "in addition to Design" this also means no Heads up display on MY23 GR Sport
  15. Where are you located and can you post a picture of the "software update" screen
  16. As soon as the engine is started new oil in a diesel will look dirty no matter how many flushes completed, as for oil filter it is a paper element so looking will not reveal if a new filer is fitted
  17. By terms of the policy you are not covered as the issue has to be seen & verified as a warrantied fault before the policy expired, however Toyota will review any issue on a case by case basis they will however want to know why the car was serviced again prior to the policy expiring to ensure the relax warranty cover is continued? Effectively you are now relying on goodwill from Toyota I have dealt with several cases like this and in all the cases where along with the fault the customer also booked a service or where already booked for service Toyota agreed to cover the issue however in two cases where the customer had decided to use non Toyota servicing ( not showing goodwill to Toyota ) the repair was refused. One customer decided to use the ombudsman and failed to prove their case as the ombudsman accepted that the fault had to be verified prior to the policy expiration and that by servicing with a non Toyota repair centre the customer would reasonably understand the was no further policy in place and no obligation on Toyota to offer goodwill.
  18. Bolts are reusable, torque specs are listed, anything with a black spot is to be replaced.
  19. Your car only has one rear foglamp on the RHS which is perfectly fine, quite normal and an MOT would/should know this. UK Cars must have a fog light fitted either to centre line or RHS of car ( flipped on the continent ) there is no requirement that says there have to be two See HERE
  20. What is the fault code when read?
  21. Its due every 40,000 miles or 6 years whichever occurs soonest, what is the reg of your car I can check the Toyota records.
  22. There has been no "stop use" instruction on Aygo just a Stop delivery on unregistered cars so no reason why the dealer couldn't use their Demo's, that being said, Repairs have been underway at Burnaston for a few days so cars are now leaving depot for dealers, repair instructions have now been passed to dealers this afternoon so repairs can commence early next week. If there is to be a Recall on cars already registered then it will have to go through the DVSA first who will decide if a recall is required, if not Toyota may release a CSC (Customer satisfaction campaign) either way if action is required you will receive letters soon enough.
  23. Repairs have been underway at Burnaston for a few days so cars are now leaving depot for dealers, repair instructions have now been passed to dealers this afternoon so repairs can commence early next week.
  24. Who says the battery will be depleted at 10 years , there are plenty of mk1 mk2 Prius out there still on there original batteries Most EU countries now offer a 10 year warranty and 15 years Hybrid health check cover so as long as the car is still serviced or HHC completed beyond 10 years the battery can be covered up to nearly 16 years.
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