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  1. There are no firmware updates for the display audio, the navigation unit ties firmware with maps the latest (& Final no further updates being issued) update being 2.23.0 fixes being: 1.6.61 Launch Software for Low 1.7.1H Launch Software for High 1.7.1L When turning the ignition ON, the Touch & Go navigation system would not load the map and the touch screen would be stuck showing the message “Loading map …”. At the same time, none of the navigation functions can be used. Incorrect menu language. No fingerprint possible for a map update and downloadable applications 1.7.2H/L 1.7.3H/L (1.7.3=1.7.2+MAP) Concerns with the Fuel Application downloadable from My Toyota Portal. 1.7.4H/L Phone book not downloading 1.7.5H/L (1.7.5=1.7.4+MAP) Remove the speed camera information from the French road map 1.7.7L Repeating voice guidance announcement, especially when multiple turns are upcoming in a short distance. 1.7.9 L/H Navigation system crash and black screen 2.8.5a L/H Wrong route guidance for specific destinations in England, France and Spain. Going by your version there are no fixes just maps available for your car.
  2. The display head unit and navigation are separate items, what issues are you getting?
  3. The latest Q3 Motability guide from Toyota does not list any Rav4 as being available so this could be the ordering issue, ordering is only listed for: Aygo X Pure & Edge manual or Auto only Yaris ( not Cross ) Icon, Design, Excel & GR Sport Corolla Icon, Design, GR Sport & Excel either 1.8 or 2.0 C-HR Icon, Design & GR Sport 1.8 engines only
  4. The user profile is logged out each time you switch the car off, in order for the head unit to autoload a profile you have to select a method for it to determine who the user is, page 58 of the manual attached describes how to select a method for the head unit to recognise the user on start up. OM12R01E_v1.pdf
  5. Car should have a 5 year warranty that would cover such a defect
  6. Any chance of a picture?
  7. It is the X-navigation unit the door covers the microSd map card and needs to closed to function
  8. Its a perfectly normal response on the 1.33 CVT which as Cyker mentions is applying engine braking as the car descends a hill
  9. Pay for a few hours access to www.toyota-tech.eu here you can find the correct diagnostic procedure, you will need a diagnostic computer to read values from the transmission and a multimeter, the fault is an electrical issue with either the transmission oil pressure sensor, transmission wiring harness or Engine control computer
  10. Pretty sure my part numbers are good, PM your chassis number to confirm, prices are + vat
  11. List of parts required to add a spare wheel Here
  12. Toyota showed this to UK dealers at a dealer meeting earlier this year, looks like details have leaked in Japan
  13. Its is the way Toyota choose to specify their amplification, they amplify the front more than the rear and changing speakers will do nothing to cure the quieter rears
  14. There are two pieces in the vicinity you mention 77606-0D010 covers the fuel tank 58327-0D050 between the boot floor and rear silencer
  15. According to the Toyota accessory catalogue the drop was approximately 30mm
  16. Unfortunately not, Touch 2 in a new Yaris Design will have Android auto but only wired via USB, you would have to order a new Yaris Excel with the Toyota Smart Connect head unit for wireless AA
  17. Of the top of my head connected services, cloud based navigation & updates
  18. Newer cars with the Smart Connect system come with an embedded data sim which provides a free data connection for 4 years, these do not need any phone or wifi connection form alternative sources, today however Toyotas Servers were down preventing new connections from being setup on MyT
  19. The issue could be easily corrected by stopping the system from being allowed to switch to KPH however the regulations concerning the function state the system must be able to automatically switch when driving onto the continent for example, meaning a misinterpretation or speed limit sign on continental trucks can trip the car over to KPH
  20. UK press release, https://media.toyota.co.uk/toyota-announces-the-new-2023-corolla/
  21. Null means the car has not been allocated a factory build slot yet, based on your April order I wouldn't expect any news soon as Toyota were advising dealers on7th April any Corolla orders would be allocating for September 22 build with October deliveries.
  22. There is a Software update I shan't call it a fix as the issue is a misinterpretation of "seen" signs that make the car think it should be reporting in KMH this is a mandated requirement and cannot be disabled, what has can be done is an improvement to the logic used and to how quickly it will automatically revert to MPH, as a user you can manually switch the issue back by going into meter settings switching to KMH, switch car off, switch back on and revert setting to MPH. BE-00734T-TME Subject: TSS 2.5 : Over speed audible and visual notifications revert from mph to kph while driving / every ignition cycle (UK only) Description of the phenomenon: Some customers may experience and report Over speed Audio & Visual notification revert from mph to kph while driving or sometimes at every ignition cycle. This issue is reported only in UK. Production change: The following has been changed: Software logic is improved. New software will be used on vehicle produced (Below are Production change information) Yaris were updated from 05/04/2002 production Yaris Cross were updated from 31/03/2022 production To get this installed in your car you will need to contact your dealer report and book in for the issue referring to the bulletin ref above can help
  23. BZ4X GR, That would compete too closely with the new Lexus RZ450e which is a posher 230kw/308 bhp version of the BZ4x With a Yoke and no physical steering shaft Toyota can vary the steering ratio and ensure that you never have to go hand over hand allowing you to go lock to lock without removing your hands from the yoke
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