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  1. Hi Guy's i have an 06 1.3 Yaris T Spirit, which has started creaking when going over speed humps or slowly over uneven surfaces, any of you guys out there got any suggestions ? It does sound as if it is coming from the front of the car. Thanks in advance for any advice Techy
  2. You know, what has been missed here is, and i don't know about anyone else here, but who has ever had 5 recalls on a car in 4 years ?.. On my Yaris to date... Headrest Front seat side airbags Foam parts in side pillars Steering bolts And now accelerator pedal. Am i being unreasonable, in expecting better than this ?... I am sorry, but i have owned many Toyota's, and from what i see in my own experience and from this and other forums and reviews is a drop in standards. I have better things to do, than keep going back to my Toyota dealer, which frankly, is not a very nice exercise ! So Toyota, you can link me where you want, but i am not covinced, and you and your dealer network, have failed to fix problems on my car in over 4 years of ownership, and i have simply given up and accepted the situation.
  3. Just ruddy marvellous.. That will be the 4th recall my 06 Yaris has had since delivery..!!! That's in addtion to all the other problems i have had, some caused after the previous recalls were carried out !.. I will be claiming for my Fuel costs here I must remember, as i have been told by customer services often when i raise an issue, that it's me and there is nothing wrong the car, and they are all like it.. What on earth is going on at Toyota ?.., they used to be a byword for quality, i have had 7 Toyota's and the last two, one made in UK one in France have been riddled with problems and in the case of the Yaris some never resolved ! I am totally fed-up with my time being wasted in this way
  4. techy

    Gearbox Crunch

    Well Folks, i give up on this !.. I have contacted Toyota customer care to be told, that there is no mod that applies to my car, and it only for the latest shape Yaris. But my Yaris is the latest shape, a 2006 1.3 T Spirit 1.3 petrol !... I really get very fed-up being told there is nothing wrong with my car, when i all along there is a problem. On many issues i have had to be so persistant, and i still have problems i have had with the car from new that have never been fixed. Absolutely hopeless !.. Techy
  5. techy

    Gearbox Crunch

    Hi Everyone, This mod is very interesting, but as my car is 2006 and out of warranty, do you happen to know if Toyota will do this FOC, or do i now have to pay.. As i have put up with the damm car for over 3 years now, you would hope they would sort this ? Regards Techy
  6. Well, Well !.. My 06 yaris is in the dealer yet again today, and i get a horrible rattling noise when the aircon is on, i have already had an aircon pump fail due to the bearings failing, and the noises were the same last time !.. Now when i had my car new i had about 6 attempts to get my sqeeking fan belt fixed, and was told by the dealer on the last fix, that the belts had been modified. My water pump has also failed. I have never, ever had so many problems with a car ! It's very intresting to know that other owners are suffering as well, and you have my understanding and sympathy. Techy
  7. techy

    Gearbox Crunch

    Hi Guys, I have a March 2006 1.3, and it been stripped down several times, and i think had two new clutches, and the oil changed.. I am sorry to tell you the gearchange won't get any better than that, i had been more or less told by Toyota, go away , as it is a normal feature of the car, i gave up through fatgue, and being worn down over 3 years by the dealers and Toyota, and other numerous faults, many of which are still not fixed !.. I don't care what anyone says, the French Yaris, is nowhere as good as the ones made in Japan, i have had 3 and the first two, both made in Japan were faultless. Due to Toyota's indifferent take it or leave it attitude, this will be the last Toyota i ever own !! Best of luck to you !..
  8. Steve, If my memory is good to go, You unscrew the gearknob, then remove the small section in front of the handbrake, i did this just by putting my finger underneath the slot that the handbrake comes out of, and just lifted and pulled here I would not use a screwdriver as you are liable to scratch something, and then at the rear of the consol there is a small felt base, which if you lift you will find a screw under. I removed the centre consol, and took the car for a run to be sure, then did the fix, if you look under the consol at the front underneath, you can just see where it is rubbing. It never fails to amaze me why some simple things like this get through and are not picked up , mine was an 06, and i have a 58 plate on loan, and guess what ?.., it's creaking like a good'n, and if you hold the consol it stops, hmmmm, i wonder what that might be ? Best of luck, and hope it solves your issues !.. Regards Techy
  9. If it's any help, i had a really nasty creek, and i found it was where the centre consol was rubbing on the centre pillar of the dashboard, on the N/S I took the centre consol off the prove it, and trimmed about 1mm of plastic from the inside of the consol, and it cured it. I had another Yaris on loan and the same thing seemed to be happening with that one as well.
  10. Well get this, my car has been at the dealer since the 15th of Dec, apperently the rust is not repairable, so the whole tailgate has to be replaced. !! :( I got a call from the dealer yesterday, to tell me the car was ready, drove all the way to the dealer today, to be told, that nothing had been done to the car, and they could not get hold the bodyshop to find out what was going on. I have never, ever come across such shocking service and care, or indeed complacency and the attitude from Toyota beggars belief !..they tell me they think they are doing me a favour by agreeing to replace the tailgate under warranty. (big deal) ! I am uttlerly fed up with whole situation, and i am really shocked at the quality of this car, and how it has been dealt with. Oh, and i have found more rust on the car, underneath the front bumper, but Toyota tell me the problems are not serious enough to warrant replacing the car. I wonder what would be ?.. Techy
  11. I afraid mine has done this from new, 2006, and despite repeated attempts by Toyota and the dealer, this has not been solved, if you read around the forums here, you will find other reports of same , so i guess it's something you are going to have to live with. Not very helpful i know, but just take it up with the dealer, but that's about as good as it gets i am afraid.
  12. are these french built, toyota's usually have 75/90w gear oil, some french built toyota's and the new type 6 speeds in avensis and rav's use just 75w grade, if you use the wrong oil it will cause difficult selection Yes, i have a French built one, Gulp !! I don't really think this is the cause of the problems in my case, and won't really answer why i can't even get the beast in 1st gear sometimes, without double clutching. I have been told the gearbox oil has been done in my car, and how come the french cars need different oil ?.. surely if the gearbox is correctly made and designed from the outset, then that should be enough. ?.. Mmm, last car my dear late father had to double de-clutch with, was an Austin Seven made in the 1920 s !. Anyway, thanks for the suggestion Regards Techy
  13. Matt, Well, This is interesting. My drive shaft oil seal has also failed (oil all over my drive), same side as yours, and my steering is odd, in that when going straight ahead, i am steering at 12.05 ! But the dealer and Toyota says there is nothing wrong. ?... The more i see here, seems to tell me there are some very common problems here ?.. Techy
  14. Matt, Mine is an 06 I have had to have a new clutch twice, my gearbox has been out at least twice and various parts replaced, but still has all the same selection problems as you, and also mine sometimes refuses to go into 1st gear. I had a 2001 T-Sport, and the gearchange was really good, but that was made in Japan. At least it has'nt got the judder now. ! Best of luck trying to get it sorted, but i think that's as good as it gets ! Techy