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  1. hi folks, needing some help here please.just done all the work and fitted my front mount got all pipe work in and secured.fitted two breathers to the two pipes from the top of the engine.but car does not want to tick over properly and is seriously over fueling,i have changed most parts on the throttle body cause when you block the vacum breather that used to go to the induction pipework it at least tries to tick over properly but still over fuels.please help.what can it be. cheers in advance sandy. :D
  2. will try to get a pic of the chip tomorrow as i think i,m bringing the car down from where i have it stored.your a star mate,and a fountain of knowledge.glad you are here as i don,t know what i,m doing with turbo motors.
  3. cheers mate,would you suggest a metal head gasket as i have heard folk talking about these. and what size do i fit as there seems to be about 3 different sizes.was trying to fit a fcd and found out that car has been superchiped?so i didn't bother as car seems to be running really you think i should remove the superchip or just leave it in there. cheers for your response mate.
  4. cheers davy.didn't know there was a 4wd rolling road so close to home.cheers
  5. id think you would have probably added max of 15bhp to it. so in all honestly you are probably producing what it did when it came out of the factory. around 200 i think? depending on the age, condition, fual, and weather conditions your bhp could vari dramatically from when the car was new dam, was hoping for more as the engine has only done 23,ooo from new wi full history. cheers
  6. hi there,new to this.Just bought myself a low mileage st 185.So i rushed out and bought drilled and grooved f&r disks/pads,full ss exhaust and aussie de cat pipe, a viper carbon induction kit and a turbo bleed valve. So i was wondering what sort of power do you think i may be putting out,i know it is just an estimate but you guys will know better than me. Also where is the best place to buy rear suspension bushes. Is there any sort of performance advantage to fitting a dump valve? All replies will be gratefully received. cheers sandy.
  7. hi there another scot from fife and also a very proud st185 owner.please add me too your list mate.