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  1. Hi all used to be on here with my Celica gt in pro pic now got an Altezza My mom has bought a new car which is a corolla 1.4 vvti colour collection 06 with almost 10k on, will try and get some pictures up She's after a few thing for it including a panel air filter preferably a dry non foam type like apexi but can't find one, a boot spoiler of some sort but undecided ad something for the front bumper to match the side and rear skirt's Got a problem not sure if it's a defect or something happened with the passenger seat where the seam is on the back swob it feels like some wire or something is poking/digging into you back, going to go to toyota but advise on this would be really appreciated, will sort a couple of pictures out when I remember how Many thanks
  2. For a start if you have took the engine to the limit be it na or turbo that's the only way your going to gain anything from a fse boost valve, the fse is just a fancy fuel pressure regulator, if you cant get the extra air into the combustion chambers then adding an fse to pump more fuel in is a waste of money, the only time it would be of any use if the car wasn't highly modded to justify such a mod was if the stock pressure regulator was faulty as the fse would be cheaper that the Toyota one. Expect to gain 10bhp or there abouts max with an exhaust and intake unless you have a turbo or supercharger, You really sound like a max power reader when you start taking every mods advertised power increase and adding them all up , if it was that easy don't you think everyone would be running around with 30-40bhp extra for little outlay?? its just doest work like that in the real world mate , start doing some research before you start sprouting crap like that, im surprised this has went days without any one's input.. How can you say adding a chip causes problems and an ecu remap doesn't?? there both the same at the end of the day , and i will repeat myself YOU CANT REMAP THE STANDARD ECU ON THESE CARS, PIGGY BACKS OR FULL AFTER MARKET REPLACEMENTS ARE THE ONLY OPTION. well going by you a chip adds more air so wouldn't that be a good thing as more air = power?? but in the real world no chip on this earth can physically add more air only relieving restriction on the intake or adding positive pressure via a turbo or super charger can do this, again this looks like you don't know what your talking about . In what bit in my post did i mention i was talking about wheel horse power?? 168bhp is the stock flywheel bhp on the uk face lift model (sorry didn't include that info in my original post)and thats what the guys dyno figures were based on. If you get a chip its common practice and sense to get it setup when fitted.. I'm sorry if this offends you japracer but that whole post just made you sound like a 16 year old that reads max power Here is the post on celica club from the guy, please note that some of the dyno picture no longer work.. http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.p...c=29196&hl= Kev One thing is I don't read max power mags as there a waste of money and time, there for pure boy racer wannabies A fse boost valve doesn't pump more fuel in it restricts the amount of fuel that return to the fuel tank, that = more fuel going through the injectors, and more fuel for the other injectors, Everyone I know who's had there car chipped it's caused problem to the engine while everyone I know who had a remap has had no problems and the bhp results are an average of what some mods will give you and are only a guid line of what you would expect to achieve, and you would'nt gain much from having a turbo (standard) on you'r car unless it was tuned eg dumpvalve, intercooler and so on "YOU CANT REMAP THE STANDARD ECU ON THESE CARS, PIGGY BACKS OR FULL AFTER MARKET REPLACEMENTS ARE THE ONLY OPTION. well going by you a chip adds more air so wouldn't that be a good thing as more air = power?? but in the real world no chip on this earth can physically add more air" I didnt say anything about remapping the standard ecu?????????????????? and I didn't say anything about the chips phisically adding more air????????????????? READ WHAT I SAID
  3. you could try a fse power boost valve, i'm looking into it and it should give around 15% of your cars power, so the minimum bhp you'll gain is 20-5 bhp on a standard engine, with mods around 25-40 bhp as exhausts give around 10-15 bhp and 5-10 with air filters, do not get a chip as these will kill your engine even though people say they don't they do as they over-ride/trick the ecu into putting more fuel into the engine plus adding more air, an ecu remap is safer and more gains can be expected as this set up is telling the ecu to put more fuel in rarther than tricking it, making the timming vancern or !Removed! to make the spark ealier or later, as for the car mentioned below 168bhp, +19bhp increase isn't true the bhp from the manufactures is measured at the flywheel, so it 168 bhp at the flywheel and not the wheels, you'd expect 150 bhp at the wheels so the cars gained around 37 bhp and not 19 bhp, as for buying a non standard ecu or one off someone who's had their ecu chipped even though its the same car/engine it'll be different to your own car, it might make the car hunt ect... so it'll need setting up, hope this helps P.S if you chip your car you'll need to tell the insurance, where's remapping the original they would find out unless the ecu is tested against a standard one
  4. Right the first thing is handling, having a 40 profile tyre will increase handling, but it will make the car less comfortable (being more stiffer) a 45 profile will be more comfortable (less stiffer) but you'll loose some handling, these will not be much difference but it is there, at the end of the day its what you personally want, you can bolt on 18's with 40 profile straight on if you wanted and you can go up to 225 or 235 width before body work is carried out, the speedo will be affected but so minute you'll not notice it, plus most car speedo's are out, due to age and wear, differences in tyres pressures, most speed camera's if you'r worried about that have a tollerance so say your doing 62-3 they'll let you off because of speedo run out's I think they give around 4% on top of your speed because of this
  5. normally £5-£10's worth but being the large tank thats on the celica I would say about £10
  6. are you sellin the body kit off it at all, n how much for the rear brace
  7. hi, i was wondering where do u buy the mesh for the front, or have u cut some to fit, cheers
  8. hi, does anyone know whats the biggest size wheels and tyres i can fit on my car when it's been lowered on coilovers, it will be slammed down as far as possible, any help thanks
  9. the first thing to do is pressure test it, if it's the head gas it would prob leak more, is the engine wet in a certain place, or it could be the first signs, take the spark plugs out and check how well there burning as this could tell u if there's water in the cylinders, or you could look insider the cylinder through the plug holls and check if theres water on top of the pistons, this is if there is no water on the outside of the engine, or you could put some strong food colouring in, check first, and that would leave a clear indication where its comming from, also does she use oil if not the head gas is probally ok
  10. how many miles she covered i'll probally guess about 80,000, also if it's not been seviced reg the oil isn't doing the job propally as it losses it's viscossity so nothing's getting lubed as it should, also another thing and it's the killer is thrashing the s**t out of the car when it's not at normall running temp, usually between 5-10 min so the oil has had timeto work it's way around the engine
  11. could be right about the sensor but more likely there's corrosion in the plugs of the senors this is why the turn the em light on, is it effected more on hot or cold days, this would probally help, so the easy thing to do is buy some wd-40 or moisture remover and unplug every sensor plug, spray the wd-40 or moisture remover in the plug and close and open the plug a few times, if this doesn't work or in the process check which plug's make the engine management light come on, hope this help you'r prob
  12. japracer


    fuel isn't the problem as i've got an import ant it dosn't effect it, also if it was the fuel it would pink rarther than missfire, so the problem could lie with the fuel system itself, so the first thing to do is to change the fuel filter, if that doesn't fix it get a pressure guage on the fuel system and check what pressure the fuel system is running at, if its low that would either be the fuel pump or the fuel pressure regulator, as on my honda I had a adjutable reg and was play with the different pressure and low pressure does what you described, hope this helps
  13. try changing the oil, if the oil has lost its viscosity it may take a little longer to run round the engine as its too thin for the oil pump to move it round the engine, so to speak, if you already done this try more expensive oil like £30 or so, if that fails you could take the sump off, and check the oil pick up incase that is getting blocked or the pumps on it way out :( hope this helps
  14. hi, I've not long had my celica and was wondering where is the fuel pressure regulator, I've had a look but can't see one where they normally are on the fuel rail, any help please , also I was wondering if I can turbo it using the turbo and manifold from an st205 or would it be an engine change, thanks very much for looking and any replies I recieve ps it's a 1994 on m reg if this helps any