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  1. The manual is available to buy from my website. Please see http://www.suprastar87.com
  2. Check this out!! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...item=2414675498
  3. for a 1991 SW20 MR2 available from http://www.suprastar87.com
  4. Does anyone have a set for sale?
  5. see http://www.mk3supras.com for loads of info on Supras and a very smart 2.5TT-R!!
  6. Yours will only be 185 BHP as it has cats. Removing them will give you a few more BHP, but not many.
  7. Its a bit over-priced. They only go for about £1200 if you're lucky.
  8. or visit http://www.suprastar87.com and buy a complete manual on CD. All 1400 pages of the Toyota manual!!
  9. 0 to 60 in 6.7 seconds, 232 BHP from the factory, top speed about 150mph. Liable to blown head gasket.
  10. SupraStar87 is pleased to announce that the 1990 Toyota Supra Repair Manual (on CD) is available to purchase from http://www.suprastar87.com
  11. SupraStar87 is pleased to announce that the Full Toyota EPC is available to purchase from http://www.suprastar87.com
  12. Check out my Ebay auctions. I have Toyota and other car related stuff for sale. http://www.stores.ebay.co.uk/id=28759106 :D
  13. The Supra has a better fuel injection system so it's less inclined to send down unburnt fuel. However at least one mk3 owner has a flame producing Supra because we saw it at Billing.
  14. Yes, you need a flame kit, and one of the guys in the Supra club is organising a group buy.
  15. join Uk Supras for free on www.supras.co.uk There's usually someone there breaking a Supra HTH SupraStar87
  16. You should also join UK Supras on www.supras.co.uk You'll probably struggle to find a manual. However the auto is just as much fun, and will beat a manual down the drag strip. First thing to do is decat (fit a Mongoose exhaust), Saab BOV (the factory one will be knackered) and a decent induction kit. Things to watch for: Blown Head Gasket. (symptoms - gurgling behind dash, very white exhaust gas, oil in water, evidence that the car has overheated and blown water out of the overflow bottle, white gunk in radiator, watch temp gauge when test driving - should go to slightly under half way and stay there) Also check rear wheel arches for rust - this can spread a long way under. Plus side: performance, style, comfort, power..... Down side: less than 20mpg urban, spares are expensive HTH SupraStar87
  17. Of course - the whole wedding is having a Supra theme - my dress was bought to match my car. We even have little Supras to put on the wedding cake. For those that don't know we met through UK Supras.:D
  18. Gail and Tim are pleased to announce their forthcoming wedding at Plymouth Registry Office on 6th November 2002:D:D:D:D:D:D
  19. try joining UK Supra Owners club at www.supras.co.uk or Supra Owners Group International at www.supras.com Either group will have the answer.
  20. T Shirts? Sweat shirts? Fleeces? Baseball Caps? Mugs? Mousemats? Membership Cards? Car air fresheners? Gear Knobs, Badges? Embroidered Badges? Umbrellas? Coasters? SupraStar87
  21. Well mine is a play on Super Star - SupraStar (without the space) because I have a Supra! The 87 is the year my first Supra was registered. SupraStar87
  22. I have George (after Boy George), Sabrina (the Teenage Witch), Susie (Supe), Freddie (after Freddie Mercury), Lance, Saffy (Sierra Sapphire), Merlyn, Jean-Claude (damn van), Rocky, Morticia, Brian (the snail) and Big Red
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