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  1. You should also join UK Supras on www.supras.co.uk

    You'll probably struggle to find a manual. However the auto is just as much fun, and will beat a manual down the drag strip.

    First thing to do is decat (fit a Mongoose exhaust), Saab BOV (the factory one will be knackered) and a decent induction kit.

    Things to watch for: Blown Head Gasket. (symptoms - gurgling behind dash, very white exhaust gas, oil in water, evidence that the car has overheated and blown water out of the overflow bottle, white gunk in radiator, watch temp gauge when test driving - should go to slightly under half way and stay there)

    Also check rear wheel arches for rust - this can spread a long way under.

    Plus side: performance, style, comfort, power.....

    Down side: less than 20mpg urban, spares are expensive



  2. I have George (after Boy George), Sabrina (the Teenage Witch), Susie (Supe), Freddie (after Freddie Mercury), Lance, Saffy (Sierra Sapphire), Merlyn, Jean-Claude (damn van), Rocky, Morticia, Brian (the snail) and Big Red

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