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  1. Have you tried looking on Ebay - I know they have lots of mk3 Supra goodies... SupraStar87
  2. look at http://www.suprastar87.com and http://www.mk3supras.com Gail
  3. Tim and I have bought our seventh Supra at Saltash car auctions. We paid £225. The body work is basicly sound. The main fault is that it needs a new W58 gearbox (about £150 from a breakers). Means we now own a total of 6 Supras as we have sold one to a friend :D:D:D:D
  4. join for free at http://www.supras.co.uk :D
  5. Tim fitted the Mongoose on mine. You're right about the bull**** to get more money - you don't need to drop the subframe out. The main difference that the Mongoose makes is that the turbo spools up much quicker....
  6. Tim and I are going - probably taking my mk3 turbo Supra :D Gail and Tim
  7. We have bought several models from Ebay. We have diecast mk3s in 1:87 scale and 1:43. We have a 1:20 r/c mk3 and we have mk4's in all scales from 1:87 up to 1:18:D
  8. It's our 2.5TT-R. We haven't done anything yet - but we plan to turn her into a 10 second car!:o
  9. we may not put her on the road yet - might keep her as a track day car.
  10. Only my 3.0 turbo has any mods at the moment. He has an HKS induction kit, Saab BOV and Mongoose exhaust. He laos has "racing" pedals and shoulder pads. I've completely swapped the brown leather interior for a grey velour one. I also have Kenwood ice with a Vibe sub box and more bits to add. He's also lined up for a respray and a facelift to look like the early mk3. Have a look at my web site http://www.suprastar87.com Gail
  11. I'm from Plymouth and have 5 Supras and a collection of other interesting cars. I'm a member of several car clubs including Sierra Owners Club, 200Plus and UK Supras (I moderate the mailing list) Gail
  12. No we didn't download them. Doesn't mean we don't know where you can though. No I don't need the money - it was a joke :) As for the weight reduction - don't you think that your comment was downright rude and insulting - and not really appropriate in a public forum. Yes we do have a Sierra - its a Sapphire 2000E which most people know is a rare limited edition (and a similar spec to a Supra). It is another addition to our fleet of more unusual and rare cars - we have a total of 13. If mk3's are "girly" how come you have one? Gail who's grown up enough to end this thread here
  13. Sorry - I don't kiss other girls (unless there's someone there with a video camera and they're paying me to do it!) Gail 5 mk3 Supes with more mods than you've had hot dinners (one of them has had MAJOR weight reduction!) :D:D:P:D;):o:)
  14. Who said we found the disks on the web? Maybe we know someone at Toyota.... You're just annoyed because someone beat you to it.:P Gail mk3 3.0T mk3 2.5TT-R mk3 2.0TT mk3 3.0 mk3 3.0
  15. I have almost completed a complete interior swap on my mk3 Supra. If anyone has anyone questions please feel free to ask.
  16. Can anyone recommend an insurance company for my 2.5TT-R mk3 Supra please?
  17. Haven't checked in here for a while. We haven't sorted the locks on the TT-R yet. We've decided to turn her into a mentally modified track day car - with the target of having a 10 second car. Haven't fitted the lowering springs to my turbo yet either as we haven't had any decent weather. Maybe if we ever get a summer!!:D Gail mk3 3.0T mk3 2.5TT-R mk3 2.0TT mk3 3.0 mk3 3.0 (and "Saffy" the Sierra 2000E)
  18. This doesn't give the specific instructions for burning the CD's. Unless they're given the proper title during the burning process they will NOT work. It also doesn't give the process for making the EPC run under Win2K.
  19. You're paying postage as well? Plus the cost of the jiffy bag? You're still out of pocket by about £2.00 each time. :P
  20. For those that have the ability to download over 2GB of data. Not forgetting that there is a specific procedure needed to burn the cd's and install (especially under Win2k).
  21. I'm not ripping people off, I'm running a successful business. Perhaps you could let me know where you source "free" CD's because in my experience "free" usually means stolen.
  22. So? You're the one who's out of pocket - not me.
  23. Having major problems trying to edit my post and getting p*ssed off now! If you are interested in this please e-mail me on suprastar87@suprastar87.com I have 4 cd's with the full Toyota Electronic Parts catalogue on it. This is what Toyota use to look up your part numbers. It works with Win95, Win98 and Win2k. Installation instructions included. Full model list is at http://www.btinternet.com/~supra_turbo/toyota-epc.htm Full set of 4 cd's £25.00 Japanese EPC (2 cd's) £15.00 European EPC (2 cd's) £15.00 Sorry the hyperlinks don't work but everytime I've tried to put them in it's deleted my post.
  24. Please check www.mk3supras.com and www.suprastar87.com
  25. Yes I have a mk3 Supra turbo. And 2 n/a mk3 Supras (one is a spares car, the other has BHG), a 2.0TT and a 2.5TT-R.
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