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  1. Hi all. LOL, months down line and still the same. Prob not rubbish in tank, as 'surely' that would affect cold performance? Anyhow, I just ordered 4 used injectors PLUS rail combined for 50 quid incl VAT delivered. Bargain I spotted. Comes off of a car with 40k, just written off, no prior eng probs. I am now looking back to injector....maybe when I had 'em sonically cleaned they ripped me off-who knows. Car still misses when driven on MWay after 10 miles or so. No orange light after changing 02 sensor BTW.Losing lots coolant now, but have just checked and radiator seems to be made of paper ma
  2. I have now cured the above problem by fitting some second hand injectors off of a 1.8 Carina. The injectors are colour coded so the fact they came off of a different engine did not matter. £25.00 for four injectors and the rail - job done.
  3. I have a 1.6 estate with an annoying fault. When the engine gets hot it runs on three cylinders and then picks up on four again. It does not always do it. I also have a 1.8 so I have tried to eliminate the symptoms by swapping parts over. I have swapped the H.T leads and a vacuum switch (which is situated on the bulkhead) over but the fault remained. I checked the resistance of the injectors and they read 15 except one which read over 100. I thought I had found the fault as I also checked the electrical supply to the dodgy injector with a test light and found the supply to be good. I swapped t
  4. Hi I have had two alarms on my 1.8. Mine went off at two in the morning and I couldn't turn it off for twenty minutes. Oh how the neighbours laughed! The alarm is located above the front right wheel arch and inconveniently under the washer bottle so when you fill up the bottle, you spill water onto the alarm if you are not lucky. The water gets into the electrics of the alarm and this in turn upsets the control box. Could be the cause of your problems.
  5. I have had two break on my 96 1.8. The wire rusts and snaps. Toyota price at the time was £220.00 plus vat each. Toyota told me you can't buy just the wire and plastic bit, you have to buy the motor as well. I found a breaker that also sold pattern new parts who sold them for £96.00 inc.vat. This had a worm drive in place of the wire and appeared better made. Try Kirton Motors Spares at Crediton, Devon.
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