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  1. Happy Birthday simyaris!

  2. Hi, if you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost for the modified clutch and labour to get rid of the squeak Cheers Sim
  3. How much does a new timing belt cost then, i think mine will be needing this done very soon, as the guy said when i got my car serviced a week back. Cheers Sim
  4. When you got new discs did you get new pads? My brakes screamed at me when i turned slightly to the right, even when i wasn't braking. I went to a local garage and it was the pads, they needed replacing. There is a metal bit in the pads which pretty much tells you that the pads need changing, unless you noticed the difference, which i didn't :|, then they squeel at you. Sim
  5. Hi, i have the same model as you, and my clutch makes the 'squarking' noise, but i've never thought anything of it, it's just a noise. I put DW40 on it and it stopped, it comes back every so often though, it's just one of those annoying things that i've got used to. Good Luck Sim
  6. Sounds good to me Pay outs are a joke Mine took ages So annoying all the hastle of a claim. Oh well, suppose it all ends well if your lucky. Good luck with the new yaris hope it brings you lots of fun, just like mine did when i got it, and it still dose, never get bored of driving even if it is a 1litre :) Sim
  7. Doesn't look too bad but my old car got written off just because of someone going into the back of me. Heres the damage. Not even bad, but it got written off Sim
  8. Okay, so i got my car lowered about a month back, on TEIN springs. I reckon it looks pretty good considering they are only springs. (brows look poo poo, but can't afford to get em colour coded yet, gonna get it all done at the same time when i get my skirts and spoiler = cheaper.) Now which would look better with this suspension setup? 15's or 16's 16's will fill the arches more, but make my car a little slower cause they are bigger and its only a 1 litre as it is. 15's might look to small? i don't knowww Anyone got this spring setup, with 16's n 15's on so i can tell the difference. Also looking at getting me some rotas, once i've done some hardcore saving up, or anyone got any nice alloys for sale? Thanks Sim PS Pictures Pleeeaaase
  9. HAPPY CHRISTMAS HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GOODEN. Anyone get any new bits for their car? I didn't :( lol but will be with the xmas money ;) Sim
  10. GOLD!!! They do em in black?! They are well good for the price! Might look at getting me some, but still not sure between rota slipstreams n rota grids :| So hard deciding :| Post some pics up when you get em!!!! Sim :D
  11. I have a french phase 2 model, fitted 6x9s ok, but everytime i opened the boot the rear shelf kept falling out because of the weight of the speakers. I made a stealth shelf with some mdf and it fitted perfectly. The speakers sound about 20 times better aswell. MDF from B&Q cost about £7, and then bought that stuff that sound can get through and it was a job done, took me about 1 hour 1/2 to make, and also saves you from buying a new parcel shelf when your going to sell your car. Sim
  12. Right i've been searching for alloys for AGES and i still can't find a set that i really really like. Rota Slipstreams or Rota Grids are the ones at the top of the list. I'm going for a red and black theme on my car. Any suggestions? Heres my car when i had it for pretty much the first week, has a few more mods now : Sim
  13. Wheeeey My cars going in to Mr Tyres in Redditch to get a new Powerflow exhaust on Tuesday, no more rattling and a nice noise :D Ordering the lowering springs today, i'm not gonna bother with the shocks atm cause i can't afford it. Then sorting out the alloys next week I'll keep you posted and put some pics up :P Sim
  14. I only want a back box cause mines died. Will i need a custom one for that? and what are good ones to go for, and also what kinda prices. Oh btw it is the 1.0 :P Thanks Sim
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