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  1. Hi, how much for the instrument cluster posted to NP11 ? Cheers.
  2. Probably just needed the correct oil filter with the anti-drain back valve.
  3. It'll be a cracked head I'm affraid, diesel Surfs never blow head gaskets it's always the head.
  4. The engine sump bolt is at the bottom of the engine above the front diff. If you have drained the transmission oil, you need to pour it back in through the transmission's dipstick tube (orange handle)
  5. Look down at the heater mechanism near the driver's footrest. Ignition on, and press the heater's control buttons on the dash. You will see the white plastic control arms move to various positions to direct air to different areas. Yours may be sticking and just need a squirt of silicone spray to loosen them up.
  6. The light comes on @ 100,000kms. If the light has recently come on, then as mentioned above, it has probably been done. It only takes 45mins max to change the belt on a 3.0 if you wanted to do it for piece of mind.
  7. If the check engine light is on, have you done a diagnostics check to see what codes are logged?
  8. Is the engine fan working correctly. i.e. is it locking up when the engine is hot?
  9. That oil leak in the above photo is caused by a build up of oil vapour from the crankcase breather. the vapour is re-introduced into the air inlet ducting from the valve cover, and then condenses and builds up over time and eventually dribbles out at the throttle body and/or at the rubber inlet elbow on the turbo. just remove the inlet tubing and give it a wipe out.
  10. Here...;s=&f=23 You need to be really special or one of the clique to successfully sell something though!
  11. no problems with the 190 as far as i know apart from costly parts from toyota but you can get others. they do tend to guzel oil a bit so when you get one change the oil or upgrade it and it should last you longer. 190 guzzles oil???? Must be something wrong with yours then, mine never used/lost a drop in the two years I had it.
  12. Smooth silver Hammerite worked on my old '06 Corolla's alloys, it was a perfect match. I sprayed it on with an airbrush though.
  13. They're not fast/quick enough for one. One day I'm gonna put a gen 7 Celica body on ST205 running gear. Thats what Toyota SHOULD have done to 'stay in the game'.
  14. I soldered mine back on as there was a blob of solder still attatched to the glass. If that doesn't work then it's either get some of that liquid, heater element repair stuff or replace the window.
  15. Thanks, they're 7X17" Wolfrace/Asia-tec, Triads. I bought a wheel/tyre package off ebay. I think it was 370 quid for the four including wheels nuts and centre caps. I've sold the car now.