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  1. If anyone else has this query, there is no ISO on my stereo, but that could be because I'd had a disc changer installed - though probably that would not make a difference. The car kit took an extra 30 minutes to install because of this.
  2. Hi again. I've searched through the forum but can't find an answer to this question for my model, only earlier or later models. How do I remove the stereo head unit? I've sussed how to remove the vents underneath and I can feel some clip connectors but moving them doesn't seem to shift the unit. Do I need to unscrew something? Also, how do I find the ignition sensor - this is for installing an Ericsson Bluetooth car kit. Cheers Chris
  3. Cheers mate, in that case I'll have a go at installing it myself. Look out for a post next week on how to repair a fused toyota hi-fi!
  4. Hi from a newbie here. I have the car described above with a standard Toyota cassette/radio head unit and a panasonic 6-CD changer. I'm going to install a bluetooth car kit and I need to know if it has an ISO connection on the stereo so I can fit something which channels the mobile phone call through the speakers instead of the cheapo speaker that comes with the car kit. So, does my stereo have an ISO connector and what does one look like? Thanks in advance. Chris :group-cuddles:
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