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  1. Hey fellas,

    Does anybody know if 3sge cams will work on a 5sfe head? If so, does it help any? I know a 5sfe is a 5sfe is a 5sfe but I would like to at least make a little better until I can save up for a head swap, engine swap or something.


  2. Wutup all,

    I am new to the Toyota world of sports cars. I have been working a 86 Civic Si off and on for 2 years. I just happen to be out one day and noticed this clean Celica GT-S for sale. I took a look at it and he only wanted 1300 bux for it. I drove it and it seemed to have potential even though the clutch had a little slippage. I ordered a Centerforce Dual Friction for it and it is currently being installed. If I understand correctly, this car has the 5sfe engine similar to that in the camry. Has anybody had any success in making this motor competitive in the world of sport compacts? Is it even worth working with this engine or should I find a 3sge/3sgte and do the swap. Good to be here!!


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