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  1. Hello there I look for new steering rack for 3rd gen rav (LH drive with \ electrical ) Any advises either original or alternative would be ok ? Any links ? Thanks
  2. hi Jason the main possible reasons are: - injectors are worn down; - engine \ turbo suction filter is clogged; - variable vanes (turbo) are not smoothly rotated relating to current engine load (+ impulse tube with vacuum actuator); - late injection timing; - possible airr suction thru primer buster pump \ fuel filter; - possible electrical errors belong to injection circuit; - EGR clogging; Grey colour is overfueling during combustion stroke. Blue colour - oil burning issue (valve seals \ piston rings) All above is from my personal experience Cheers \ Igor
  3. hi matey try this link --- https://en.impex-jp.com/ i use this supplier time to time. regards \ Igor
  4. hi David did you buy it as original or OEM ? i look for the same rack and still in doubts whether original or OEM is better ? cheers
  5. MAF sensor and GAS regulator ?????
  6. hi matey you can check with RAVs stripping shops where you can get them with the cheappest price/ it is not a problem for such parts cheers \ Igor
  7. it seems SCV plays with you. have SCV coil resistance checked by multimeter and compare with service manual. this is common issue when hot start is head ache
  8. + 1 petrol + regular maintenance
  9. has it pink colour ? when engine is cold - open expnsion tank lid and observe whether an oil filf is available. besides - please check if drop is hang under cooling pump or traces are available close to the pump. also check vissible leaks thru cooling pipes \ clips \ radiator
  10. also check if variable vanes are rotated smoothly by finger (turbocharger) Igor
  11. igormus


    i use 5w40 by Toyota since 2010 as live in the south and hot summer. i get service once a year or 15000 km as stated in my manual (all 12 years regular official service) 190k on the clock. during last service i ve changed valves cover gasket (minor leaks due to age) and disclosed my cyl head is clean without carbon deposits. cheers \ Igor
  12. check with starter solenoid wire contact + be sure solenoid stem slides smoothly
  13. i used to change only rubber blades as originals by Toyota and they serve at least 2 years
  14. hi matey as you know i ma not an english - so please have wording (limp mode) well explained to catch that you have a real headache with diesel please
  15. hello this means overboost after turbocharger. Check if all vanes are easy rotated around pins + vacuum impulse tube to be clean. the problem is pass between vanes. in details - when you rev engine the turbocharged picks up your desire but the vanes remain in the same position at all RPM of turbocharger. but it must be changed automatically (using an impulse vacuum tube and mechanism). be sure vanes are smoothly rotated; impuls is free of obstackles. cheers \ Igor
  16. when SCV plays with you - the engine will be rather stoped , as SCV is normlly closed valve and is opened when 12V is fed to its coil start with filter and revert with outcome
  17. - fuel filter + bleeding of an air from fuel system + winter quality diesel try this
  18. firstly inspect SCV mounted on the fuel pump body. i ve had similar issue b4 and the problem has been connected with colenoid coil short cut. i ve had to change this SCV and to checl all el contacts belong to fuel injection group. cheers / Igor
  19. igormus

    oil light

    be sure the contact is firm when heated at working temp. it must be ok if no alert as an oil light
  20. be sure white smoke is a signal of late injection -- in other words and in details: the signal comes to injector solenoid a bit after TBC (Top Bottom Centre) when hot compressed air foes out of cylinder thru an exhaust valve and being unburnt fuel jet is converted into white vapour (like smoke). The diesel theory has not been changed by someone )))). By the way - please have abreviation of DPF decoded, as I own petrol version of 3rd gen RAV Cheers \ Igor
  21. check with feeding valve on the pump - it is electrically controlled. ti sometimes plays with driver after repair ))) in fact it is normally closed valve - means hen power is OFF - no fuel is sucted and wise. when coil is near to be burnt out - it start to play I do not consider an error in the control circuit (it is afterwards)
  22. quote - - - - - My initial presumptions were the following: 1) EGR failure; and/or 2) Fuel injectors; and/or 3) DPF filter problem, connected with consecutive and non-successful efforts for regeneration. - - - - - end of quote hi matey possible issues: - late injection timing - injector solenoin issue - error belong to injection control - head gasket (inspect an expaning tank with coolant colour and possibl bubbles when sharply accelerated) - injector tip issue (needle possible blocking or tip holes blocking) check and revert cheers \ Igor
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