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  1. Bugger, then it's not visible. I take it that it's possible to put the disc on in the wrong position so that the adjustment wheel isn't visible? I think this may be the case as there is no small toothed wheel visible. Now I'm in a position where I need to adjust the wheel to remove the disc, but need to remove the disc to get to the wheel. Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Ok, I'm stumped. I've removed the rubber bung and looking into the hole with a torch I can see a hole but there is nothing within to adjust.
  3. Thanks Pete, that's really helpful. Any idea if it is a torx, allen, philips or flathead for adjusting that? Also will be it be clockwise or anticlockwise to slacken it off? Cheers
  4. AAARRRGHHH!!!! I replaced the front discs a few months ago and it was a doddle. Doing the rears today and all went well removing the hanger and piston assembly until I reached the part where I remove the disc. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. No problem, had this on every disc I've replaced. Gave a few (read lots) of wallops with the hammer to loosen it. Still nothing. Ok, no problem I've not had before. Put two bolts into the holes and gradually tightened them on both sides. What I noticed was the disc was being evenly moved away from the hub, but the thin metal plate thingies (good technical term eh?) were moving away from the disc and hub in the opposite direction. Having got underneath with a torch I can see two thin rods from the thin plate thingies (there it is again) going into the hub and seeming attached to the disc itself - can't verify this, but it's all I can assume. These pins don't seem to have a head on them to loosen or remove, and I can't see how to detach them. Have I missed something fundamental? (or rather what fundamental step have I missed?) The car is up on axle stands at present, and I was so... erm.. vigorous with my hammering, I don't think refitting pads to that disc is an option any more :-( Any help would really be appreciated!!!
  5. i to have 04 avensis with same problem used wd40 about 2 months ago, no problem since. Just tried WD40, but still no luck. I'll try again tomorrow when it has had a chance to work its way around. At the very least I can lock the doors on the key, but there is no alarm with this method. Got the car booked in tomorrow so will see what Toyota say.
  6. Wow, thanks for such a helpful post... Muarrif, did you change the barrel yourself, or did you get them to do it? How much did you have to pay?
  7. Hi all, I'm having a serious problem with the ignition barrel in my 2004 Avensis. For the last few weeks I have been having a lot of difficulty with my key not slotting into the barrel smoothly. In some cases it took 10 seconds of jiggling it up and down before it would go in (fnar fnar!). More recently this has now been compounded by the barrel not registering that I have removed the key. Normally as the key is removed, there is a loud click as a little shield drops down and this then allows the car to have the steering lock put on. Also, until this happens the dash beeps when the driver door is opened and more seriously the car will not lock. This seems to be a mechanical fault with the ignition barrel, so I'm not sure if this is something I can replace myself. I take it that the barrel will need to match the key, so the question is can Toyota provide a barrel matched to a key, or will I need a whole new set? Has anyone else had this problem? It is getting serious, with me unable to lock the car at present. Cheers
  8. Luke-v


    OK, I feel stupid now. Just checked and found a huge chunk of metal embedded in the front drivers side tyre! Stupid, but relieved!
  9. Luke-v


    Doing further reading, as it relates to wheel speed and not engine speed, do you think I can rule out DMF failure? (I hope so!) Any advice will be appreciated.
  10. Luke-v


    Hi all, was driving home tonight and all was well until all of a sudden the car started to vibrate. It was as if someone had sellotaped a small stick to one of the tyres and it was thumping each revolution of the wheel. I stopped and had a look, but externally everything was normal. Moving off again, it was present through all speeds and gears, and was there even when I depressed the clutch. It sped up and slowed down with the speed of the car, but was unaffected by engine revs. It's dark now so my investigations will have to wait until the morning. Having read about a bit, I'm suspecting either bearings or driveshaft. Possibly DMF, but I'm not sure of that possibility. Is there any way I can determine which it is, or in fact if it is something different altogether? It's a 2004 Avensis 2.0D4D at 70k miles. Cheers
  11. I read through your post and thought 'injectors' from the start. Toyota replaced two injectors for me and said it had cured it, but it hadn't. I then had them replace the other two and it has been perfect since. At 80k, I think you'll be hard pressed to find someone to do it under warranty. I think you are looking at paying it yourself (£1200+ I believe). The only other thing I would consider in your position is to buy a 3rd party warranty that states it covers injectors, but I don't know if it is a part normally covered in these warranties. You can run gallons of injector cleaner through it and it won't improve things a bit. Sorry to hear you are in this situation.
  12. I had the same question, and the answer from the dealer was that you can't. I had to stick to the car seat in the back.
  13. I keep kicking the cap off when I get in to the car! It's for plugging in a diagnostic tool to read and reset engine fault codes, and to administer the electronic jiggery-pokery.
  14. Try Parts-King from this forum. Drop him a PM.
  15. I have an 04 T-Spirit and would argue that the leather makes it a vastly nicer place to spend any time in. I'm not sure if other trim levels get the leather, this may not be exclusive to the T-Spirit. Regards the petrol/diesel debate, I have a 2.0 D4D and get 48mpg average, mixed driving - better on motorway runs. My last service (60k) was £240 including the cambelt. Hardly earth shattering. Dull? Yes. Then again, a petrol Avensis is still every bit as dull, as it's....well, an Avensis!