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  1. I would really like to get the integrated DAB radio fitted to my Auris HSD but having got the price, it would set me back about £440, and this including £110 labour for fitting. Now, I currently use a Pure Highway with an external magmount antenna on the back of my car and this works very well but I would not be happy to pay £50 for the included antenna when it is basically a ribbon cable and I have had very poor experience of it on my old Aygo. I think I I could reasonably fit it myself having found a guide to tell me know to do it. Before I even take the plunge, does anyone know if it is possible to buy the parts individually and not the whole kit and whether it is DAB+ or just DAB? After all that investment, I would be gutted if it became obsolete so quickly! Thanks,
  2. I'll check the tyres at home on a "average" sort of day as soon as poss. I'm not able to tell about the oil on the 10k service as I hadn't bought the car then so they had no reason to give me any paperwork on that front as it was thrown in as part of the getting the car ready for sale process with 9k on the clock. Thanks for all the help. i think the mpg is going up a bit now due to getting used to the car. I do a lot more "gliding" down hills and it does make a lot of difference. Today getting to work was about 65mpg but this was mostly stop start town traffic and a bit of 40 mph roads. I'm happy with that so far.
  3. Sorry if I've hyjacked the thread! Interesting to understand the logic behind the battery charging but it is taking a bit of getting used to not putting the car into neutral and with handbrake after 5 years of semi automatic driving and rolling back on slopes! I'm still expecting the car to roll back!!
  4. Sorry what I meant was just foot off accelerator pedal and let the car slow itself down. I wouldn't ever put it into neutral like that as I know that would lose some of its control and not a good move for modern vehicles. I hear myself telling my father to stop it - "your car isn't from 1976"...!
  5. Thanks for the tips. I've only had the car a few weeks so I would *assume* the tyre pressures aren't too bad yet and the oil is topped up - no idea what they used as Toyota did the 10k service just before I collected it. The tyres themselves are the original ones. I will have to remember to ask about the oil for the 20k service. The only thing I can think of is that with the Aygo MMT, it is easy to be hard on the accelerator to get it moving so I might be still in that mindset. Once it is up at speed, I know I back right off but 5 years of Aygo driving has left me used to flooring it to get out of junctions to compensate for the sluggishness! Still early days! Does it make much difference between the 89g version and the T4?
  6. I wonder then what is the exact technique to get the Auris HSD to be at its most economical? I've not fully undetstood what the best technique to adopt. I'm getting about 53mpg on average and going up and down the motorway to and from work and a bit of town driving each end. I thought it would blow my old Aygo out of the water but actually its a little worse and I drove way too hard on the motorway with it but did coast a lot to traffic lights.roundabouts a lot and still do with the Auris. It is definitely a great car - I got mine at 9 months old with 6k off the new price and low mileage so it is well worth looking for second hand. It was less than the forthcoming new Yaris HSD too. But I did expect better mpg. I know it is me ... does anyone have some suggestions please? I've seen ideas about pulse and glide but won't that wear up the car more quickly?
  7. Having gone into a local dealers to find about about the forthcoming Yaris Hybrid, the most up-to-date information from the dealers seems to suggest there is no USB or Aux socket on the entry model Yaris Hybrid but comes as standard on the New Yaris on all models (which the car is basically the same in terms of the interior). With the DAB optional extra module at now £350 (down from over £500!) and too much to reasonably consider until the demand goes up/prices go down, I would have liked to have plugged in my external DAB radio into the stereo. Can anyone confirm the situation on the USB/Aux sockets - if you know please!? Thanks!
  8. Mine did that on my 2007 reg Aygo. The garage did it under warranty two years ago. I realise yours is out but they told me it was just the barrel that needed replacing and said it was a 'quick' job. The key didn't change.
  9. So many options but it does appear clear that an Aygo is not ideal as a family car. Now I have to convince the other half....! I suppose my main objection of buying second-hand was worrying what the previous owner might have done to it. At least from new, I can trust it has been treated well!! I do worry a little about people sitting on the brake no end and wearing up parts that shouldn't really be worn on an MMT. I have actually driven a 5 door MMT Auris as a loan car when my car was in the garage but found it a bit big compared to what I was used to. Ideally I would like to stick with the smallest I can get away with without my life being a total nightmare and not being able to carry the essentials in the car when visiting family. So I wonder, is the fuel efficiency of a hybrid that great on a motorway or do they really shine when stuck in traffic in the town centre? I am thinking long term as I will have to go back to work and that involves 20 mins up the motorway. Thanks!
  10. My baby is due in Autumn and I am starting to think about my 3-door MMT Aygo and whether it is going to be practical for my needs. My Aygo currently suits me for my 30 min run up the motorway each way for work but I don't want to upgrade and find myself with eye-watering running costs when I do return to work. The problem is that I don't think my 3-door Aygo is big enough, particularly after experiementing with buggies, car seats etc with a friend's little one over the years. We found it to be really difficult without going for a particular Aygo-friendly pram. I really don't to have to go shopping with a back pack just to get a light weight pram that won't hold any shopping or it will tip etc! I also only have an automatic licence. My partner feels the Yaris Hybrid is too much money and says I should stick to my 5 year old Aygo. I am concerned as my family are not local, that visiting them might be very difficult and limiting because of the amount of stuff I will need to carry. I already fill up the boot just for myself when I visit by myself. Can anyone please assist me with making this decision? I think I could afford the Hybrid but well, its about proving my case! Thanks :)
  11. Its a real pity that US politics is so dominated by interest groups and financial backers. I've looked into this Toyota recall business and seems to me that Toyota was doing very well in the US prior to the recall and GM etc weren't doing too good but of course, this is just my opinion ;) In theory Toyota could counter sue for libel/slander (or something to that end - not up on law that much) for those blaming Toyota over something not entirely their fault. There must be a measurable damage to the brand in the US and they could sue key people behind it.... !! Personally, I will still buy a Toyota as lightning doesn't usually strike twice and at least Toyota did sort it (although a bit slow for my liking).
  12. I DID experience the fault first hand but I haven't even considered sueing Toyota GB as I realise that a) the fault was with a US made part and not made by Toyota, and B) faults can occur with ANY car manufacturer so its not like any are guaranteed to be problem-free. IMO, its very political to improve sales for American made cars.
  13. As an owner with a car that did have a sticky accelerator, this news article made me chuckle: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13420798 Catherine (with a fixed and safe Aygo)
  14. I agree - I have had as little as 80 on the first blob and as much as 130 miles on other fill ups!
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