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  1. Thought this might be of interest to some people....There are too brands, throttle body spacers! - apparently increasing airflow etc....Anyone any idea of the cost it would take to fit these, it says on the site that the engine doesnt need removed etc and would the benifit be well worth it? This is the only place iv seen improvements for the inlet manifold on a website for the celica. oh yeah.... and what do you think of this piggyback from greddy, cheap as chips!!
  2. Perhaps then, an uprated Inlet manifold, uprated throttlebodys along with the FSE boost valve, more air + more fuel would raise the bhp noticably? ...maybe even adding a new fuel rod + pumps if needed. Bolt on replacements without taking out the engine would be off prefference, few hundred quid at a time upgrades with reasonably priced fitting charges. Some of the discussed upgrades in the post ontop of the current mods and then a Piggyback ecu, sounds good I think :) How much are you talking to port and polish the heads and bore it out to perhaps a 2.1ltr, anyone any experience with any of that? Just learning myself so be gentle :D - some nice reading here!
  3. Thanks for the input guys, appreciated! Gives me a few things to ponder over! - Im planning to get a Four branch manifold to complete my exhaust system, straight through moongoose exhaust (got the seperate section for Mot, HANDY!!!) ontop of my current mods. Im going to do a little bit of research into the dansek chip and the greddy piggyback, if there isnt much of a price difference perhaps the choice picks itself :) - As far as the Power boost valve goes, I think I would be happy with 10bhp for £80, brand new one on ebay (genuine), that would be a fair tradeoff? Although mentioned to a few of my mates and some think that it might be worthwhile getting a AEM (or oem?) Fuel rail upgrade, would this be essential or would the standard be just as efficient? running a little rich is apparently the general idea...not too rich I hope, as I dont want half the tank to drip out my exhaust lol! The st202 is arround 175bhp standard, Id like to see arround 210, that would be a really nice figure to reach, although I hope not too ambitious! i plan to do a few service kit to the car so will try and upgrade pullys etc where I can. My general train of thought is, not wasting 100s for a 1 or 2 bhp and I understand that without a turbo, I would see huge increases in BHP with single mods, but rounded figures of 5-15 or so for maybe 50-200 generally would be nice, maybe 1 or 2 bigger upgrades costin up to 4-600 would be considered. The cars basically a project over the next year or 2 (pushing it lol) want to get its potential in the meantime, within reasonable justification £.
  4. Hey! I own a 6Gen Celica and im considering remapping the ecu, I have a K+N 57 Induction kit, HKS Plugs (still to buy the magnacor leads) de-cat'd and Full stainless mongoose. As far as i know there isnt much more to do to get much more power out of it. In the near future im going to do get a full service kit, timing belt etc, but install lighter pully's etc, hope that makes a little difference? But at the moment I wanna remap the ECU, there was a add in the local Auto trader that theres a place that Remaps the ECU for £299 - Does this remap the standard ECU, if so what can I expect, arround 5bhp? Also If I were to buy a non-standard ecu upgrade for arround £300again? does this need remaped itself and what gains would I expect? Thanks! PS - Any opinions on performance increases are welcome, want to keep my car for atleast another year maybe 2, before I possibly settle for a GT4, Basically insurance reasons. TA!