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  1. Yeah, been there. bit pricey, but looks as if its the only place nearby who may be able to help me. Thanks anyhow.
  2. uh oh ... dont know if i should tell you. I checked my supra measurements out and it sits level on mine. has the car had a slight bump ? might have twisted the chassis slightly ?:(
  3. what about this : in surrey, may be too far for you .... JIC Ltd Hobbs Industrial Estate Newchapel, Nr. Lingfield Surrey RH7 6HN United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0)1883-744439 web site : http://www.japanese-car-imports.co.uk hope it helps.
  4. Im looking to find the nearest garage who will supply / fit a bodykit for my Toyota Supra 95 import. any idea's people ? As close as possible to Edinburgh in Scotland.
  5. i used elephant.co.uk but here is a list for you : Tesco 0845 300 99 00 (very very good) Bell Direct 0800 140 180 (very good quotes!) Admiral 0800 600 800 (not bad depending on your s*x) Adrian Flux 01553 777888 Privilege 0113 243 9988 Keith Michael's 0208 288 0801(very good) Lifesure Ltd 01480 474604 (very good especially for non turbo 3.0 24v) all "specialise" in imports. hope these help everyone.
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