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  1. The oil light is an oil pressure light, not oil level. If it was to come on because of low pressure due to low level, then the engine would have been shagged anyway. The oil light will only come on at a VERY LOW pressure compared to operating pressure, i.e. if the light comes on, stop ASAP! strange an engine like that not havin an oil level sensor though,considering how many other sensors there are about it.would have expected a wee flicker out of the oil pressure light considering she was pretty much bone dry though. thanks ... :)
  2. 4 x Genuine pistons £181.23 Inc VAT 1 x Set of pistons AND rings £267.72 Inc VAT The only trouble is........If the bore is ovaled at all, or excessive wear in the bore, you're :censor: 'd You can only buy standard pistons and rings, no oversized bits available, in other words, it cant be bored Kingo thats mighty cheap m8!! i wonder have toyota lowered the prices for the parts for these engines because of all the problems they have? didn't think it would be a block you could bore by lookin at it.the bore looks perfect.i'll chance my arm with the bits i've put in anyway m8.running out of money fast lol. thanks!!! :D
  3. i asked toyota bout that m8,but if you've ever had to order parts from them you'll know where i'm comin from when i say,id be better off askin my granny.they look up part numbers and thats it.not very helpful at all.engineering place couldnt get uprated ones either.if i get 80,000miles out of these ones i've put in i'll be happy enough.get er sold in a couple of years and buy a nice fresh facelift model vvtli :D
  4. all the engineering people i talked to said its the rings excessivly wearing that causes the oil consumption m8.pistons look ok.didnt even price them either, but normally pay 400 - 500 quid for set of pistons.i'm sure toyota would want silly money for a set.didn't fancy forkin out for them wether it needs them or not lol. i knew they use a bit of oil when she went to buy it,but it went from full on dipstick to no oil on stick at all within 3000miles.scary stuff.hopefully the new rings at least reduce the consumption a bit. good luck m8,hope you find yourself a good one :)
  5. i'd go for a facelift one m8.(pretty sure its the one you think it is) read my post from today bout the engine rebuild if you need further convincing ;)
  6. hi all!my fiance recently purchased a gen 7 celica 140.theres 80,000miles on the car,engine was sweet as a nut and it has a good service history.I made her well aware of the oil consumption issue when she got it and told her to keep it well topped up.well, the inevitable happened and she ran it completely dry of oil.in all fairness to her the oil light didnt come on for some reason.I got into it last week to move it and the bearings where knocking like a ***** when i started it.pulled the stick out to find it was bone dry.as everwhere is looking £1000 for a donkey,(not reconed!) i decided to rebuild it myself.pulled the sump off her , and number 4 big end bearings where a mess,rest of them where ok.Not a fun job getn the engine out!!took me a day and a half due to loads of seized bolts.near every bolt was a pull bar job to remove,not to mention the amount of rotten bolts that just sheared the heads off!have the whole engine out and stripped now,and it seems everything else is ok lucky enough.however,this is one expensive lesson for the missus!!!!I thought i'd be as well just fully reconditioning the whole engine seeing as its on the bench now anyway.here's what its cost her so far (not including my time of which there's been plenty of!!!).all parts are genuine toyota, except competition bearings of course crank polish, competition main and big end bearings(including thrust washers) - £130 full engine gasket kit - £130 piston rings - £70 conrod cap bolts and main bearing bolts (must be replaced) - £70 oil pump - £80 1 head bolt (didnt like the look of one of them,wasnt buyin full set at that price!!!) - £9 on top of all this there's still the engine oil,gearbox oil,clutch fluid,anti freeze,filters,air con to re-charge,and god only knows what else i'll come across by the time its built.the engineering place said id be as well putting the new oil pump in as they're known to give problems.he was no stranger to the vvti oil problem! I have the head sitting pin mint inside and out.cleaned all the ports up like new,same with the valves and ground them back in to make lovely fresh valve seats.I'm hoping the new rings and freshly ground in valves will give it brand new compression readings again and all being well put a stop to the oil consumption problem for a good few years,as she still loves the car and wants to keep it.even though she cried for about 3 days last week over it lol. I'll post again soon when i have the engine fully built and running.waiting on all the bearing bolts still as toyota had some problems working out what crankshaft main bearing bolts where?? lol !! the guy in parts department tried to tell me there are no bolts holding the crank in except the flywheel bolts and the pulley bolt lol lol lol. oh i laughed......
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