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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Pan!

  2. If you have one...or know where I can get hold of one (websites) please let me know B) pan@sw-cc.com
  3. AE92 (1992/K) GTi Front Bumper White If you have one please let me know B) pan@sw-cc.com
  4. Right then...I got a 'Blitz' type cone filter as a freebie from a company that advertises with me and was wondering if I could put it on my GT-i? Heres a link to the filter --> CLICKY My current air box has some kind of air flow probe in it and a vacuum pipe and also a connector lead to another kind of air flow gizmo Will it work or shall I just sell the filter?
  5. Anybody reccommend some brake pads please? Just go for some general motorfactor specials or Fensport ones or something else?? ...for standard discs (front & back)
  6. thanks...just needed to know as I know some cars have them plugged on thats great! ...what colour was the car then m8?
  7. Are the bump strips along the sides of a '92 corolla removable? ie are they stuck on or will there be holes to fill? Dawsey's looks nice and clean without them B)
  8. Pan

    Oil Question

    basically the first number is the viscosity of the oil when cold and the second is when its hot...I've been told 5/40 for mine but will probably go for 10/40 fully synthetic as mines and older engine...now wait for someone to tell me I'm talking :censor:
  9. Pan

    What Oil?

    okies...thanks B)
  10. Pan

    What Oil?

    ...a mate said to run on semi synthetic first change if you dont now what oil was used last time?
  11. Pan

    What Oil?

    Ok...my 1992 Corolla GT-i is due for an Oil change...1/ What Oil & 2/ What Rating B)
  12. soz...I tend to stick with the Family section now that my GTi aint classed as a performance motor...'Bumper Nuts' post? ...Thanks for the reply Dawsey, will see my m8 down Halfords way tomorrow...should have a box or 2 full...am I right in thinking I can use any that will fit?
  13. Ok...as I'm not able to get these from the company that advertises them ...does anyone else know where I can get them and how much they are delivered to sunny Wales? ...they look fab!! :)
  14. Righty-o...about to put my new alloys on the car when to my shock and horror discovered the original wheel studs were too large for the holes on the new wheels <_< ...anybody know where I can get some replacements?? Corolla GT-i studs seem to have a rather large and annoying washer attatched which cannot be removed (or can it?)
  15. Looking to update the rear wiper arm on my '92 corolla...what are my options? B)
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