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  1. Hi. We have a 1998 Previa R reg. Its been a fantastic car, we love it. Have had it 7 years now with no problems. Its been amazing! But its developed a nasty petrol smell. When driving it you can smell it from inside the car. From outside the car you can smell it in the back passenger foot well area (or just standing at the back of the sliding door) Its been checked over by a garage who said theres no obvious leaks. We've had a local mechanic out who also has checked over it and found nothing. My husband has had all the inside covers off, wheel arch cover off, traced the pipes as far as he can and no leak, but the car still smells. Its still running fantastic, if anything slightly more economical than usual, still as quick if you kick it down. The only difference is when you put petrol in, it used to make a gushing noise like it was sucking air in, it doesn't do that anymore. Were supposed to be going on holiday in it next week but the thought of loading it up with us and the kids is rather frightening. So if you have any idea on what to do next or check then please please let me know. Thanks, Donna. :(