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  1. hey guys Im having problems with my starter motor so i require a new one. I was wondering where i could buy one at a good price. Fensport have them on their website for £40... is that a good price? Also my exhaust manifold has rusted and that would have to be taken off in order to replace the starter motor. Where could i get a standard exhaust manifold for a very good price? I didnt see them on the fensport site. Where do you think its best for me to get them parts from? thanks for your help....
  2. Ive had this problem with my car. Both my rear calipers had seized and the previous owner had tighened up the handbrake cable to make up for the weakness in the handbrake. However the hand brake was still very weak and I had to put it in gear when i parked on a slight hill. I recently got new disc, pads and calipers for the rear. I got the calipers from someone who was breakin their corolla and they was in good condition. I got everything fitted by my mechanic for £55. But then cos the handbrake cable was made tighter by the previous owner it snapped and i needed a new one which set me back £23 from Lloyds and £25 to fit. Now my handbrake cable is nice and strong!!
  3. try a company called Autospare - 0115 983 5280 They are very cheap and work out better even when u calculate the postage costs.
  4. I rang them earlier and they said £20 + VAT for the Blueprint Rear Pads. I asked them about the rear discs and they said they was £30 + VAT Each so £60+VAT for the pair. That was by a company called Brake Engineering. Im gona see my mechanic tomorrow and see if I need to change my discs or jus the pads and calipers.
  5. hi yeh im getting them from a breaker. The car has not been driven for nearly 2 years and he says the calipers are in good condition. I am already goin go to be changing my pads with standard ones but was wondering that if I get the disks at a very cheap price and in good condition then why not? I am definately getting the calipers as i shouldnt have any problems getting them fitted. But a little worried bout disks? Even if the disks are slightly different in width...would it really make that much of a big difference when fitting? Wheres the best place to buy standard disks from at a very good price? Im picking up pads for around £25 from lloyds motor spares which is a standard price for blueprint products.
  6. hi there jus a quick question. I have an early spec F reg model - 89 year corolla Gti. I am getting rear calipers of a late spec G Reg - 90 as mines have seized. Would they fit directly on my car without any problems? Or are there differences? Also would the rear brake disks from a late spec fit on mine? I need to get my rear brakes sorted out so your help is appreciated. Thanks
  7. thanks for the replies...i dont think its got somethin to do with a switch becase the light doesnt come on when im doin anythin else. Its only when i make a right turn. If it was lose it would come on if i was to make a sharp left too??....or even jus driving normally? i have black diamond pads....and i havnt had them long so i dont think they are worn out.... I think i may jus top up the brake fluid and see if it carries on happenin.... If anyone has any other suggestions or has come across a similar problems pls let me know... thanks..
  8. hi guys...just a quick question.... everytime i make a sharpish right turn in my car the handbrake light comes on for a few seconds then goes. Does this mean that the brake fluid in my car is low? if this has nothing to do with my brake fluid level...what could be causing this? your help is much appreciated....
  9. my ditributor cap was only changed around 6 months ago along with the rotor arm. the thing is the problem doesnt happen all the time and the mechanic cant really do anything unless it happens in front of him. Im going to change the fuel filter in this service and clean out my green induction kit that i have. Also my cambelt is due a change. Could that cause anything. How much does it cost to change the cambelt in these cars?
  10. fuel filter was changed 2 yrs ago...i have ran the car low on petrol on a few occasions...could this cause it? does it need to be changed? that can be done with the service... also another thing i forgot to mention is that, sometimes when i try to start my car i will turn the key in the ignition and nothin will happen for about 5 seconds....then the car will start up. Why isnt it startin up on turn of the key? could the problems be related??
  11. hi guys...i got another problem but this time its to do with my motor...and your advice will be taken on board!! My car is due a service so what ever the problem is I will like to get it sorted at the same time i get the service. Basically the problem im having is that when the car is not started for a while, a while i only mean by around 12 hours or more. I seem to get trouble with starting the engine. Sometimes im there turning the key in the ignition for ages until it eventually starts up properly! This does not always happen though which is bizare. Sometimes when the car does start up 1st time as normal, as i get out of my drive and stick it in 1st gear the car jerks violently and feels like its gona stall out on me even though i have my foot on the accelerator. Eventually it picks up and then everything is perfect again with the car. This only happens when the car is cold. like i said the car is due a service, which wil be done in next couple weeks. The sparks are around a year old so they will be changed. When i had checked the oil it what 3/4 full so that was ok. I have Magnecor leads, the rotor arm and distributor cap was only changed around 6 months ago. My Air induction kit was a bit dirty though... could that be it??? Car was running perfect for ages until one morning this had happened...now its happenin more often. Do you guys have any idea what the problem could be? thanks
  12. thanx guys for all your advice....sorry i didnt reply earlier its jus i dont have access to the internet much durin the week! i spoke to him and he is still driving the car around and has had no problems with it. im not sure if it will mess up later or it will just run ok. The oil pressure gauge is normal 2, its not that high. i told him to drain it out....but not sure if he will actually do it or not...!
  13. A friend of mine has a Corolla Gti and was topping up his Motor Oil and he put too much in it! now when you check the dip stick it showed way too much then it should have. He doesnt know how to drain it out either himself. He had a tiny trouble starting the car this morning. Is this going to seriously harm his engine? Or shall he jus drive as normal and it will be ok? help is much appreciated...
  14. Im definately in on these....im sendin u a mail right away!...save a set for me!!!
  15. Does anyone know where i can pick up a red top optima battery for my Corolla GTI AE92 at a really good price? Also there a different types and size optimas....when i researched i think i need the 3.7 model as that is the exact size for my car. Has anyone got any advice on this? thanks
  16. i got a Geen Induction Kit........it works for me mate!! Ive had no probs....def notice the difference.....
  17. I definately want these!! The second ones were better....they looks wicked at night! Reverse indiglo - the blue and red ones! how much are these roughly going to cost? when would they be ready?
  18. I would definately be interested!! ive been looking for interior styling kits for ages so please let me know. email : darren_somaiya@hotmail.com
  19. Im really lookin for places in the UK.....looks like no one knows any good places?? you help is much appreciated....
  20. ive raced enough cars in my time and many civics! I have beaten the ESI without any problems! and my mate jus bout a 1999 VTI. He was infront of me at the lights and i was behind him all the way, but as we got to high end speed he edged on me! Off the lights i got ahead but again once i got in2 4th gear he caught me up and edges away! Reason for this is that the VTi kicks in after 5000 revs or somethin like that.....and by that time my GTi had the lead...... Also as my car has some real good handling he didnt come close to me round corners...!!
  21. hi there I am recently been looking to seriously upgrade my sound system in my car and i just need some advice. At the moment I have an Alpine 7592 Head unit and Alpine MP3 Changer. I have infinity mids and tweets in front which is running of a Cadence Amp. I also had 6 x 9's which is running of a Sony head unit im using at the moment. I'l be installing my alpine stuff when i do everything together. I have jus purchased a KICKER 1200.1 AMP which i got for £300 brand new!! I want to run a KICKER 15" L7 off it. Does anyone know where i can pick up this sub for a really good price? Also does any advise getting things from the US? I also bought a Power Acustik 2.4 Farad Power Cap. Im not sure how to set this system up as i heard that this system will drain alot of power from my battery!! I was thinking of jus getting a red top optima Battery and run everything of that? Someone mentioned about running a split charge system? But if i was to do that wouldnt that put alot of strain on my alternator? Does anyone have any suggestions?
  22. yeh when my mechanic has told me that my calipers have seized and says i need them changed. Fensport ask for £55 per caliper. is that a good price or can i get cheaper anywhere else? to be honest i dont like going places like kwik fit and Mr clutch cos i dont trust their work. I'd rather get my local garage to fit them as they will do it at a good price, but i just need to get the parts myself. I may upgrade the rear pads if i get them for a good price, but disc will stay standard. I was told 75% of the braking is done at front and im totally upgraded there. any ideas....?
  23. Alrite guys I was wondering if you could help me. The time has come for me to change my rear brakes and just need some information. I Have performance brakes in the front but i was just thinking of sticking to standard in the back. I need Dics, pads and Calipers. Could anyone advise me on where i could get them at a good price and which ones are the best to get with regards to quality? Ive already looked at fensport as they supply standard ones........any other companies i can look at?.....
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