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  1. AS90

    Took The Rav Camping

    It stopped ****** down for 10 minutes, just long enough to get a pic and run for a poo :)
  2. AS90

    Took The Rav Camping

    Tenby. The tent isn't that big! Bedroom, livingroom and cooking space in the porch :-)
  3. AS90

    Took The Rav Camping

    They sure don't!
  4. Lots of miles and didn't miss a beat. Love this car :-)
  5. Can you see the Pie van going in and out? I get the Gerrards van daily!
  6. I can see Lindops from where I work!
  7. On run flats? Yep. Standard tyres are only £5. Actually I read in Autocar it should only cost £20 max for a run flat repair.
  8. My local tyre place does repairs for £10 - £15.
  9. AS90

    Mothers Day

    I'm in work til 6 then its off to the shell garage for a card and some chocolate :)
  10. AS90

    Timing Belt

    Are these easy to do at home?
  11. AS90

    Got Another 4.1!

    I come here every weekend B)
  12. AS90

    Got Another 4.1!

    The hills above Abergele. The car is mint and was only £800 :P
  13. AS90

    Got Another 4.1!

    Im now on my second 4.1 Rav4 and I love it! No probs so far. Thought you may be interested in my new softroader forum. The TOC is one of the only decent forums you can discuss the Rav4, we need more! So I built to discuss Ravs, CRVs, Freelanders etc. Give us a whirl!
  14. After much head scratching it turned out to be a worn out HT lead, it had broken but was still touching so No3 cylinder was only firing some of the time.