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  1. I am looking for the above for a 1.8 GS hatchback 2002 model
  2. Same experience for me. The dealer was Chandlers in Grantham
  3. I am looking for a cheap RH rear light lens for my 2002 1.8 GS hatch if anyone does go for replacing their cluster. The wife decided to see if she could knock a lamp post down with the rear light.. the lampost won and i have a nice cracked lens and a crease in the body just below the light
  4. OOps.. just had a look. i scanned in the Traffic Avoidance manual. If you are desperate I can scan in the sat nav manual if you can't find another source. Let me know
  5. What bits are you interested in. I scanned mine in for some one a while back.. I will see if i can find it again.
  6. Any ideas who might do em. Toyota have quoted £50.71 + vat just for the pads!! Seems that they are different pads on the front if you have rear discs (which i have) and all the local brake fitting people are saying main dealer cos they can't get pattern ones... HELP!!!!
  7. Not so it seems.. i have been told main dealer only.. but if they are £27 an axle then I aint to worried... £27 a pair is a bit steep though.
  8. Any idea what the toyota part number is for these pads or if there is anyone making a pattern version of em.
  9. neither of my cars are on the list ---- typical !!!
  10. !Removed! hell... seems like thats how it always happens.. just when you have the car how you want it someone comes along and bends it.. sorry mate :(
  11. Yup, mine does the same..... foot off gas = 99.99mpg , foot to floor = 9mpg and in between its jumping about all over the place... i find it pretty much useless to be honest... sjrainsford mentioned that the interval between readings can be altered.... how do you do that please?
  12. Well!!!! What did you do in the end Steve.... don't tell me.. you bought a diesel Fiesta instead didn't ya
  13. Looking in the TNS manual there seem to be 4 different head units mentioned. 1. Yaris/Yaris Verso 2. Corrola (2002 onwards) 3. Avensis 4. Vehicles with wide 2 din radio
  14. Thanks.. i will take a look in Halfords but i think they may need a bit of serious TLC to sort em. Finding a decent refurb company local to me isn't easy.. i can't find a single one in yellow pages
  15. I have got some cheap second hand alloys for my Soarer. They are from a Lexus IS200 but all 4 have kerb damage on the outer rims.. is there a cheap fix for this please
  16. I aint done it but i know a few people who have. This web page is helpful Painting brake calipers Hammerite (smooth not dimpled) will do fine in my opinion. Obviously you have to clean the calipers up first and remove any grease etc. What colour are you thinking of?
  17. Same here.... I did look for a .pdf of the manual without any joy by the way, just to save you some work
  18. Looks like you have got yourself a job I can be your first one. I have a 2.5 TT, air con, sunroof, TEMS, ABS, derestricted, blue, 60,000 miles , 1992, its been perfect for 5 years. I know of 4 within 10 miles of me too.
  19. Right... it means the event is between 31 and 62 miles ahead of you .. see section 4 of the ETA stuff i sent you Ray
  20. You should have also received another email with a couple of relevant pages for TDS functions attached Ray
  21. I have scanned relevant pages of the ETA manual for the TNS200 and have sent em to you via email. Let me know they you received em ok please. I will find and scan the relevant bits from the TDS manual when i get time.
  22. Thats how it works.. it shows instantaneous consumption.. updated every 2 seconds i think...
  23. OK- i will do a few today during my lunch break...
  24. Whats the latest release of CD for the UK for the TDS200 Sat Nav please.. Mine is late 2001 but i assume there is a newer one now.
  25. Hmmm, sounds like you have thrown a weight on one of your wheels to me... hopefully thats all it will be. if it is it should cost no more than £4 a wheel to have em balanced off the car... any tyre fitted can normally balance wheels...
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