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  1. I can confirm that the mat comes with two plastic hooks. Received mine today from eBay Official Toyota Store.
  2. I ordered a mat yesterday from the Official Toyota Store on eBay. Will let you know what comes with it when it arrives.
  3. Is this wheels offer limited to one set?
  4. How much are you selling the wheels for? Where are you located?
  5. Nice to see that there are other satisfied owners out there :D
  6. jim shady

    Front Discs

    I was quoted £245 for replacement pad and discs from my Toyota garage. £350 seems excessive!
  7. Aygo Blue in Glasgow. Lot's of Aygos around, but most seem to be driven by O.A.P.'s around here!
  8. I have a 57 plate Aygo Blue and it doesn't suffer from leaks or any of the common issues. I like my little car, it saves me a fortune compared to my Suzuki Swift I had previously and has a unique charm that makes it fun to drive. Anyone else have a car without problems that they like?
  9. I hope u are this happy in a few weeks and u dont get one where you need to keep changing your socks I have a 57 plate Aygo and have had no leak problems at all. I am sure there are many others on the forum who can say this as well. Every car has a few common issues, but not all cars are effected by these.
  10. Why would the wider tyres/wheel use more fuel?
  11. jim shady

    Pimp My Sr180?

    Do you do a kit for the Aygo in blue?
  12. Thanks for the confirmation guys. @ihpj - I don't have the skills or energy to do it myself and seeing it's till under warranty for a bit might as well ensure Mr T can buy himself some more luxury items with my cash.
  13. Called to book my car in for it's service last week and told them that they brakes made need replacing, so I asked for a quote on this. I was told that whilst still under warranty they would reccomend only using official toyota parts £225 for discs & pads. When I said that it wasn't under warranty anymore as I had done over 40k (going in for the 50k service), he said that it was 60k or three years. Anyone shed any light on this? Cannot find my handbook right now, but I'm sure it said 40k or three years...
  14. Any idea of the offset?
  15. I posted this previously before your other thread dissapeared! Would these fit an Aygo?