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  1. And the people inbetween obviously :P well, i guess some of them........
  2. It'll be a 3S-FE; essentially the same block as the 3S-GE engine but a lower compression head from the Carina which is said to be more fuel efficient. Are you sure that's what our car is Ax, because the spoiler looks stock, and I thought the 3S-FE cars had no spoiler. That said, you also have no foglights which was their other feature. Perhaps the spoiler was added as an extra? If you do have the Carina engine, then you'll be able to save up for your next car more quickly. 1991 should be before CATs were fitted and nominally produced 165bhp in Japan, but 158 in the UK; probably because we didn't have proper petrol back then ;) ta for that T600... where and when is the rolling road day?
  3. 120bhp engine? which one is that? is yours not a 3S-GE? mine is a 1991 uk spec 3S-GE so how much power should it be puttin out? 150?
  5. ah , well as im more a pale clammy pinkish mess at the mo ill accept that, thanks x :P
  6. Lads can we put an end to this please? for ubik's sake its like watching cctv footage of a fight in a homeless shelter, its just lost its funnyness.
  7. OI you better not be talking about my profile pic lady!!!! and i am sick and actually do have a bucket here altough i doubt you would care for it...
  8. ha ha yeah, i bought a diesel Ford Fiesta as my "sensible" car as none of the others are anyway remotely practical 1976 Martini edition porsche 924 1991 Toyota MR2 GTI-16 ( soon to be turbo when i source a cut) 1993 Mugen Honda Crx Esi (uk spec del sol) sad fact is that all these other cars together cost less than the price of a brand new Fiesta but the work involved in getting them running and the cost in restoring them is silly but its my hobby when i can get the time away from work, Paul
  9. you got a nurse out of it you lucky swine rofl you should be sending us nurseless ppl presents :D get well soon m8, flu is lousy and yay I got another 7 mph to play with legally then ;) yay! well technically she is my girlfriend but she is spoiling me rotten so i cant complain. and the uniform was a must OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!! gotta keep it professional. sweeeet! hah ha ha ha they actually bocked out the name of my village!! its not a curse word its a real place... check it out lads it's T E R M O N F E C K I N thats the actual name!!!!! google earth or multimap it¬!!!!
  10. ha ha like it, Chrysler m300 now thats a car for rear leg room, operated out of belfast rather than my home base of dublin las t week so the company send executive travel for us, been in a bmw 7 series, a merc s500 and the chrysler, and it was unbelieveably the most comfortable in the back tons of space! and about 60% cheaper than the other two!
  11. lmao I'm glad you give up. it was like 2 seperate conversations.... yours was rubbish and tiresome.... the 10% applies at all speeds to absorb discrepancies in speedo readings, its mostly for the older cars as most new ones are pretty accurate. so technically you would be boderline at 77mph, as your speedo may actually UNDERREAD and el cid will do you proper! word. ps ive left lots of posts today as im bed ridden with the super-aids ( a flu basically but i wangled a nurse out of it) so all presents and sympathy would be greatly appreciated.... also because the weather is crap and i live on the singular-ly most exposed piece of land in the world.... ( termon%$(in, Co Louth, Ireland. on a !Removed! golf course by the sea, its on google earth) my sky dish is now somewhere on its way to manchester and as a result i am TV-less. i mean how **** is that?
  12. yeah i guess it would although MY DAD just bought a C63AMG and there is NO room in the back of it...... 550+ BHP though!
  13. if i can get the engine transplant sorted for the car by then and get the leave off work ill happily drive from Ireland! i see there is archery there might even bring my bow's!
  14. the picture beneath your name what movie is that from, i know its the guys from 40 y o virgin that made it......
  15. there are quite a few images on google and it looks to have bucket seats front and back, a typical AMERICANO stretch jon to create possibly the worlds first CHAV limo...........would look really lovely with a nice burberry interior.... and its an N/A!! less power to weight than Vanessa Phelps