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  1. The engine does look like, but someone once mentioned somewhere, silicone is used to clean the pipes and make them look new.
  2. Auto lever looks like it's been resprayed, or re-trimmed. Not sure on the bumper and headlights which both look tacky imo.
  3. Mine flashed once, eight months ago. Worked fine ever since. It does do a maintenance check at start-up, so maybe if something got stuck in there...
  4. Not sure if it's a MK3 or 4 that your after, but I woudl take a test drive. The first time I drove an auto was the hire car, when I went to pick my car up, and I didn't enjoy that. To be honest with you, I wouldn't buy a small car with an auto box, but in a 3 litre Soop it's a joy to drive. The auto box has also made me a much more relaxed driver and must have saved me from speeding, losing control or my license quite a few times.
  5. Oh an Stu8 - why not try cleaning your headlights. There's some instructions here... From personal experience I'd say 6 hours labour, which has got to be better thn spending £300 on a set of lights.
  6. A 2JZ-GE - Reminds me of the fast and furious ;)
  7. Bliemy. Downloaded the video yesterday, but copuldn't find which thread it was from. That does seem a very quick car, but I'm going to have another snipe at Veilside and ask them to stop making that kit. Look, the bonnet bairly held on. As for the rest of the stuff they put in the car, yay. Those front wheels were barely on the ground.
  8. I don't know about the jspecs being easier to mod. Don't forget that the UK spec comes with LSD, diff oil cooler and bigger injectors as standard. Also with steel blades on the turbos, you can get boost upto 1.5, compared to 1.2. Not saying that the UK spec are easier to mod, but to get serious performance, you certainly need to look at the whole package and consider it for yourself. The UK spec is a lardy car, with all the gadgets and the jspec turbos spool quicker and without the gadgets it is a lighter car. Depends therfore on what you want the car for?
  9. I really wish Veilside would stop making that kit for the Soop. It's embarrasing!!!
  10. You may be surprised to hear this (I haven't managed to convince my father yet), that this is left empty as standard. Most people tend to put in a custom front grill. I printed these instructions off a while back, but haven't tried it myself yet. There are some ready-made grills available from the states, but they fit at the front rather than the back of the hole and most people have taken them off, soon after. The later J-specs did have a bar\cross that made it into slightly smaller holes.
  11. Someones selling a whole bumper on here, if your interested!!!
  12. Can't go wrong with Envy. They do discounts on OEM parts too...
  13. I'll keep an eye for you on the valance, although for that price I'd consider looking into an aftermarket bumper. I don't have much experience with speedo conversions but I get the feeling you's get what you pay for. There are conversions that will convert the speedo but not much else. It may be worth asking wether it'll change the odometer and also the speed sensors for the active PAS and cruise control if you have it. Yep, Toyota parts are too damn expensive!!
  14. Did you get anywhere with this?
  15. FIA deserve to be shot. The tyres were not safe and they as the governing body failed to come to a solution suitable for all the teams. I'm looking forward to the manufacturers starting their own breakaway chamionship without the F**ng Idiots Administration, Max Mosley, Bernie and Charlie Whiting. To let F1 come to this and force drivers to go out with no concerns for their safety is murder. If anyone has brought the sport into disrepute, it's these people at the top. For those blaming Michelin, they made a mistake, owned up and even worked to come up with a solution, so the administration as the governing body has only themselves to blame. A very very annoyed F1 fan.
  16. tooyoung

    Supra T Shirt

    It is so true!!!!
  17. Got the car back from garage today (extremely nervous about the work they've had to do), changed to a spare set of wheels and tyres, took car for a test drive with new set of wheels, stopped to tighten nuts and slipped (knees and knuckles are extremely sore), washed car, polished car, checked fluids, planned route, alarm set for 4.30 in the morning and I'm absolutely shattered!!!
  18. Chuck, I'm going from Poole. Thinking of leaving 5.30ish. If we met up at Shell Ringwood at 6, do you thing we'd get there on time. Also, I'm not yet sure on wether to join the Southerners convoy or travel up the A34.
  19. kev, as per phone conversation, a couple of PE oil filters for a UK Soop. Thanks,
  20. No. If it's my grammar above, I like it better that way.
  21. I've no idea, mines an auto. I was just going off what you written... ;)
  22. Try this ... Supra specs
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