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  1. Does anyone know if the new style remote key will work in the older avensis. I was going to buy a spare key, and if possible id like the newer style of key as its not as bulky. Thanks, Michael
  2. hi sherry, i'm michael. avid toyota nutter, used to teach on toyota training programme, big into anything motorsport esp celicas or corolla wrc and twin cam

  3. Being a Toyota trained technician, I do my own servicing on my import SS1. Also I buy genuine Toyota parts, use Shell Helix oil, and link the car regisration and mileage to be printed on Invoice. I know its overkill for a 1994 jap import with 250k on it but it keeps the wifes mind at rest! Its due to someone fitting an incorrect or cheap oil filter to our paseo and it had terminal engine failure coz the big ends were getting starved of oil!!!!!
  4. I would have thought it may be similar to one on a St182/183, as far as i know they use the same engine and probably the cooler is in a similar place
  5. Thanks a lot mate, yes it is a manual transmission, UK spec Paseo :D :D
  6. :( :( No mil lamp, lamp not lighting upwith ignition lamps :( :( took out dash clocks, bulb ok, swapped it witk one for SRS which is working. made no difference!! all earths look ok
  7. where did you order your manual, cos I need to get my hands on one too for my type uk 97 paseo
  8. You'll be lucky mate, cos I can't find an independant workshop manual for a paseo, Haynes dont list them for paseo or EP91 starlet ;)
  9. found the following links Just in case it helps anyone else looking for starlet/glanza/sera/paseo ECU pin diagrams!
  10. I was pretty sure OBD came in after the paseo! Engine IS turning over, fitted new iridium spark plugs, HT leads all under max resistance, fuel pressure @ rail, power @ coil & igniter, New dizzy fitted from car with 22K (which was driving till i stole the dizzy) :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: I don't understand where the problem lies :ffs: :ffs: :ffs:
  11. Yeah, cos the mil lamp dont work, i need someone to put a code reader on it, mind you i dont think its an OBD plug. Maybe older diagnostic plugs didnt have to be the same for OBD I. I know at a certain point all cars had to have a standardised OBD II socket under block exemption rules in European union.
  12. The damn thing drove into the garage, it just sounded like a rock breaker :censor: :censor: Getting fuel @ rail , Engine turning over , immobiliser deactivating cos i'm getting fuel , All connections look OK Power @ coil . :censor: :censor:
  13. Can anyone get me the ecu terminal diagram, and if possible the wiring diagram for a 97 starlet 4e-fe. I need to find whether I have broken wires in the loom to the dizzy
  14. :censor: :censor: I need help, cos this F@$%*!g paseo is driving me nuts. I've changed the engine in my seo, but I cant get spark. The injection rail seems to be getting fuel. I then changed the coil, ignitor, plugs, complete dizzy unit. Any ideas lads? Where could I get a wiring diagram for a paseo 5-efe or starlet 4 e-fe? Also, does anybody know if the engine ECU is coded for the vehicle keys, or is there a seperate control unit for this?
  15. : the link wasnt on this forum when I needed it! :P :P
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