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  1. Thanks very much Raistlin, that's what I needed. Jim
  2. Can anyone tell me how to access the Toyota EPC, (Electronic Parts Catalogue), this service can be accessed for a lot of other make vehicals but I can't seem to find the Toyota one,can anyone point me in the right diredtion. Thanks in advance Jim
  3. Thanks for the reply, no coolant loss or any sign of overheating,everything is normal. Jim
  4. My neighbour has an 06 Avensis T25 2.2D-4D and is having an intermitting problem with smoke,every now and then it belches out dark grey smoke then it clears and it may be a week before it seen again,it's been to a local garage several times,all the filters have been replaced, the EGR has been checked and deemed ok,no faults are showing,since this problem arose the fuel comsumption has dropped to only about 22mgp.the car has done 80k miles and never missed a service,it uses no oil,starts first time every time and drives good,has anyone had this problem,any advice would be much appreciated,the e
  5. The idiot replies are no help Jim
  6. There are no warning lights showing,the engine is running good 60K,its not smoking,I was inclined to think that the electronic throttle was the problem,the manual for that model is not available yet,thanks you all for the replies but all those things have been checked,on how to test the throttle is what I need. Thanks again Jim
  7. My 2006 2.2 diesel has an annoying problem, it starts up ok but when you go to pull off the engine laggs,ie it does not accelerate,then suddenly it does,similar can happen while you drive along,say doing 60mph and you wanted to overtake and put your foot down it does not respond,anyone experience this problem,I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks in advance Jim
  8. Sorry about the late reply as I was abroad, Toyota done the repairs free of charge and in one day even gave us a loan car,so far so good seems perfect again so thanks again guys. Jim
  9. Update, the dealer called today saying that Toyota gave the go ahead to do the replacement so it will be going in next week, Thanks very much to everyone esp Anchorman for your kind help and advise. I will leave it with them to sort it and report back on the vehicle return. Jim
  10. Had the vehicle taken to the local Toyota main dealers who I won't name, after a test drive the person who took it got told they could find nothing wrong and that a vehicle with that chassis number was not covered by the warranty, the service manager was asked for a letter to verify that the flywheel/clutch was not an issue and another to state that it was not covered by warranty,we got nethier,so the question now is when the flywheel fault came to light from what chassis number would have a modified unit if it has been modified fitted, this Rav4 is Oct 03,the last five digits of the vin is 33
  11. Thanks very much guys,it will be going back to the dealers,it is scandalous that with such low milage that such a problem should arise,that sort of so called improvement is know in the heavy construction equipment that I repair as "BIF" built in fault,having looked up the technical claims for the need of such a flywheel I do not agree with the claims and with nearly 50 years on the tools have not known about any gearbox failing due to vibration,I have know Transit vans that wore out a half dozen engine in thier life and the gearbox was never touched,same with trucks and tractors so what kind o
  12. I got an 03 Rav4 2Lt diesel manual gearbox, 45K on the clock from new, recently noticed as I am pulling off a slight bit of judder as I let the clutch pedal up also there is a sort of jingling sound, have jacked it up and checked the exhaust from the turbo back and its a solid, could find nothing loose any where,all the shafts seems to be ok and all the CV joints are tight and intact,the carrier bearing on the prop shaft feels good,reading the other posts here my heart dropped when I seen the posts about the flywheel problem,can anyone explain what goes wrong with a flywheel that could cause a
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