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  1. Nice Silver Yaris, # plate of L3 DPA in the Holybrook car park of the Oracle in Reading. Thursday 19th about 11.30am. Anyone?
  2. 400 out of about £40. Couldve gone further but didnt want to risk it.
  3. Did you just take out the plastic tray/cup holder in the arm rest or the entire panel?
  4. If its a 3-door then on the inside of the arm rest behind the door pillar. Just got to remove the plastic fitting, drill a hole or two and find something to attach the amp to - used 1/4" ply i recall. Plenty of space so wont overheat.
  5. wesellcarparts.com are apparently selling the Teins (for 2007+ models :S) at a discounted price of $179 plus shipping. Looks to work out to be about £90 +p&p because of the great exchage rate at the moment! Teins
  6. I know eBay is obviously my best bet of picking up a set, but does anyone know or advise where I can get a set from at a respectable price? Especially as I dont want to have to give an arm and a leg to get them from a Toyota dealer. Ive searched the internet pretty much high and low and everythings been too higly priced or not available! HELP! :)
  7. Slightly off topic but - who has declared their car lowered to their insurance company? And out of those who did, what was their reaction to it and how much did they charge if anything?
  8. Silver SR (I think) seen at Welcome Break on the M5 services at Bristol on 12th March, approx 9-9.30am. Reg. C*** GBX
  9. Evny performance POTN Europerformance Or just a google search will bring up results...
  10. Sounds a bit more like it! :S Was getting a bit worried that most of you guys on here are getting such high mileage per full tank. I think I must be a bit heavy footed - guess if I eased off I could get 300+ish
  11. eBay perhaps? Plenty on there. Got both front and rear from eBay and had them colour coded to match.
  12. I found it was a complete pain in the a**e to remove. There were a number of clips that hold the lighter in plate in the fascia, which dont allow for any movement. They are obviously inserted from the front, so the only way to remove them is the way they came out. Anyway, best bet is to remove the fascia from the dash and attempt to remove it in your garage or something, along with plenty of small flatblade screwdrivers! Thats the way I struggled to get it out!
  13. I'm looking to do the same thing to my GS. So far have the Drivers side electric mirror from a scrap yard salvage. Not sure whether the wiring loom will accomodate the mirror plug, really ought to check.
  14. If its about £100, it could well be cheaper to just buy a new lower bumper and get it sprayed, especially if as you say it goes quite far back. eBay will solve your troubles :P
  15. Sorry to bring up another old thread BUT... This is what I've been wanting to do. So...help? :P
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