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  1. Try using lift in 5th, now you really know your moving, before you know it, it sits on 220. Lift feels good in every gear , the only gear where lift didnt make a difference was in 6th, mind you by then it was spinning at 7600rpm....230kph.
  2. Ok mate, from now on you can join us Ozzies in the oz forum found at www.au.toyotaownersclub.com, the sister site of this forum. A good price would be around 28-29 on road, depends how and where you deal, and also make sure they throw in floor mats, headlight and hood protectors and try to get paint protection or tint for free. Once again join us in the oz section a few guys might be able to help out better. Cheers
  3. G'day champ, i take it youre from Australia since you have a Sportivo. I doubt the sportivo could take the celica, i think our car is about 100 kilos heavier. Join us in the aussie section of TOC at http://au.toyotaownersclub.com
  4. Mate, for starters, the engine in your car wouldnt be a V4, and i wouldnt worry too much, you gotta learn the car and how it drives before you can judge whether there is a problem. As for driving it in? it's a toyota so i wouldnt worry too much, just dont go really fast like 100mph.
  5. You know what i mean , i have one of those mini vans. Is there any weight difference between the 2 door and 4 door T-sport?
  6. Yup Yup Yup.....in the old T-sport. Hang on, how can a minivan be that quick? :) :)
  7. It's all good, just dont start bagging other cars, we all own toyota's and we have a common thing. I just dont like some cocky heads in here that share their opinion to the point where it offends others. PEACE
  8. My mum has the same model as yours, i have the T-Sport(Sportivo). If it wasnt for your wheels ets, your car would look like an old mans !Removed!, im sure it's nice and all but it's old shape, crappy interior. Get with the new stuff m8, old metal rusts quicker just like yours will before mine :!Removed!: :!Removed!: How you see the e112 better looking i have no idea. Just to have my 2 cents worth. Peace :hokus-pokus: :hokus-pokus:
  9. :D :D This is getting really funny now :D :D
  10. Now that deserves a round of applause
  11. Yeah TTE is working on the supercharger, and from what ive heard it should be ready by June/July, even here in Australia. . Anyway i dont know what you guys are on about, i dont think its fair comparng the T-sport with the 323 or the 330, i think the 320 or the 318 are more in its class, of which it would rip either of them.
  12. lucio_libre


    Well, i purchased my TRD cold air intake from www.suprastore.com, and had no problems mate.
  13. You can put the music up, or get her some ear plugs :D
  14. Holy Cow Imek, you took apart your whole front end. I have the matrix XRS fitted by a mate, and the pod didnt fit cleanly because of the foglight, but all he did was push it up the intake pipe till it fitted. The rest was easy.
  15. It's interesting coz they state it's a sub eight second car to 100 in the article. It also has alot more torque down low and midrange, and it's a whole 22hp short of the Euro spec 2zz. Hmmmm
  16. Ive had my stevo for 4000k's and the gearbox has settled in nicely, although not the smoothest, it feels strong, especially when changing from 8200rpm. I had one problem but that was from a bad batch of fuel where the car was way down on power, smoothness, and this resulted in a very hard to change gearbox, and when it hit lift it never went into a higher gear. I changed fuel brands and it's never been smoother. Mobil synergy 8000 . Just be easy on the clutch, you hardly have to tap it.
  17. It means when you change from 1'st to 2nd you will get a smoother transition, and it's a good idea because of the high revs, i mean changing at 8,200rpm and trying to keep it in lift(6000rpm) needs that sort of smooth power transition. Post in the aussie forum as well, cheers
  18. Ive got the same problem, only does it sometimes, it's annoying but i can live with it. PS: Post in the aussie forum mate at http://au.toyotaownersclub.com
  19. I've heard a few stories when the tension on the actual dyno itself can alter results, and there are ways to get ridiculous Bhp output figures as long as you know how to use the dyno. It's all a load of crap in my opinion, just numbers to make car owners feel proud of their car(which is fair enough), but there is just too much error, and no standard testing procedures, so it all varies.
  20. Yeah the box tends to be smoother at higher revs, i also think that the low torque at bottom end might cause the box to be notchy, either way it's not too bad, just makes you look like a beginner when you have passangers :D
  21. You have to be more specific on the noise mate. I hear thumps on the drivers side sometimes(still on 16's) and i dont know what it is, it's like a suspension or something in the strut area, and also if i push the clutch all the way and pull back fast it make a clunck.
  22. How much is it to lease the corolla sportivo? I can honestly say my car is rattle free, however the gearbox(which is getting better day by day) tends to be a bit notchy. Hopefully it will wear in after a few more k's and become liquid smooth. Apart from that i am very happy. Keep in touch mate and make sure you come to the next meet, hopefully in a couple of weeks time.
  23. Hey Paul, this is what i got from turbomagazine.com based on the 180bhp celica.(Our babies have 192bhp) "In stock trim, the 2ZZ-GE powerplant generated 161.0 hp to the wheels on a Dynojet chassis dyno. With the help of a Veilside exhaust system and Injen cold-air intake, peak power was pushed to 169.2 hp, an increase of 8.2 hp to the front wheels." I guess different dynos show different figures, so in my opinion flywheel figures are more accurate.
  24. What gear was it in that you got the max power? did you test the top speed as well?
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