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  1. Hi Teemu, nice to have somebody from Finland! I wonder whether you plan on installing an Engine Block Heater (EBH), because of the cold season, known to be bad on HSD systems. If yes, I'd be interested in its specs. Could you please post more pictures? The color is nice, but not current. Jan
  2. Hi Bob, great pictures! How is it driving? What are your impressions? (Veel geluk ermee !) Jan
  3. No, I use my Nokia smartphone with free Maps. Is excellent.
  4. I just got an offer for a Yaris Hybrid Mid Grade level (called Life in Germany), with the Comfort Package and Red metallic for 15,990 Euro (13,375 £), all taxes and delivery charge included. This is 18% off the offical dealer price! Without these extras, it costs 15190 Euro compared to the official price of 17,900 Euro (14,970 £). It comes standard with: Unique front bumper with aero grill 4 disk brakes 7 airbags (it lacks the front seat anti-dive ones) dual zone automatic climate control Height adjustable driver seat Adjustable leather steering wheel with distant controls Projector headlamps with LED Daytime Running Lights Follow me home lights (headlight switch-off delay) Rear LED lights Electric coloured-keyed door mirrors The Toyota Touch providing a colour touch screen control for the audio, MP3 / ipod and telephone. It even converts to a rear-view camera to help whilst reversing into tight spaces. It englobes the ECO-Drive-Monitor Height Adjustable trunk bottom Softtouch-Elements on the Dash and front doors central door locking per key with distant control no start button It has steel wheels (15 in.), but I'll keep these for the winter tires and buy the Toyota Yaris 15 in. alloys for the summer tires. The comfort package includes: Keyless Smart-Start System (replaces the key in the standard version) Cruise control with speed limit Rear electric windows Rain sensing wipers Dusk sensing headlamps Auto-dimming rear view mirrors Jan
  5. Thanks! It's going to be a long wait, and you'll not stay waiting alone a long time...
  6. Are you in the Netherlands? If yes, there will indeed be huge waiting lists there. I drove the Auris, liked the HSD, not the car. Testing the 1,33 with CVT MDS is my top priority! Why did you prefer the Yaris, besides for its price?
  7. Congrats. The first on this Forum! I could order one at a great price for delivery from June 16th Discussing it with my wife. Still reluctant buying a car without test driving it! Encouraging though are the many excellent user reports on PriusChat for the Prius c, and the unbelievable sales figures in Japan.
  8. As rightly pointed out by usbseawolf2000 from PriusChat, the chief designer Akihiro 'Dezi' Nagaya did a great job. The trapezoid lower grill, the lower bar, the daylight driving LED's and the keen look made a huge difference!
  9. Beware, Polo Blue Motion & CO. Here comes Darth Vader! Original idea of SageBrush in PriusChat!
  10. Well, I'm grateful for your kind attention AND encouragement. :bookworm: I also hope the Verso S will be hybridized. It uses the same platform as the Prius c and there's the same space underneath the non-sliding backseats. This can't be a coincidence. It would be better for my old bones and an excellent replacement for our 1996 Picnic 2.0 l Automatic. The problem may be it's built in Japan, and it could be much more expensive here. From what I gather on PriusChat, the Prius c is amazingly well appreciated by the new owners now reporting by the tens. AND, what is stunning, no one complains about the engine revving upon accelaration. It really looks like Toyota found a way to considerably reduce the disconnection between car and engine speed, as announced in the complete press release! In Japan, the Aqua sells at more then double the forecast (> 23,000 in February against 12000 forecast), and T. cannot follow demand. This places it already 4th on the market. >32,000 Prius III sold during the same month... Be prepared to get a storm of user reports here as soon as this car appears on the streets. It's difficult to imagine T. will only sell 20% of total Yaris as hybrids. At least not in markets with tax incentives, line in the UK, but even beyond. As to me, still doubting between a used Prius 3 and a Yaris Hybrid. We'll see. Cheers Jan
  11. Isn't it amazing how a different front can change the character of a car? I'm curious to see how the red goes with the Hybrid look.
  12. This is a nice opportunity for you to hear how we Flemish people speak "Flengisch" .... This video does not offer many new infos, but it is nicely packed. Best in 1080 HD and if you don't understand my compatriote, please use the undertitles. Jan
  13. Sorry for the Tsunami of information, but today, the Geneva show opened and the first life images appear. Thought these pictures might interest you all! You might as well take advantage for training your French... http://www.leblogaut...brid_14.jpg.php
  14. An official Press Text with many HD Images (P. 1 - 4) New to me: A cute city car! Jan
  15. I recommend reading this detailed test of the Prius c. It is predictive for the Yaris Hybrid. There are also nice HD pictures, also from beneath. It seems to drive, turn and brake very well. Its fuel consumption is amazingly low for what is usual in a test drive of this kind. The testdriver prefers it by a significant margin over the regular Prius liftback...
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