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  1. i have recently got a 1997 landcruiser colorado 3ltr auto. i'm very happy with it apart from a whistling noise that sems to be coming from the front passenger footwell. it is not fan or AC related and does it whilst parked as well as driving, in all gears and neutral, hi/lo and diff lock. i have had 4 responses from different garages; local garage 1; don't worry it will either get better or worse then it'll be easier to trace. its not transmission local garage 2: might be a bearing in the gearbox but might not be. 4x4 garage; quite a few colorado's do this and we've never found what causes it, but its not transmission. may be the heater matrix something vacuum related or the egr. toyota dealer; not sure may be the EGR. so, as you can see a mixed bag from people who don't really care. I DO HOWEVER!!! anybody else like to throw some light on the matter? it's driving me mad. thanks
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