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  1. mike787

    Fuel Economy

    I am just about to say goodbye to my d4d, it has been a good car, just a few little niggles, but the wife is allowing me to move on to a bigger engine, so I am taking the chance while she is in a good mood! The yaris has returned an average mpg of 54.55 over the 2 years and 21,250 miles I have owned it, (pretty sad recording it all, but it has been very interesting). Most of that has been long runs at around 70-80mph. I have always done neck to neck refills since the day I bought it new and I have never bothered with 'diesel ultra' but I have tried my best to stay away from supermarket slop. Farewell to you all I will now start the same with the 2.2cdti civic. Something tells me it won't be as economical as the Yaris, but I want the bigger engine to be able to take the strain of motorway runs, over a few years I think the 1400 engine may be pushed a tad too far.
  2. mike787

    Iq 1.33

    Blimey, £11,500, that is a lot of money. Sorry, that does nothing for me and it won't do anything for the wife, I put my foot down at that.
  3. Re performance, if that is what you are after, forget it, this is not the car for you. It feels nippy, but the fact is you have to adjust your driving style to suit the car. I can only describe it as a unique drive, it demands 5th at 30mph and does feel as though it will stall, but it doesn't. The cover is to help hide what is in the rear when the rear seats are down, our car is used purely as a two seater though it has carried three six footers on one occasion. I feel it is foolish to leave anything of value in a car in todays age, we do not bother with the cover, it could be viewed by 'billy burglar' that you have something to hide. Do not go by the mpg figures, in the real world you are looking at about 50-55mpg. We went for the base spec thinking the wheels on the IQ2 are a bit too bling and the extra's on the IQ2 are more to go wrong. Each to their own. We have yet to see if the 1.3 version will be zero rated road tax. Be warned, the seats are not as comfy as those in a Volvo! I agree, mats are a must, we got the 'glove gompartment bag' and a set of mats thrown in on our deal. The bag is of little use, but the wife likes it. We had parking sensors fitted as the wife is bound to bang it. The noise is a pain, but she has not banged it yet. Money well spent!
  4. Thanks Jaine, so the speed humps are doing their job! Perhaps there should be a few more cars out there on the roads made to have their springs lowered, it would slow down some of the nutters around here! (I am not suggesting you are a nutter!) If anything, the presence of a speed hump makes some drivers go quicker!
  5. I've just had a look at the IQ micro site. The article on the fuel economy is interesting, I'd love to know how it was achieved, 500 miles on a tank! The wife is still happy with her car though, that is all that matters.
  6. mike787

    Iq 1.33

    If you order one before they come into the UK, you may get a glass paperweight thingy.
  7. Looks low at the front end, how do you cope with speed humps? Some of them around here would result in the front being ripped off.
  8. The wife has signed up for hers through the dealership, taking it out for 5 years (she has no plans to change the car). She is paying about £19 per month fixed over 4 years. Given the thought that prices will only go up for servicing, it seems a fair deal. She had her Yaris for 7 years so we are hoping this will be her last car.
  9. I hope you are right with your comment Yohan007 that the Toyota will never be an Apple, my experience's of Apple's I-pod is that they last about 2 years and then die, requiring the outlay of buying another. Give me a Sony NWhd5 anyday!
  10. mike787

    Armrest / Box

    That space is where the wife keeps her handbag or where the rear neubikat passenger puts his/her right foot when sitting in the rear. You cant put a box/armrest in that space! (Certainly not in the wife's car.)
  11. After reading the thread titled 'emergency stop fuel starvation' to the wife, she has decided to fill up when she gets to three blobs left. Generally it means she is only putting in 22lts, but better that than the car spluttering to a halt when least expected. The gauges started flashing at her suddenly the other day so I guess it is something she has to live with. As I said before, it is keeping her quiet which makes for my life being better! For me, there are a few things Toyota need to sort out on face lifted models. I wonder if their technicians read the comments on this site?
  12. mike787

    Mad Iq

    Looks like a re badged Renault to me.
  13. Latest news from the wife's car is an average since new of 54.05mpg. Best tank has been 55.6, worst 52.4 mpg. I agree, her 02 D4D that she traded in gave better mpg, but diesel is much more expensive. She is happy with the IQ which is all that matters. Personally I think Toyota needs to go further, more for the money or drop the price of the car. I can't see it taking off in it's present state even taking the financial climate out of the equation. There is too much opposition out there in this price bracket.
  14. I had a Smart for 4 years. A 2nd generation from new. Honest DO NOT GO THERE. Customer service is attrocious, reliability is awful. They leak. Etc etc. Mine had a main dealer service all its life, used nothing but Mobil 1 oil and lots of it. The engine lasted 40,664 miles and blew a cylinder after careful use throughout. Smart wanted £575 to fully establish the cause then they MAY have given me a contribution towards a new engine costing £3250 fitted. STEER WELL CLEAR! I now run a Yaris D4D which is more economical, bigger and I have no doubt will last a damned sight longer. The wife is running the IQ. The only thing good about a Smart is the panels do not dent! Yep, in my driving career it was probably the worst ever purchase I have made, a good idea let down by everything about it's actual creation and customer service before and after sale. I do hope the IQ is better and that Toyota have taken the idea and do it right.
  15. Thanks Matt, do the feet sit on the rubber insert strips or to the outside of them? I'm wondering how far the bars should be positioned from the front/rear ends of the roof once the distance between the feet has been set on each bar.
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