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  1. Where Can I find one of these. My Rev III map sensor is not working properly and may be broken. :(
  2. Hello Mates. I am in need of a Rev III Boost pressure sensor badly. Please email me if you have one you can part out. Thanks christophermaliwanag@hotmail.com
  3. I believe Tristan Hewitt pulled a 12.1 with his GT30 BB Turbo.
  4. Is there any advantage utilizing the Rev III 3sge cams instead of the rev III 3sgte cams. If the 3sge cams are more aggresive. I will swap them in. Cheers.
  5. jebsleo


    Anybody have a ct20b. I need one really badly. Please let me know if you do. ChristopherMaliwanag@hotmail.com
  6. Looking for a ct20b turbo.
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